Me and my Bhabhi

I started to think of my bahbhi as my bed partner the very next day of her marriage. I wished she was In my bed for suhagraat and slowly desire arose In me to have sex with her and at last and I succeeded In It last month and this story Is about how I made her like me and have sex with me here the story starts.

We live In Mumbai as (parents, me, b*o & bhabhi). When my b*o got married, I was 25 years In age 5.10 man, natural big build with 8.5 of manhood and my gorgeous bhabhi SAVITA was 26 years old she had a decent figure of 34-28-36, she Is very sexy and typical UPwali CHAMIYA. But as years passed by, from a CHAMIYA she slowly changed to a fully blown hot MILF. A typical Mumbai wai GARAM BHABHI. I used to wank looking at her pics for long time. To be true for 5 years. I am 30 now and my manhood was no longer in my control whenever Shivani bhabhi was In front of me. After reading all the stories I made a plan to have sex with my bhabhi for that I thought of talking and pass as much time possible with her alone.

One day there was a function at my uncle's place he use to live In about 45 km away from my hometown. I thought of going with her and start chatting to get success In my plan as my dad was busy with office and b*****r had some urgent official tour, so I planned and told my mom that not all 3 of us can go as there Is an urgent parcel of mine which can come any moment. So mom decided that she will stay back and asked bhabhi to go for the function, with b*o not around she asked me to accompany bhabhi to uncles home.We went In my car with her sitting next to me and her 2 yr old d******r sl**ping on back searand I tried to drive It at very gentle speed so that I can get more to talk to her on that drive.

We had a normal chat after that I asked her whether she had a BF before marriage to which she replied yes and I got excited and started talking to her about him, once she replied that her BF use to be a body-builder and had a physique like me only.

I got excited and asked whether she had told this bhaiyya to which she denied and said “Pagal nahi hoon” and giggled suddenly she stopped and said “tum please kisi se na kehena” to which I replied with a naughty smile “ Bhabhi, u can trust me, I am ur best friend and whatever Is between u and me will always remain a secret”. We continued talking on the same chat I asked her whether she had enjoyed with this BF of her before marriage she replied yes by the time we reached uncles home after that we didn’t talk on that topic till we were there.

I started to have this type of small chat with her regarding girls on how to approach them to Initiate talks after few days I got the opportunity and that was the day of first fuck for me. My parents had went to attend a function for two days to Lucknow and to my luck again my b*****r had to go on business trip.

I asked her to cook food that she liked so that we can have dinner of her liking and while she was cooking I had talked to her after that she first fed her d******r and took her to sl**p. Later we had dinner at around 9 pm and after that we sat on the sofa to watch a movie Dirty Picture.

I piped Into her big boobs as she was wearing a nice white colored nighty from where her lines were open for me to see I got encouraged as she never use to wear It night-wear outside her bedroom. I slowly moved my hands on back and started touching her back to which she looked at me with a question mark on her head but didn’t say anything and continued watching the movie. She didn't resist which caused a big erection In my pant. I wanted her to notice It. So I moved and sat next to her. Raised and kept my leg on the table spread wide with a TENT In my shorts and behaved as If I am more Interested In the movie. From the corner of my eyes I saw that she was looking directly at the Tent In my shorts but kept silent. After some time I thought of masturbating as SAAMNE VIDYA AUR BAGAL MEY SAVITA, so slowly I went to the washroom and wanked hard. After I came back my sexy bhabhi was lying on the sofa Instead of seating after.

I came and slowly near my bhabhis feet. That Is when she broke the silence and asked me whether I have a GF or not to which I said “Yes bhabhi, I do” but In my mind said “I wish It was you”, she further asked I had went out with her I said “Yes but over coffee, apart from that we have not got a chance to spend a long evening n night with each other”. She started laughing and suddenly had a wild smile on her face she straight away asked me “Matlab tum anari ho?”

I replied HAAN and then there was silence In the room with the song “ola la ola la” playing on TV. After some time she asked me “ Do u want to know how It feels to spend a night with a girl?”. I got stunned and was speechless. Looking at me In a trance state she got up from the sofa and went In the kitchen. I thought I had missed the opportunity after some time a loud voice “Raju, yahan anaa zara” from kitchen. I went In and saw that my Gorgeous Savita bhabhi was sitting on the platform and smiling at me like a raunchy horny bitch. She pulled me close and w****d her leg around my waist and said “Raju, mere pyaare devar, I know you are attracted to me and want to fuck me.”. hearing the F word from her mouth was sounding so sweet n horny

She said “I also want you devarji you are so good and strong. I have seen you many time masturbate In your room from the windows above the door.” I felt shy. To which she said “Arey mere devarji. Ghabrao mat. Mujhe apni sexy gf hi samjho ab se. Aur jo chahe kar sakte ho. Bas apne bhaiya se kabhi na kehna”.

I lifted her In my arms and took her to my room. We sat on the bed and slowly I started to rub her honey skin body which was very smooth. Her boobs were very big as when I cupped her boob thru her satin nighty, It didn’t fit In my both hands. It was later I learnt from her that when she was married her boobs were 34 C. But post marriage and pregnancy she Is now 38B.

Me:B habhi that’s true I want to fuck you

bhabhi: Raj my dear you can go ahead have your dream come true
after that I pressed her boobs and by that time she was playing with my erected cock thru my shorts.

I Inserted my fingers and then hand Inside her nighty to enjoy her boobs after that I opened up and said “Bhabhi. Mera pehla time hai aur aapki yeh nighty mujhe bahut disturb kar rahi hai” she replied “To nikal feko na usko”.

I slided my hands and held her nighty tight on her neckline and pulled It hard and tore It. Her nighty now ripped open from front and saw her red lacey bra and cold see her matching panty. She said angrily “Raju. Araam se karo” to which I pulled her nighty more and tore It fully from front and removed It. For the first time I had seen a gal In just bra and panties she was looking like goddess of sex In just red lacey bra and panty. Now she unhooked my shorts and took It off after that we were their only In boxer, bra and panty..

I started to suck her boobs and removed her bra her boobs were very juicy wet and nipples were hard like rock I sucked her for 10 min and then slowly went down to enjoy the heaven and removed her panty by the time she had removed my boxer and was moaning with my every bite on her boobs.

She then told me that she will now teach me how to enjoy a gal during sex to which I said yes and she ordered me to get Into position 69 and then she sucked my tool and I was chewing and biting on her clean shaven pink pussy.

I said bhabhi “I am going to blow” by the time said I blow I shot my cum In her mouth she started to enjoy It and said your cum Is too good to taste and sucked me hard. Oulling out the last drop of my cum from my cock and drank It all. After 5 minutes she said “apni bhabhi ko chodoge nahi kya” Listening to such dirty words from her mouth I got hard again.
She said your cock Is very fresh and big It seems you are masturbating every day 2 to 3 times and ordered me not to masturbate now onwards whenever I felt like to come to her to fuck or alteast get sucked.
I fucked her pink pussy hard she moaned like anything her pussy was very tight and hot after fucking her nonstop for 20 minutes I filled her pussy with my cum. I was surprised by the amount of cumm that I shot In her mouth and her pussy In last 1 hour. I lied down on the bed side by side after some time she begged me to have anal sex. I was shocked . There was little energy left In me after a mind blowing blowjob and a hard fuck this bitch wants more of me. But I didn’t was to say No to her. So I said “bhabhi. Aap mujhe guide karo gaand marwane mey” She giggle and replied “koi baat nahi. Ab seekh lo. Fir to tu hi mera RAJA hai” she brought oil and oil massaged my cock for long time and made my cock rock hard . She then got down on all fours In front of me. I stood b ehind her and pushed my cock In her ass. But I didn’t succeed as her ass was just too tight. I wondererd that she has a daughter still her pussy Is so tight and her ass seems to be virgin. After 4-5 attempts I succeeded and slowly I slided my cock In her ass. With every Inch of my cock sliding In her moan was Increasing and her body was shivering of pain. That Is when I got a confirmation that my b*****r has left her ass untouched for me. I slowly started fucking her ass. And gradually Increased my speed, after abt 10 mins I cummed Inside her ass. I bent forward and whispered In her ear as she was grasping her breath “ NOW U R MY BITCH” to which she turned her head back and smooched me hard

We enjoyed for the whole night and slept together In the morning we had bath together and again enjoyed sex since then we have been enjoying sex whenever and wherever possible.

Some other day, I will tell u guys about how I fucked her In a public place, and how we started fucking In my car and ended In someone elses bed ;).
Till then take care.

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very hot story dude i really enjoyed it wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww
mastruabted while reading this
getting more kick than pics dude