A distant threesome affair

It started a rainy afternoon, at home,sitting in the livingroom on the couch , accompanied by Margot, my companion in those days.She was a teacher in a privat school and lived with her husband in a small appartment in the vicinity, having all freedom to live her sexual life. Her husband did not bother, or - as I sometimes suspected - made her tell him all details of her adventures, to his voyeuristic delight.Margot and I never even mentioned his name.
This rainy afternoon we both were erotically aroused,because I had asked her not to use any panties underneath her wide swinging skirt, but to insert the vibrating Kegel-Balls into her vagina - those she used for pompoarism to strengthen her internal muscles and so to become an expert in milking motionless cocks - while she outwardly continued to pose as a normal decent women on her way to the movies, accompanied by her friend.This situation proved to be delightfully exciting for both of us.
In that spirit we started to talk about our erotic fantasies we would like to realize one future day , and I mentioned my secret desire that she would allow somebody else to screw her in a nice and expert way, and that she would rush quickly to my home to show me her right now fucked pussy full of jizz and dripping juices. She would love to expose herself not only to my eyes but also to a camera in closeup, a special aditional kick.
At first she doubted if I would not be very jealous, but admitted finally that it was an atractiv idea, because the only thought of a man staring fascinated between her wide spread thighs, already gave her shivers.
Given the fact that her husband never could be a part of our adventures, we had to decide who might be a suiting candidate. Margot already had somebody in her mind.A colleague from her school, middle-aged sportiv and unmarried, lived less than a minute walkin-distance from my flat. We both knew him through our shared interests in french movies and general arts. So we walked to the movies with this idea in our heads and the descreetly vibrating thai-balls in Margots vagina. I was very excited by the idea that every step we walked her sensitive parts were softly stimulated. Than, seated in the dark, her hand found the way to the swelling under the cloth of my trousers where her fingernail scratched now and then at the very right place.We were taking care not to let me explode.

Another afternoon some weeks later Margot gave me a fonecall from the school to announce a gettogether of the teachers in a nearby bar, to celebrate the birthday of one of them.
Her husky voice asked me bluntly:"The day has come?" When I said "Yes!" with my hart beating in my drumming ears, she addet: "Shure about that?" I hardly could answer, but she advised:"It will take time, I dont like to rush and want to enjoy! Thats OK?" I said it was.
It was five oclock in the afternoon and my nervousness made my hands shaky.But I managed to prepare the situation in less than an hour: the easychair in a position that permitted bright light to iluminate the place were her intimate parts would be in exposition, the camera in the right distance and hight, with the focus adjusted to get e sharp image. I would not lose the sight of one single little drop running down the thigh or beeing caught in the pubic hair...
Yes, at six oclock everything was preparad and ready.

The hours passed very slowly. At ten oclock I was imerged in fantasies how she was receiving his cock between her legs, at eleven my inner eyes saw her ass exposed to the attacks of his prick, I could hear her moaning and was almost sure that she had me forgotten. Midnight, one oclock - nothing!
Than, at onethirty, I heared the noise of the elevator coming upstaires and stop at my floor. The irondoor banged open, I ran to the door. It was her!!
She looked at my very doubtfully, hesitating, unsure of my reaktion.
"We fucked!" she said. "Three times. Its all here with me. Shall I show?"

It took us more than half an hour, the camera running und my fascinated eyes starring at this beautiful slit, the crown of hair sticky with slime, the lipps swollen and showing between them a big round opening like the mouth of a fisch, that leisurely began to close up while white creamy threads dropped from it down to the floor.
Finally I knelt in front of her chair between her legs, and passed my tongue through the rosy folds and wrinkles, feeling the exquisit taste of jizz mixed with the wonderful smell of her natural pussy-lubrification.Oh, how I adored this beautiful cunt. Until inserting my throbbing shaft into the deepest depth of this warm, moisty, so hungry flesh.
When I later revised the moviemy camera had registered during this session I could see my balancing balls hit again and again against her exposed ass...
Margot , I dearly love you.
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