Trent is the coolest guy on my street. I was on my early p*****n years and he is almost in his bachelor years. We hardly talk, we only greet each other and that's it. I wasn't a shy person but Trent has this strong sort of coolness that oozes out from him that prevents me from talking to him normally.

Once, we were shortly talking when my older s****r teased and said, "Trent, you're my bestest friend ever!" And I also said, "Me too!" My s****r knowing that I have a huge crush on Trent, said, "Yeah like fuck buddies." That made me blushed and watched Trent laughed it off and I blushed more when he winked.

But our awkward situation all breaks when the day I was broken. I gotten in to trouble in school for something I didn't do and my parents won't believe that I didn't do it. Mad at them, I stormed out of the house and them yelling after me, but they didn't follow me.

I took a walk around my neighborhood and as soon as it's about to go dark and the streetlights are lighting up that I decided to head back home.

I was turning to my street when I heard footsteps approaching and I turned my head and saw Trent just coming back from his late afternoon runs. He is topless and in his jeans and boots and some sort of hoody wrapped around his waist. This is the 1st time I saw him w/o his shirt on and his glistening body from sweat and his broad shoulders, buffy chest, and that forming abs kinda gotten me off my trift for a sec. He approaches me and slowed down.

He greeted me and I greeted him back. But there was a sound of weakness, cracks and shaking from my voice that gave me away. Trent asked what was wrong and I began sobbing. He put his big strong arms around my shoulders and it was the most comforting feeling that kinda gotten to me ever.

"You can tell me all your troubles at my house," he said as we walked toward his house. I told him all about the things that happened earlier and he asked me how I feel about it, and that's when I replied with more tears and cry. I cried while sitting on his lap with my head resting on his bare shoulder. His smell and the touch of his skin from my cheek is unresistable. But it was comforting enough that I fell asl**p on him.

I woke up the next day on my own bed and a note on the table beside my bed. There was a key taped onto it and on the back of the note it said,

"You can come by to my house anytime you need/want. Do whatever. No questions asked."


It made my day that even though my parents who forgave me and offered that I am not grounded during my suspension from school. So that I could do whatever I normally do. Their faces brighten up when I mentioned Trent and they told me how he carried me home to my room. I was mortified at the part when he carried me all the way to my room. My messy room with all my dirty clothes everywhere even with my underwears visible on sights.

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