Rick and Andy at the drive in

I come out of the 7 11 with a 6 pack of beer and jump in the van, andy has 2 joints rolled and winks at me. We head to the Ft Lauderdale drive in to watch the Rocky Horror Show. When we get there the place i packed, girls and guys dressed in lingerie and made up like the movie characters, andy finds a place right in the middle, we put the speaker in the window and crack a couple of beers and settle in. Andy fires up a joint and passes it to me, i take a long drag and pass it back. What a life, getting high with my gorgeous bf in a sea of people dressed in drag. Lots of people making out, a guy is blowing another dude on the swings up front, two chicks are feeling each other out in the car next to us..... tis is the life.

andy asks leans in to give me a shotgun hit, i gladly oblige and draw in the smoke, we kiss as i do this. I am high (what a light weight!) and decide to take my overcoat off and lounge in my nice lace teddie. My cock is getting hard in my lace panties. I get another shotgun and and decide its time to suck my lovely boyfriends cock. I slip down on my knees, slip his jeans down and start licking him. Andy is loving i, i lick him up and down and take the head in my lips, suck his pre-cum and really start sucking is hot cock. I love this man's cock and I make sure i show it every time I blow him. He cums in my throat in a matter of minutes and I easily swallow his load. I sit up and open a couple of beers for us. Andy asks me to go to the concession for snacks. Sure, i start to slip on my over coat but Andy won't let me. He wants me to go like the slut i am dressed as.

I get out of the van and start the long walk to snack area. My 5 inch cock is clearly visible through my see thru panties and all the cars I walk by are staring at me. I am so stoned I could care less, as I walk several guys and girls reach out and grope me, on guy actually grabs my cock and tries to jerk it, i break free and keep walking. Once in line i feel a guy pressing up behind me, his cock is rubbing up against my pantied ass and he rocks up and down. I let him, feels pretty good actually plus i don't want to start a scene. I order popcorn and some candy while this guy dry humps me, the cashier seemed oblivious or she is just used to this. I get my stuff and walk out.

As I walk with my hands full, a very slutty girl comes up and pulls my panties down springing my little cock free. I am just out of the concession and standing there with my little cock standing straight up, my panties to my knees and my hands full with food. Wis Andy were here right now i'm thinking. I scoot toward the van like this just to get there as fast as i can. People are laughing, staring, lucting, etc... My cock feels so good being free in the night air and I am getting a kick out being such a slut that I really am loving it.

I finally scoot to the van, the girls next to us stop fingering each other and look up at me , laugh at my little cock and go right back at it. I pass the stuff to Andy and climb in, he looks at me and says " have fun?". I am so horny from everything that is ask him to fuck me. I slide in his lap and start kissing him, we lock tongues and go at it. i slip out of my panties and take hi boxers off, I suck him hard and climb on his lap facing him, I mount his hard cock and slowly slip it up my wet man pussy. Inch by inch, I take him all then start riding him. Everyone can see us as i am riding Andy in the front seat of the van in clear view, I am such a slut I could care less, it feels so good, I am getting fucked so good. I bury his cock in me and slow down, i look around us and see many guys jacking off, some blowing each other, a few hetero couples going at it and the lesbians next to us watching me. I start to really ride Andy now and he loves it, I am so loose. He suddenly pulls me up and throws me in the passenger seat, grabs me and burys my face in the back seat and starts plowing me doggy style. He is ramming his big hard cock in and out of me at a very fats pace, I am moaning lieka girl, begging him for more when he stats cumming in my ass. Pumping his cum deep in me. He pulls out, I turn to him and suck him clean, and keep him hard in the process.... What a machine! I lay back on he seat and he mounts me missionary style and starts to slowly fuck me some more. I hear someone knocking on the door, the girls next door want to get high, Andy tells them to climb in, I beg him to keep fucking me and he does, he tells the girls to light the joint while he continues to fuck me. He is pumping me long and slow, just how i like to be fucked, my little cock is rock hard. He kisses me full on the lips while he pumps me. The girls are up front taking hits and kissing each other, someone hand me the joint, I take a hit while Andy fucks me, I am so horny and being fucked so well that i am in paradise. I feel a hand on my cock and I am surprised to see one of the girl jerking me off. Anday starts really driving in me and picks his pace up, the girl keeps jerking my cock and I explode all over my chest , face and belly. Andy cums in me when he sees this and groans loudly. He kisses me and pulls out. The girls strat rubbing th ecum on me and feeding it to me which I gladly lick up.

I stay there spread eagle and catch my breath, Andy goes up front with the girls and smokes pot with them. My ass feels so good, dripping with cum, freshly fucked and my man very happy.......
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7 months ago
wsow got my dildo out and fucked my ass pussy while you had your ass fucked
3 years ago
OMFG... GREAT STORY...think my my asshole got wet... getting out a dildo now...
3 years ago
Hot. I wish I were there too.
3 years ago
Dam that got my cock hard instantly. Great story!
3 years ago
Good times!
3 years ago
Great story, Thanks!
3 years ago
I want to visit that drive in. Where is it?
3 years ago
That was fucking hot
3 years ago
fuck - where is this drive in?