bareback sailing

Ahh the Caribbean. Nothing like the blue waters and warm breezes to settle the mind and open the imagination. Just finished my spring semester at college and decided to take a week or two island hopping , I flew to St Thomas and headed for Caneel Bay. I didn't have much money but I knew I would be able to find odd jobs cleaning yachts or working in the resorts. I was 19 at the time. I made my way over to St . Johns and a little out of the way bar called the Hard Luck Cafe. on my fourth shift I met a man named Captain Dave. He was a real character, very Hemmingway in appearance and age and very confident. We talked, I fed him many beers and he asked if I would like a job as his mate, he had to deliver a yacht to aruba in the next 10 days a needed help along the way. I accepted and we headed to the marina that very moment.

Captain walks me down the a few docks and leads me to a 47' Azimut. Wow. The thing was beautiful. We go on board and he fixes us both a scotch as he give me a tour of this incredible boat. He gives me a job description and tells me what I need to be responsible for but I was gawking the whole time. We head back up to the fly bridge and settle down with another scotch. We are on the top deck, the sun is setting and other yacht dwellers start making their way on their decks to admire the same. I start getting buzzed as I usually don't; drink hard liquor but Dave keeps feeding me, this guy is a b**st - he acts like he hasn't had anything although he had been drinking for 5 hours already.

He gives me a 5th scotch and I protest, or slur, that i can't handle another one. He then reaches in a helm compartment and lights a joint. I accept and take three long drags. I'm really slipping into the sunset, very high, very d***k and very comfortable. He is talking about something but I am too buzzed to focus. As the sun crests and the the breezes cool Dave asks if i need anything else? i say no, i am very happy. He then walks over and says, "I need something". Dave slips his shorts down and pulls out a fabulous this veined cock and walks it right into my face. i just open my mouth and start sucking him. I really get into it and start swallowing his whole cock, he gets very hard very fast - at least 7 inches and thick. I lick his balls and he grabs the back of my head and starts fucking my throat. I am such a cock sucker I handle it no problem. He starts shooting thick streams of cum down my throat and moans very loud. I try my best to swallow but it's too much, my cheeks and throat are covered and the cum starts to roll down my smooth chest. I continue to suck him s he softens. He steps back and pulls his shorts up and says "thats a good mate, you'll do just fine'. As he goes down in the yacht I hear some applause from the yacht next to us. There are two women on the top deck with champagne and they raise their glass to me. I just wave and say thanks as I wipe cum from my face and chest. They clearly liked the show. I was so buzzed I pulled my shorts down and started to masturbate for the ladies. They were goading me on and I pumped like crazy, I did a half summersault to position my cock over my open mouth and pumped my cum into my mouth much to the girls approval. I stood up, naked walked over to the bar and poured a scotch and raised a toast to the girls as I took a swig and washed the cum down. They clapped for me again, winked and went in their boat for the night.

I put my shorts on and head down in the boat and find Dave in the lounge, he told me to strip and that I would spend the rest of the week nude. I dropped my shorts and did what I was told. Buzzed, horny and loving being used by this 60 year old husky man. Dave said we needed a shower and let me to the main stateroom - better than any Ritz Carlton Hotel, he started the shower and told me to get in. I put my face in the water and feel his big frame smother in behind me. I sway my hips and rub his half hard cock with my smooth ass. He starts kissing the back of my neck and rubbing my chest, i feel his cock grow hard between my ass cheeks and i keep rubbing my against him. This man is so sensual and strong. I turn and he kisses me deep on the lips, probing my throat with his tongue. I rub his now hard cock and place my hand around my smaller cock and his throbbing fat one. I masturbate up together as really starts making out with me. He slips a finger in my ass and starts probing, rubbing my sphincter and getting me wet. I ask him to please fuck me and he picks my 145 pound smooth body up , i straddle him while he kisses me and he guide his cock into my open ass. With one long slow stroke he fills me. This man is holding me up, fucking me, kissing me and pleasing me. I am in heaven. He fucks me long and slow like this then sets me down, turns me doggy style and starts to drive into me, slow and long at first , then very fast, he starts hammering me when he knows I can take it. I am moaning and in ecstasy when he pumps his cum in me. He keep hammering and I feel the jets pump deep into me. I start stroking my cock and we cum together.

He slips out, stands me up, kisses me deep and says to clean up and cook him dinner. Yes Captain. I finish the shower, clean my man pussy and put a robe on and head to the galley. He sees me and says " lose the robe, I mean you will stay nude the whole trip or I throw you off the boat". Yes Captain. I make a pasta bolognaise and we go to the back deck to eat. I am nude, he is not - as we head out I notice the ladies on the boat next door are out, see us , giggle and waive. Dave asks where their husbands are and they inform us that they are on a 2 day fishing trip. He invites the two MILFs over for pasta and they accept. He asks me to set two more places while they start over. When I get back from the galley I find the girls at the table and they are staring at my smooth, petit naked body. I set their places and Dave asks me to get 2 bottle of wine for our guests. I return and serve the girls, I fis Dave and i a scotch. Here i am , nude serving a very hot man and 2 milfs bussed out of my mind and I can't think of anything else I'd rather be doing. My ass has the fresh fucked satisfied feeling, i have a load in my belly and two milfs eyeing me. I'm in heaven. Dave is doing most of the chatting as I am slurring and not making much sense, but I hear him ask them if they have ever seen a better cock sucker. The girls tell him that they were just talking about how good i was and that they were going to ask me for a few tips.
Dave sais "I'm sure the mate will help", he stood up, dropped his shorts and pointed me to his cock.

As told, i walked over, got on my knees and went to work. This man is a he-man, hard in an instant and full sex. The girls were impressed with his man hood and my skill , he started face fucking me and playing with the blondes tits. The brunette dropped her sun dress , and joined me working on Daves cock. He pulls out of my mouth and shoot all over my face. I feel the brunette sucking my little cock and soon shoot down her throat. The blonde is just giggling the whole time. i feed the cum on my face into my mouth with my fingers, get up and pour another round.

We get very d***k and and the night turns in to early morning, we are all naked and hanging out on the back deck.. thing strart to get interesting...... (to be continued)

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2 years ago
great story. you got a lot of stuff in just 1 night.
3 years ago
Very good! Can't wait for the next chapter.
3 years ago
i would love a njob like that thanks