The first meeting

It was a rainy Tuesday lunchtime.  We'd agreed to meet at a local pub you knew.  The 'first meet', an opportunity to check each other out, to ensure neither was insane, criminal or repulsive!  You had arrived slightly early and ordered a drink, sitting yourself near the warming open fireplace.  You allowed the heat to sooth your ice cold hands feeling the rush of bl**d flow towards your finger tips.  You looked up just as I came through the door, shaking my umbrella out, glad of the dry, warm, room I had walked into.  I looked around seeking out your face, then our eyes met.  Relief flooded your veins as I appeared to be as advertised.  The memory of frustrated meets, where the reality had failed to live up to the promise, evaporated instantly.  Before you stood an attractive, well attired, professional man.  At least you weren't going to have to make a quick excuse and run away!

I walked forward and said your name.  You nodded, rising to share a casual cheek kiss in greeting.  You noted the educated accent in my voice and the soft, but confident, way I spoke.  You inhaled my scent, a smart, masculine smell.  I had come from work and wore the professional, authoritative, clothes of my profession.  I quickly ordered a drink from the bar and sat down opposite you.  You liked my easy manner and gentle confidence which helped you to relax and enjoy the date.  We spoke of work and commitments, dreams and desires.  You found it easy to share with me, perhaps because of my experience of listening and speaking with people, and the time went quickly and happily.  As the meet came to a close we both stepped out onto the pavement seeing that the rain hadn't let up.  I saw that you were going to get drenched and offered to share my umbrella with you as I walked you back to your house.  You were happy to accept the offer, which surprised you as you were normally so cautious about your address, but the sense of genuine trust which you felt towards me overrode your usual caution and we set off huddled under the umbrella.

A short while later we reached your front door and you let yourself in.  You turned to face me across the threshold.  'Thanks for a really nice hour', you said, surprised again by the frankness of your admission.  'You're welcome!', I replied and lent forward to kiss your cheek.  As our faces met we kissed just to the side of our mouths creating an instant electricity which pulsed through your body.  Swiftly we turned towards each other allowing our lips to touch in a kiss which suggested more than just friendship.  This realisation seemed to cause a sudden arousal within me as I moved forward to embrace you hard.  Our lips locked together with a f***e which took you by surprise and I pushed us both through the doorway into your hall.  'James..', you gasped, '...sorry...but I can't...', you added, trying to push me away.  This was wrong, all wrong.  Usually you took your time assessing your lovers, ensuring you were fully happy, but this was happening too quickly for comfort.  However, something had clicked inside me, the need to suddenly have you releasing a new persona.  'Silence!', I commanded, pushing you roughly against the wall, 'I'll say what's allowed', the tone in my voice firm and authoritative.  Confused, your mind raced.  What had happened to the gentle man you had spent the last hour with?  Where had this sudden dominance come from?  Confusion merged into anger, as your struggled to push me away, which merged into fear as you failed to repel me.  My strength was too much for you.  I pinned you against the wall refusing to release you, my lips tightly locked against yours, forcing my tongue into your mouth.  You felt the violation and trembled at the aggression, a trembling which spread through your body towards your groin causing a surprising tingle in your clit.  Shocked by this sudden development you quickly regained control and made a fresh attempt to push me away.  'Stop!....Please!......No!', you screamed, hoping that someone might hear you from outside, but I silenced you mouth with my tongue and pulled you roughly against me.  You could feel the hardness of my cock pushing against your thigh, and the sensation caused another sudden throb in your clit.  Refusing to accept the assault but not wanting the growing wetness in your pussy to stop you continued to try and push me away but also let out a deep sigh of excitement.  'So you do like it, don't you!', I breathed close to your ear.  You didn't answer, dizzy with the mix of feelings warring within you.  'Answer me!', I demanded, grabbing at your crotch under your skirt feeling the wetness and heat spreading through your underwear.  You shuddered at the hardness of my touch, pressing yourself almost involuntarily against my hand needing something to take the pressure off the mounting ache.  'Answer me now!', I commanded a final time, making it very clear that a response was unavoidable.  '...yes...', you whispered quietly.  'What was that?', I responded, wanting to hear you say it out loud.  'Yes', you said more clearly, the word sending an almost orgasmic wave through your body making your knees buckle.  Sensing you drop slightly I took advantage.  'That's right baby', I laughed, 'get on your knees and suck my cock!'.  To enf***e the command I pushed down hard on you forcing you to kneel before me.

As if in defence, a surge of rebellion filled you as you tried to stand up, pushing me away.  ' want to do this the hard way?', I responded, pushing you down again harder this time.  Fear gripped you as you anticipated what this meant, an anticipation which again caused a paradoxical throbbing deep within your pussy.  Without saying another word I whipped off my tie and, forcing your arms behind your back, used it to bind them together leaving you weak and defenceless.  The humiliation of this position caused an overwhelming feeling of helplessness within you.  I could do anything to you or with you and you would just have to endure it.  But, at the same time, this realisation caused powerful waves of ecstasy to crash against you, waves which flowed from your clit and deep within your pussy, radiating through your whole body in one never ending orgasmic sensation.  The merest thought of further violation or rough touch triggered a new wave.  Yes, you were helpless before me but equally helpless before the pleasures starting to overtake you!

Seeing your resignation, I smiled. 'Good girl, that's more like it', I soothed, 'Your fulfilment is doing what I say'.  Then, slipping my long, hard cock from my trousers I took your head in my hands adding, 'Now, be a good girl and follow Doctor's orders and say ahhhh!'.  You opened your mouth wide as I thrust my cock hard into you mouth.  Without waiting for you to ready yourself I thrust deep into your throat making you gag in reflex.  Taking your hair in both hands I used your mouth like a pussy, jerking your head up and down my shaft.  The f***e of it, combined with the sensation deep within your throat, brought tears to your eyes which only added to the ecstasy charging your body.  In the space of a short few minutes you had gone from being an equal participant in an innocuous drink date to becoming slave to a dominant master.  What would I do next?  What further violation would you have to serve?

Sensing the cum raising within me I withdrew from your mouth.  'Lay down!', I commanded.  In obedience you went to lay on your back but instead I firmly turned you onto your front on all fours yanking your hips upwards and backwards.  In one movement I lifted your skirt and ripped aside the skimpy thong you were wearing.  Then, using one hand to hold your head against the hard floor, I pushed my cock towards your pussy.  You felt my hardness probing and searching as you instinctively lifted your pelvis to meet it.  Without any warning I thrust deep into you savouring the wetness, wanting to own you and mark you as my possession.  I thrust again and again, harder and harder, noticing that you were rocking your pelvis in response, enjoying floods of ecstasy with each hard thrust.  Eventually my a****l need to cum deep inside you started to rise.  You realised what was going to happen and fear surfaced briefly.  A relative stranger was about to shoot his load deep into your unprotected pussy!  You murmured, 'Please!....Sir!....Not inside me!'.  However I ignored your pleas, too far gone to stop.  This further intensified your sense of helplessness adding to the never ending orgasm which had you shaking.  Finally the eruption came and I came hard and deep within you, filling your entire pussy.  You clamped against my cock, milking it for every last drop, taking me obediently inside you.  We both shook again and again with the f***e of our climax unable to speak nor hardly breathe.  Finally, withdrawing, I untied your hands and lifted you gently, carrying you to the sofa in the lounge.  Laying you down I softly stroked your face as you slowly started to recover, the waves starting to ebb.  'Was that okay for you my darling?', I asked tenderly.  The gentleman was back, warm and supportive.  I held you close to me until our hearts stopped racing then helped you get dressed.  The rain had finally stopped and, amazingly, the sun was out.  I collected my things and headed out the door.  'I'll email you', I said cheerfully, giving you one, lingering, kiss goodbye before I headed down the street.  You closed the door and went to sit on the sofa still dizzy from all that had occurred.  As the thoughts of what had just occurred drifted through your head you started to feel a familiar throb in your groin and felt my cum dribbling from your pussy.  Instantly you started to feel ecstasy rising again.  Grabbing your Rampant Rabbit you headed for the bedroom, there was still time before the k**s were home and you had some memories you wanted to enjoy!

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