The Lunch - Part 2 (The Threesome)

It was a beautiful summer’s evening, the sun had gone down enough
to allow a refreshing coolness to offset the blazing heat of the
day.  We had managed to steal a couple of days together away from
home and had booked into a lovely hotel with an outdoor swimming
pool.  We had spent the afternoon lounging by the pool sl**ping,
sunbathing and generally recovering from a night of hot,
passionate, love making the evening before, where we had explored
each other fully and cum over and over again leaving us exhausted
but deeply satisfied.  For sunbathing you had chosen to wear a very
sexy bikini and I had gone for tight trunks which clearly defined
the shape of my cock, a shape which had occasionally grown as I
took in your beautiful, feminine, form and remembered the things we
had said and done the night before.  As we laid in the sun I had
enjoyed reaching out for your hand to stroke the inside of your
arm.  All in all it had been a gentle, smoldering, few hours of
relaxation mixed with sensual teasing.

As the evening coolness had descended we’d covered ourselves up and
headed for the hotel bar to enjoy a cold drink.  We sat close
together, our bodies lightly touching, obviously comfortable in
each others space.  I enjoyed gently stroking your thigh over the
fabric of the sarong you had put on and could tell you were softly
aroused by the touch.  The conversation drifted here and there and
eventually we started to discuss our deepest fantasies.  You asked
me what I dreamed about and, pausing to gather a bit of courage, I
mentioned my fantasy of watching two women make love and joining in
with them.  I saw the subtle smile that flickered across your face
and my memory was instantly drawn back to that meal, several months
ago, when I had discovered you with the beautiful waitress in the
room at the back of the restaurant.  Those images had stayed with
me, figuring in many of my thoughts whilst I was alone enjoying
myself ‘solo-style’, but I hadn’t found the opportunity to reveal
to you what I had seen that day.  Yet now seemed the perfect time! 
‘Do you remember that italian restaurant we went to 3 months ago?’,
I asked somewhat seductively.  ‘...yes...’, you replied
hesitatingly, blushing a little.  Taking a brief pause I went on,
‘...well...I saw you and that waitress in the back room...’,
leaving the end of the sentence hanging.  Recognition flashed in
your eyes as you blushed further, the memory of that moment, along
with the other moments you had enjoyed with Rachel since, flooded
your body with sexual energy.  Suddenly your heart was racing, your
breathing quickened and you felt your clitoris start to tingle and
throb.  I decided to push on, ‘...yes, I saw you both and it was
incredible!  Do you still keep in contact with her?’. 
‘....yes....I do...she’s called Rachel’, you said again hesitating
a little as you remembered the incredible evening you had spent
with her only a week ago.  Yes, Rachel had guided you further into
the delights of girl-on-girl intimacy and had thoroughly explored
your bi-curiosity!  On the whole you still preferred a good, hard,
cock to play with but the softness of a woman’s skin, the
gentleness with which another woman kissed and the long, drawn out,
love making meant that there was always a place for a special woman
in your life as well.  ‘Is she only interested in other girls?’, I
asked searching for the information I needed.  ‘No....she’s bi’,
you replied, ‘she used to have a boyfriend but they split up
recently’.  ‘Do you think she would be interested in all of us
getting together?’, I half whispered, my body trembling with hope. 
‘Well...I could ask her!’, you replied happily, the thought of a
threesome clearly tapping into some deep seated fantasy I hadn’t
yet discovered.  ‘When?’, I asked.  ‘Let me call her when I get
home’, you suggested, adding, ‘Now....are you going to make good on
all this teasing and take me upstairs to fuck or do you just want
to talk all night..?’ with a smile.  ‘I’m sorry, darling’, I
replied, ‘How remiss of me to neglect your needs!’.  Taking your
hand I led you away from the bar towards our room, fully expecting
not to get much sl**p again tonight either.

One week later you rang me excitedly.  ‘Rachel’s up for it!’, you
said enthusiastically, ‘We spoke at length and I showed her some
pictures of you and explained how good you were in bed and she
agreed almost instantly!  I think she’s been missing a man since
she split up with her boyfriend and this is an easy, no strings
attached, way for her to satisfy that need’.  ‘Great!’, I
exclaimed, ‘when’s the day?’.  ‘How about tonight?’, you said with
a gentle tease in your voice, ‘Are you free?’.  ‘Yes, I’m able to
make it!’, I said not believing what I was hearing.  Already my
heart was in overdrive, my imagination was on fire and I felt
incredibly turned on.  ‘Okay, usual place at 8’, you said, ‘and
don’t be late!’.  Hell, as if I was going to miss a second of this!

I knocked quietly on the door.  I was breathing rapidly, my heart
pounding in my chest, my cock already hardening and alert with
anticipation.  You opened the door to reveal a scene fantasised in
the mind of nearly every red bl**ded man on the planet.  You and
Rachel stood in the room wearing black stockings and suspenders and
baby doll chemises.  The radiance of pure, sexual, femininity was
so strong my heart almost stopped.  I couldn’t catch my breath for
a few seconds and stood frozen to the spot.  ‘Well, are you coming
in or are you going to just spend the evening in the hall way’, you
said teasingly, taking me by the hand and leading me into the room.
 You shut the door behind us and moved over to where Rachel was
standing.  ‘Hi there!’,  Rachel said seductively, ‘fancy meeting
you here!  I hear you saw our first...encounter’, she said
gesturing towards you.  ‘Maybe he can’t remember’, you said softly,
‘maybe we should remind him?’. ‘Mmmmm...good idea!’, Rachel said,
taking your hand and pulling you closer towards her.  Gently you
locked your bodies together in an embrace whilst softly kissing
each other, stroking each other on the face, neck and body.  The
kissing was so delicate and sensual, careful nibbling of each
others lips.  As before my cock rose to immediate attention, ready
for duty!  ‘Look’, Rachel said, ‘see how we’re turning him on’. 
‘Oh yes’, you said with an innocent voice, ‘Poor man, that must be
uncomfortable!  Maybe we should help release the pressure?’.  Both
of you then came over to me and started stroking my chest, then my
abdomen moving your hands down to my groin and thighs.  ‘Wow!’, you
said, ‘that’s very hard!  It mustn’t be comfortable’.  Slowly you
started to play with my belt whilst Rachel got to work on my zipper
managing to remove my trousers between you in a few swift seconds. 
My cock stood out rigid pushing against the fabric of my boxers. 
‘Let’s have a look at his assets’, said Rachel, slowly pulling the
boxers down around my hips.  Suddenly I was naked from the waist
down, standing in front of two gorgeous women wearing sexy lingerie
with my cock on proud display begging for some attention.  ‘Wow! 
Not bad!’, Rachel said looking at my manhood, ‘I see how eager you
are, but first we need to please your lover!’.  My body shivered
with the frustration and anticipation but I got hold of myself,
realising that we had plenty of time ahead of us.  Taking your hand
again, Rachel led you to the bed and laid you on your back whilst I
removed the rest of my clothes.  Slowly we both started to kiss you
all over, Rachel working up your legs and I working from your neck
downwards.  Soft, gentle kisses, with occasional light licking on
the most sensitive parts of your body.  You softly moaned and
closed your eyes to receive this pleasure, gently rocking your body
and pelvis as you felt the heat grow in your pussy.  Rachel and I
met at your pussy and exchanged a few light kisses before removing
your thong and starting to lick your clit, our tongues touching and
tasting you together.  You groaned with the thought of what was
going on and the feeling of having a woman and a man both
stimulating you together.  You looked up and saw my erect cock and
reached out for it.  Sensing the cue I straddled your chest to
allow you to take my length into your mouth so that we were both
pleasuring each other.  Rachel then got up and went to her bag and
took out a vibrator which she had used on you before, you
recognised its shape and colour.  Moving back between your thighs
she used the gentle vibrations to stimulate your clit making you
squirm with delight as you  started to suck on my cock more
fervently.  I felt the pressure mount within me and knew that I
couldn’t last much longer given the erotic scene before me, but I
wanted to be inside you, to unite myself with you and cum deep
within your pussy making you all mine.  Sensing the shift in
dynamic, Rachel moved from between your thighs and went to sit at
the head of the bed.  I turned you over onto all fours and pulled
your hips towards me whilst, at the same time, Rachel took your
head gently and pulled your lips towards her swollen clit.  Just as
you started tasting Rachel I slowly and deliberately penetrated
you, enjoying the tightness and wetness.  You gave out a soft gasp
but Rachel pulled your head back to her, feeling her own pressure
mounting.  Taking the vibrator from her hand you used it to
penetrate her whilst you urgently licked her clit.  I entered into
my stride and started to fuck you with increasingly speed and
passion.  Together we were throbbing with the sensations mounting
within us, Rachel had started moaning and shouting,
‘Fuck!...yes!...don’t stop!...yes!!’, whilst
you joined her in wordless moans and squeals.  I felt the cum
building inside me like a torpedo readied for launch and felt the
a****l need to shoot my load deep within you.  More....yes....I’m
cumming!...fuck!....deeper!....yes!....then, like a wave exploding
against a rocky shore, all three of us found our climax at the same
time.  I came hard, ejecting hot spunk deep into your body whilst
your body trembled and spasmed with your orgasm.  Rachel held your
face hard against her pussy as she experienced her wave of ecstasy.
 The moment seemed never to stop, going on and on and on..... 
Finally, we descended from heaven and collapsed together onto the
bed, exhausted but fulfilled.  I drifted off into space for a few
moments, unable to comprehend the sensations I had experienced but
I remember coming to to see you and Rachel embraced in a deep, but
loving, kiss.  The rest of the evening saw repeating pleasure but
in new, creative, combinations until the party had to end.  We all
shared an intimate kiss, each taking their turn with another,
before we said goodbye and went our own way home.  It was sad that
it had to end, however I don’t believe that will be the end of our
fun together!

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