The Appointment

Only 2 days to go until your summer holiday!  The last week at work
had been hectic and relentless leaving you little time to prepare
and pack for your trip abroad.  You were looking forward to the
warmth of the sun bathing your tired body as you lay on the sand
listening to the gentle lap, lapping of the sea on the shore. needed this break and now had 2 free days off work to
get ready.  You’d decided to pamper yourself prior to going away
and had booked in a ‘pre holiday’ special at your local beauty
salon.  You were going to be smoothed and massaged and made
beautiful for the trip, something which helped you to get into the
holiday mindset.  Suddenly, you remembered that you needed to have
a coil check before you went away, as you would be too busy with
work to fit it in on your return.  Ringing your surgery the
receptionist said that your usual doctor was fully booked but that
there was space with another, male, doctor who you hadn’t met
before.  Normally you preferred to see a female GP for such matters
but you couldn’t wait and heck, a doctor was a doctor!

Your appointment was booked for after your visit to the salon and
so you arrived at the surgery feeling extremely relaxed and sensual
from the massage.  Although you thought of yourself as ‘straight’,
you’d always been attracted to beautiful women and the girl who had
given you a massage had been exactly that.  Tall and slender with
slim arms but curvaceous in all the right places, dark gorgeous
hair which flowed to her shoulders and intense, passionate, eyes. 
You had felt yourself attracted to her the instant you saw her and
the fact she had intimately massaged your whole body had only added
to the arousal you felt in your groin.  The memory of that arousal
remained with you now as you waited for the doctor to call you in.

Suddenly you heard me call your name and you looked up to see a
tall, blonde, doctor, similar age to yourself looking every bit the
professional man.  For the second time that day you felt the pull
of attraction and jumped up quickly, perhaps a little bit too
quickly... ‘Please, after you’, I said pleasantly, opening the door
for you.  ‘So, a gentleman as well!’, you thought entering my room.
 We both sat down.  ‘How can I help you today?’, I asked openly. 
‘It’s just my coil, I had a letter to say I was due a check and I
had to fit it in before going on holiday in 2 days’, you explained.
 ‘Great!’, I replied, perhaps a little too enthusiastically.  I had
caught your beautiful, feminine, form as you had walked down the
corridor and also felt an instant attraction to you.  Although I
was here to do a professional job, I was only human and, being a
man, such feelings were only natural.  ‘I’ll need to do an internal
examination’, I explained, ‘Would you like me to fetch a
chaperone?’.  Even if you said no, protocol demanded that I should
request one for my own protection, but secretly, almost
subconsciously, I found myself hoping you would decline.  Not that
I would do anything, of course, but the thought of being alone with
you in such an intimate position played to the natural feelings I
was experiencing.  ‘No, that’s alright’, you said happily, ‘I trust
you!’, you added jokingly, hoping that you couldn’t!  You, also,
rather liked the idea of some time alone with this attractive
doctor and the thought of me probing and entering you added fuel to
the gentle simmer which was already cooking.

I asked you to remove your skirt and underwear and to lay on the
couch behind the curtain.  You duly did so and waited for me to
appear.  As I came around the curtain my arousal flared even more,
I had never experienced this amount of attraction in all the years
I had been doing my job and struggled not to let out a deep sigh. 
I gently asked you to spread your legs as I softly parted your
labia to slip my finger deep inside you.  I noticed the wetness and
how swollen your clit was, sensing your arousal.  You tried not to
moan as your mind and heart raced with the intimacy of it all.  All
to soon, the examination was over and I had withdrawn my finger. 
Caught up in the excitement of the experience you accidentally let
slip a soft sigh of disappointment and looked up into my eyes.
There was a short, distinct, moment when conscience warred with
desire in both of us, especially within me.....

We held our breath, reading the passionate fire obvious in our eyes
before urgently descending on each other throwing caution to the
wind.  Our mouths locked in a deep, passionate kiss our tongues
dancing together whilst you fumbled with my belt.  You were
intensely aroused and wanted something to fill the aching,
throbbing, void in your pussy.  My cock was rigid with anticipation
and strained at the fabric of my trousers and boxers.  In no time
at all we had my trousers off and I jumped up onto the couch on top
of you.  You felt my hardness, searching and probing for you and
then....I thrust inside you with one strong motion.  The sensation
set off a wave of pleasure, rippling from you pussy through your
whole body as you abandoned yourself to the climax.  With each
thrust a new wave was created leading to an ongoing, never
stopping, ecstasy within you.  I felt the pressure rising within me
and sensed the primal instinct to cum deep within you, to own you
and possess you.  ‘I’m...cumming!’, I moaned.  ‘Yes baby!’, you
moaned in reply, ‘Yes...cum inside me...give it to me....take me!’.
 Then with an eruption of desire I started to fill you deeply,
spurt after spurt.  You squeezed down on my cock, milking it of
everything I had to give you, as your own orgasm washed over you
again and again.

For a short while neither of us could speak or move, then the
reality of the risk crashed down on both of us.  Quickly we
reassembled ourselves in case anyone should come in and interrupt
us.  Once safe, we enjoyed a brief but passionate kiss and then you
were out the door, your mind on fire with what had just happened. 
What would you do now?  How would you handle this?  Questions raced
through your brain, yet one thing you knew, and that was you’d have
to find a way to repeat this experience....

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Hey, thanks Lothar!!
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Loving the stories :)
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pretty good