Whatever to School

P2 Sequel from 'Whatever'

So the day after my dad started making me go naked around the house and checking up my sweet spot to see if my hymen is still intact, that night I had a problem going to sl**p at all so it took me several hours that night to fall asl**p...and woke up late!
I woke up so late that I jumped out of bed and put on my big coat without wearing anything underneath it. Yea I'm going to school naked, not really. Because at the same time I grabbed my gym bag and stuffed in a shirt, a bra, and panties and shocks. I put on my boots and grabbed my wallet and bounce out of the house and took a bus to the train station.
The train was just about to leave when I gotten there so now it will be hard to find some empty seat.
And so for the next 30 minutes I was standing there with bunch of people feeling so hot and sweaty because I put on a coat in a hot day! Rofl!
And its a coat that reaches just about 3 inch above my knee and that my legs are bare that my high boots does not help but also make me sweat all over.
I was sweating so much I wasn't thinking properly that I ended up accidentally unbuttoning the first 3 buttons from my neck and flashed my breasts to people sitting in front of me for a second when I quickly realize that I'm naked underneath and quickly buttoned my coat again. Thankfully nobody notice for their are obligated and busy on their own.
But I did unbuttoned the part in my tummy and felt a cool air came in and cool that part of my body a little.
After about 20 minutes almost more than half of the passengers on the train got out once the train made it first stopped before my stop to school.
I quickly sat on one empty chair and waited for the train to start moving again that I quickly look around at my other fellow students obligated and busy on their own that I either took a chance or willingly dare and unbuttoned my coat and took it off of me. It felt good when I took off that damp sweaty coat. I also took off my boots and I felt much better then and put my stuff on the seat right next to me.
I kind of fell asl**p for like 5 minutes when the conductor woke me up to ask for my ticket. I put a hand in my pocket but realized that I was naked! I cursed and quickly look on an empty seat beside me and realize that all my things are gone!
Without caring about the people around me and me being exposed I started looking around bending over looking for my things. People were watching me and that I couldn't hear what the conductor is murmuring about for I was having a panic attack and couldn't focus so after regaining myself for after a few seconds...but I did not and loudly told the conductor my stuff is missing and he too began looking and asking the people around me for my stuffs.
The train stop on my stop and I began crying when the other students or passengers around me started leaving and some people from outside started boarding. And when everyone is not there that I realize and see that every seat is empty and that my stuffs couldn't be found.
So the conductor took off his hat and gave it to me, telling me to use it to cover my face or something and hid behind him as he led the way to the back of the train pass the passengers who were looking at me because I used the hat to cover my butt behind me since my boobies and sweet spot were covered hiding from the conductors back.
The back of the train is nothing but dark and an empty, small, warm space.
The conductor ask for his hat back and he handed me 2 small aprons and told me to pit on to cover both my back and front and he helped tied the apron on my back strings. He then wrote something on a small paper and gave it to me and made me get out of the train. He yelled for a nearby by standing security who came to us. The conductor explained the situation to the security by stander and I was motion to follow the security guy and the train behind me left. It all happens so fast that I thought the train would be on delay but it wasn't.
The security led me to a 2nd floor office with black windows that from the outside nothing can be seen in the inside.
We went inside and its actually pretty cool from the AC. I was told to sit on one of the chair and asked me if I would something to drink or eat and I said yes and he left.
A moment later he came back with a bag of food and a police officer beside him who told me to come with him. The security handed me the bag of food and I followed the officer. I'm getting nervous from all of this and that I should have listen to my dad.."If you woke up late, don't bother going to school."
The officer led me to his police car and open the passenger door and I went in.
We drove away from school in silence. The thin white aprons are sticking into my bare skin and its making me itchy and totally uncomfortable that I kept scratching all over myself and that my bare feet hurts that I been massaging my toes and heels.
We reach the police station and the officer open the passenger door for me since it can't be open from the inside. I followed him inside the station where there is not a lot of people nor officers inside. The officer sitting behind the front desk ask for my home phone number and my parent's cell phone number and work number. Then I was led to a really small private cell with nothing but a toilet and sink. Almost as small as the ones in the airplane and start thinking that this might be the restroom or something but then the door can't be open from the inside since there is no knob or anything to open it.
I put down the toilet lid and took off my back apron and lay it on top of the toilet lid and sat on it.

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3 months ago
What's next
2 years ago
what happened next????
3 years ago
very good part3?
3 years ago
Great story. I have to take the train more often