A distant threesome 2

Remember what I told you about Margot letting me not only look at but also film her recently screwed still dripping cunt?
Well, I was looking this beautiful peace of art several times, masturbating and jerking of. I realy loved it. One of these afternoons I received the visit of Victoria, a coloured girl that had been studying sociology with me and is working at the townhall-administration. She is more a friend of mine though sometimes we do wind up in bed, when she is down and needs some cheerup. She had met Margot only a cuple of times socialy, but she knows about my affair with her. That afternoon we where having tea at the kitchentable when the idea struck my mind that I could ask her rather provokatively whether she would like to watch the most intimate part of Margots body ?
"Its rather exiting" I said. "Im shure you would like it". Vitoria was first reluctant but finally agread, even to my condition that i could have my cameras eye staring at her pussy to see if sho would get excited. She took not only her nickers off but also her skirt and the blouse and sat on a chair in front of the screen, with her legs nicely spread wide open. Underneath the screen I had mounted the camera looking in direction of the chair.
"Can we go?" I asked. Viroria said shyly "Yes".
She has a nice, shining dark skin with brown nipples and a curly black triangle in her lap, but the lips down there are shaven and show o rosy glimmer between them. In the beginning she found the whole operation rather ridiculous, giggled a lot and asked if it would take long to get over it.But she became quiet while the images on the screen gained her growing fascination. The expression on her face finally changed to serene tension, while her look became glassy and she had to lick her lipps with a rosu tip of her tongue. I offered her a beer that she drank absent mindedly.

There! To my utmost surprise and with a suddenly galopping heart e became aware of what was happening between her beautiful thighs: her lips hat gained volume and the slit between them had opened a bit so tha the inner lips showe their purple colour.And - look - a row of tiny white drops was rolling down the dark skin and disapeared in the valey between her buttocks. The magic process of arousing lust had wettened her cunt up to a dripping state without any touch or movement, only by looking at another womens intimate, nicely excited parts.Then one of her hands went to her brest and started to stimulate the nipple. When Margots show was over I laid down on the floor and Vitoria sat on top of me, my hammer sinking deep into her flesh while she rubbed her body with frenetic movements of her buttocks until she came seconds after I had shot a big load into her.

Its fascinating see how sexual tension spreads like a bush-fire from person to person, like the ideas of Margot and mine had aroused the Colleague of her, and the fire between them both had now lighted up Vitoria and me. This fire was going to burn other parts of the forest, I was shure. Whatever I could do to help spreading it I was ready to contribute.
In a tender moment with Margot I whispered into her ear what a big impression her adventure with the professor did have on Vitoria.Margot could have been mad at me by violating her privacy, but on the contrary she wantedt to know this girl better, that she now regarded as almost a s****r. I arranged a meeting of us three in the same bar where Margot had picked up the professor. Vitoria could hardly control her curiosity to know more about the man that had left so glorious marks on Margots body and we went home together, where Margot told all details of her meeting. Among these informations - including size of his prick, how his balls where attached to the shaft, whether he moaned when he came and so on - Margot told a secret not even I had heard of up til now: during the extended pussy-licking the professor had offered he asked her to let go a little jet of piss into his mouth - for Margot a difficult task to be carried out and which the professor had called "un pipi dámour" .
Vitoria wanted very badly to meet this obviously experienced lover, and when the week of italian movies came up, we invited the professor to visit the bar after a session with the Rosselinis. Vitoria joined us as if it where by accident. She was so devoted and concentrated all her senses on the lucky man, that he did not wait long and carried hert off to his cave.So had become another mosk in the growing spiderweb of lewdness that a month later threw a dentists lady-assistent in my bed: she had called my telefon number several times, alwas asking my pardon for wringing the wrong number, until the husky shadows in her sensual voice triggered of my interest and I invited her for a drink. I suspect, she was somebody linked to the professor and had heard him tell details of my sexual skills and my strange hobby of filming screwed dripping cunts.
So a new way of erotism spread in our town: each fuck became an act of espionage to find out who had realized what secret acts and with whom. The sexy buttocks, protuding nipples and what might be hidden between those thighs - all that was left to the items less important for the attraction between the sexes.....

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