The Jacuzzi spa and craigs list

So I placed an ad on Craigslist, (1st time in the personals)
Add stated going to “Neptunes lagoons looking for a friend or 2 to enjoy the warm Jacuzzi and sauna for a couple hours. Since it’s a cold and rainy day. 5’ 11”, 210#, 34W, 52 Y/O like to get my cock sucked and ass rimmed.”

Got the typical 4 million reply’s from scammers. Found a couple that seemed really great so responded and gave them the link and that I would show about 2:00 pm. Arrived at 2:000 exactly, started to pay for the room, when in walks one of the guys that responded. I pay for the room, the guy behind the front desk went back to get sauna and Jacuzzi started.

Mark the guy that showed he and I made some small talk introducing ourselves. At this point I was starting to get Horney, had to keep adjusting myself. He noticed this and asked if I was ok with the setup. I of course stated yes just a bit nervous and Horney at the same time. Mark lived about 5 miles away, I on the other hand lived about 6 miles the opposite direction. So the place was perfect for us.

The attendant came back and brought us to room #2 and showed us the controls and explained the rules. This basically was no oil or lotions in the Jacuzzi to keep water and tub clean.

The attendant left, I locked the door turned around and started to get undressed. The room was a small room, about 12 feet by 12 feet. Nice Jacuzzi tub, seats about 4-6, a small sauna in the corner that seats 2 maybe 3 people. A/C was running to help keep the humidity down, nice warm water in the Jacuzzi, nice HOT sauna.

Kind of nervous now, since this is my first time with another guy alone out in the open of this room, so the little guy started to go to sl**p. Got down to my boxers as he did, and was at the point of hesitation that you get the first day in the locker room at school. You know how it is, your wondering is my cock a normal size, I shave around the boys and only have a strip above. Will he think I’m a pervert (even though I am :) )?
So dropped the boxers, Mark stated nice package, (boosted the confidence level hearing that). He dropped his tighty whiteys and had a nice package that was a lot wider than mine. So I gave the compliment back. So we walk over to the shower to rinse off and get into the Jacuzzi. We have a seat; start making small talk again about jobs, f****y, and friends. After about 10 minutes we start talking about fantasies and reason for the CL add.

I stated that i have driven by here numerous times but never got the balls to go in. He also stated he’s seen this place but never came in also. Talked about some of the things we’ve done, I bought up my first story here (book store heaven). While I was basically reciting what I had written, I was starting to get real Horney. Mark started to slide closer as I was going on. After about another 5 minutes, I feel his hand grab little Johnny. I moaned as he started to stroke me up and down. He slides to the middle of the Jacuzzi while still stroking me, and proceeds to play with my butt hole rubbing my rose bud in nice gentle circles. Mark asks me to sit on the edge of the Jacuzzi, so he can get a good look of my cock. I rise up out of the water to have a seat on the padded edge of the Jacuzzi, when all of a sudden I feel his wonderful mouth close tightly around my hard cock. The pleasure was intense. His expert mouth gliding up and down my shaft, with his tongue swirling around my cock head. I then feel his finger start to rub my rose bud, I lift a leg up so that he can have better access to it. He has me turn around and bend over then I feel his expert tong on my rose bud trying to get as deep as he can. (I love getting my salad tossed). As Mark is trying to get into my ass, he grabs my cock and proceeds to start a nice slow stroking, god I was in heaven. (I’m getting hard just remembering this). We continue this for what seemed forever but was probably 10 minutes, we started to get a little cool, so off we went to the sauna.

I got in first, and lay down on the bench one leg bent up as Mark got to his knees and started sucking my cock. I handed him the KY jelly I had grabbed before going in. He applies generous amounts to my rose bud while still sucking my cock. He began gentle circles on my ass, getting closer and closer to my rose bud. He started Appling steady pressure till my rose bud pulled his finger in. God I thought I was to bust a nut right then. He sensed this and pulled my cock from his mouth, and started licking up and down my cock, staying away from the sensitive spot under my cock head. This guy was a real pro on how to edge a person. At this point in time, Mark had worked a second finger into my tight ass. Sliding them in and out touching the prostate ever so slightly. God how I wanted him to continue touching my prostate. ( a favorite fantasy of mine is to cum hands frees from a prostate massage only.) Now he started to suck my cock, dam he’s good.

I can’t stand it anymore and sit up, he stands, so I grab his massive cock and start to suck it slowly. This was the first cock in my mouth EVER. As I’m sitting there with his cock in my mouth I grab the KY, pour a shit load on my hand, and start playing with his balls with one hand. Getting more jelly on my other hand, I start to rub his ass hole circling it like he did to me. I was getting so excited about this I slipped my finger in, he kinda backed off so I pulled my finger out and just circled the rose bud with steady pressure. He stated “Yes just like that”. Since this was the first meeting (of a lot more I hope to come), we were subconsciously worried about the fluid transfer so I stood while he sat down and started to stroke my cock. He grabbed my ass between my legs and pulled me closer to him. He started with the penetration of my ass again god this felt wonderful. He says that’s it cum on daddy’s chest, normally I’m not a verbal type of guy but him just telling me that was enough encouragement to bust my nut a crossed his chest. He laid back and started to stroke his cock at lightning speed, so I reached down and started to rub his rose bud. After a couple minutes, it started to get way to hot in there so we went to the shower.

After adjusted the temperature just right, I started to clean the KY from me while he watched me stroke my cock. This turned both him and I on so much, he was stroking faster and faster, I was getting so Horney just knowing someone was watching me stroke my cock and getting off doing it. I bent forward to clean the grease off my ass, as he watched. He would rub it every now and then with his huge cock head then I felt it, his hot man jizz spraying all over my back and dripping down my butt hole. Man it felt good the feeling of it making its way down to my nut sack and slowly dribbling across my butt hole. He stroke his beautiful cock head across my ass hole a few times, and I could feel my body betraying me as my ass hole felt like it was trying to grab the cock and pull it in. The most unbelievable experience I’ve had.

We stood in a tight embrace under the warm water from the shower, and started to clean the grease off of our bodies. He soaped me up running his hands over my sensitive body, it was so electrifying. The experience was so unbelievably HOT. He was behind me soaping my back and shoulders while I was working my tool. I could feel his man hood that was still semi erect rubbing between my ass cheeks. Dam it felt so good. We rinsed off and then back to the Jacuzzi.

We sat there talking more casually now about f****y and friends, old sparks in our lives, and cities we live in. We were both pretty spent at this time. I can’t help but think of the County song, that goes, “I’m not as good as I once was, but I’m as good once as I ever was.” Our 2 hour time was up so we got out of the Jacuzzi and he was so sweet to start to dry me off hitting all those little places you normally don’t get to when you step out of the shower. Once dried off, he bent down and gave my now flaccid cock a good suck, and stated WE NEED TO DO THIS AGAIN.

95% (22/1)
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1 year ago
Wow... I drove by that place a couple days ago. Never been in NL but always wanted to. Let's go!
1 year ago
mmmm that was good
1 year ago
hot story babes, got me fuckin horny xx
1 year ago
Great story made me cum on my panties thanks
1 year ago
in my favorites now will send it to a "special" friend!
1 year ago
This is very hot, thanks for the re-telling!
1 year ago
wow, my cock is so hard right now..great story!!
1 year ago
wow!!!! that was super hot. i loved I hope u and mark play around again and again.
1 year ago
Great store, well written. Hope to hear more about Mark. ;-)