Huddersfield fun (true story)

I had been to the Huddersfield porno cinema all day. I was sucking and wanking around 30- 40 guys in there. The guys like watching porn and then going into the rpivate rooms with me. I would suck and wank and then let them finger my sweet arse for hours.

As i left the cinema for a break, I walked onot the street and wanted fresh cock. I was bored of the middle aged guys all wankers sweaty and filty from masturbating for hours to hardcore pornographic films.

I walked down the back street and saw a guy i recognised as the local d**g dealer in the area. He was on bike and was often out in the evenings whe the prostitutes were crb crawling in the industrial estate of hudderfield.

He looked at me and recognised me from the times I was in hiuddersfield and getting into trucks to have sex. He noticed my long shapely legs and fishnet tights. Kneee high boots and shirt pencil skirt. He saw my low cut top and size 8 figure and I could see he had a bulge in his joggers.

My eyes were full of black eyeliner and green shadows. I had thick eyeliner on and just primmed my eyebrows. My bambi brown eyes were too much for him-

He was thick young guy - not educated, rough looking, not tidy - on a bike, aged about 18 years old. He had led a life of crime and was always in troubel with the police.

He pulled down his joges for me. We had found a nice quite place in the bushes. He produced a large thick cock. It was one of the thickest I had seen. White and large head. It was a beatiful cock. The guy was ulgly but had big blue eyes. His cock was so lovely and thick. Clean - i munched on it - I then deep throated and he was happy for me to suck it for hours heheheheh

He spunked over my face and then pulled up his joggers and rode off on his bike again. heheheheh

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2 months ago
Went to Empire last week. Would love to meet you there some time xx
2 years ago
I'm from Huddersfield. Let me know when you want some cock
3 years ago
Thanks for the story Candi
3 years ago
Would love for you to suck my cock!
3 years ago
good story worth one jack off thanks