The Lunch

Both of us had the day off work and, since our other halves were
working and the k**s were being taken care of, we decided to go out
for a long lunch together far away from where anyone would
recognise us.  We arrived at the restaurant, an intimate little
italian place, and were seated at a cozy table for two.  As we had
nowhere specific to be for a while we ordered some champagne and
enjoyed the feeling of freedom and intimacy as the bubbles went to
our heads a little.  You were delighting in the flirting and
seduction and had dressed accordingly, a low cut summer dress with
delicate straps which revealed your neck and chest along with a
little of your breasts which was obvious to me as I sat close to
you.  You kept catching my eyes drifting towards your breasts then
looking up suddenly when I was aware you’d noticed, you were
looking delicious and I was developing an appetite to consume you
thoroughly later on.  You’d decided to wear hold ups and a thong
under the dress and you felt extremely sexy and feminine as you
felt the stockings brushing against each other.  The waitress came
to take our food order and we both noticed how beautiful she
looked.  She was tall, a slim build and wore a well fitted
black dress which showed off her sexy curves.  Her hair was dark
and long and dropped to her shoulders in luscious waves.  ‘What can
I get you both?’, she asked, her voice gentle and soft.  I could
see that you were attracted to her instantly.  Your skin flushed a
little and your eyes widened.  I enjoyed secretly watching you
become aroused as your mind drifted to naughtier things.  I looked
at the waitress to see that she too appeared to be drawn to you,
her body language, the way she was looking at you, suggested some
sort of attraction.  You ordered your food and I couldn’t help
noticing that the waitresses arm gently brushed against your chest
as she laid your plate in front of you.  Throughout the meal I
could see her standing by the bar catching glances towards you,
trying not to be noticed.  I took the opportunity to ask you what
you thought of her and you blushed when I did so.  Pushing further
I asked you what experiences you had had with other women.  You
told me some of the things you had done and I asked you whether you
would like to have sex with the waitress.  I could see from the
look in your eyes and the way you shifted your legs that you were
already very aroused as you slightly breathlessly said,
‘well...yes’.  Right at that moment you accidentally knocked your
champagne glass over and the contents spilt over your dress.  The
shock of the accident heightened your senses but the cold of the
wine on your thighs sent shivers through your whole body.  The
waitress, noticing instantly, as she had her eyes fixed on you,
rushed forward to help you.  You were a little embarrassed by the
scene but the restaurant wasn’t too full and the lunch guests were
already finishing up and leaving.  I asked the waitress if there
was somewhere she could show you where you could dry your dress off
and, without needing a further excuse, she took your hand and led
you to the staff area at the back of the restaurant.  I waited
about 10 minutes and by then the restaurant was empty.  Wondering
how you were, I got up and found the corridor leading behind the
bar.  I came to the staff changing room and toilet area and looked
in through a small circular window which was set high up on the
door.  Through the window I could see you and the waitress kissing
passionately, your dress was off and hanging over a radiator, her
hands were gently caressing your body and yours were stroking her
thighs, lifting her dress to reveal her gorgeous bottom.  I was
instantly aroused and felt my cock becoming hard and erect.  What
if someone were to discover you two?  I decided that I would keep
watch outside for the time being to warn you both in case someone
came, besides I was transfixed on the erotic scene developing
before me!  I could see how turned on you both were, oblivious to
your surroundings as well as the risks as you let yourselves be
carried along by the passion of the moment.  The touching was
becoming more and more urgent, as if you both wanted to melt into
each other.  The waitress released the clip on your bra and you
gasped as your breasts were released into her waiting mouth.  She
started to kiss and lick your nipples, running her hand up the
inside of your thigh.  I could see you shake with delight.  With
one quick movement she slid your thong off leaving you standing in
only your stockings and shoes.  I could see her hand move up the
inside of your leg as she reached your wet, aching, pussy.  Lightly
she started to massage your clitoris whilst kissing your breasts,
your face, your neck and then your lips.  Deep, passionate,
kissing, your tongues dancing with each other.  I couldn’t stand my
arousal any more and, taking a cautious glance around me, undid my
belt and released my aching cock.  As I watched you both I slowly
started to stroke my length, enjoying the sensations which it sent
through my body.  After some gentle fingering the waitress took
your hand and made your lie on your back on a rug on the floor, she
then moved around to start kissing your tummy, then your thighs and
finally moved in front of you to start kissing your swollen clit.
I could hear you moan with pleasure as she moved her tongue quickly
and lightly over the opening of your pussy.  You had both of your
breasts in your hands playing with your nipples, urging yourself on
towards climax.  Watching from through the window I could see your
body start to arch and move as your orgasm rapidly approached.  My
cock ached to be inside you, to be the one bringing you to this
ecstasy, but I kept my ‘vigil’.  Finally your moans climaxed in
squeals silenced through your hand as you attempted not to make too
much noise.  I couldn’t hold back anymore and brought myself to
climax at the same time.  It took a few seconds for us both to
catch our breaths, however I quickly dealt with myself, got
organised and quietly went back to sit at our table.  About 5
minutes passed and you returned from having sorted out the ‘wine
spill’, your face flushed with a subtle smile across your lips.
‘You okay?’, I asked.  ‘More than okay’, you replied with a broad
smile.  The waitress returned to the main restaurant and I asked
her for the bill.  She brought it over, clearly unable to take her
eyes off you, both of you looking like you were suppressing the
urge to giggle.  As we left the restaurant I saw her slip a small
business type card into your hand, I assumed with her phone number.
 ‘Shall we go somewhere quiet?’, I asked, seeing that your were
still very aroused.  ‘Of course’, you said seductively.  As we left
to enjoy our own time of intimacy I wondered whether I would tell
you all that I had seen and how I could get to be a part of what
you and waitress had planned in the future....

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