Trannie walks home after the club.

True story.

After visiting Sweet Wednesday Club in Kings Cross and the Trannie Shack I was walking to the train station. I had sucked around 40 cocks already. I had sucked 3 arses and also kissed around 10 balls. I was wasted and tired but looking for more.

I had a fishnet tights with suspenders. A pink v-neck halter neck top. My small perts boobs were showing through. I had strappy sandals and a brown boob cardigan on. I felt slutty and had my hair all out over my face. My eyes were amde up with dark eyeliner and glitter eye shadow. My cheeks were rouged and on my forehead glistened my bindi.

I walked over the Waterloo bridge, all nite guys were wanting to fuck me. as walked from the club all the men loooked with eager eyes to have theri cocks sucked. Men - str8, bi, curious and even top gays were looking for fun. I was being called and stared at by all the guys but i wanted a fresh nice guy to suck nd tease.

As i reached the other side I saw a nice young blonde short guy walking towards me. I asked him for a light. He was goodlooking, strong and muscular, he had cute eyes and a str8 attitude. I then asked him if i could walk with him as i was scared to walk alone. He was so happy that i would walk with him. He chatted about the fights that he had been in, then about the boxing that he did and then about how nice his girlfriend was.

I then told him what i had been doing all nite, he asked to also have fun. I then took him to a bushy area where i pulled down his trousers and saw a nice slim long cock. He was hairy and hung. I pulled on cock and it proudly began to throb with delight. The cock was very pleased at finding a tgal. The cock then began to leak - i was supprised and didnt want it to spit str8 away so i stopped and teased his balls. we talked a little more and he gave me soem beer. He mentioned how strange this was and that it was his first time with tgal. He was amazed at how nice it felt and that i looked like a gal and that he just thought i was gal so he could get hard. I then felt his bum - mmm nice and round and very juicy .- i asked to lick it so he bend over and had a half hour rimming session. I then kissed his nipples and wanked his hard solid cock.The guys then realised the amount of fun he was having and asked to have more beer and for us to chat in the bushes and sit down and enjoy ourselves. I then wanked and sucked him more - he cudnt hold the pleasure any longer - he burst the cock out - he moaned and released a great sigh - the moan was a loud relief of pleasure - he was amazed at the strenght of the orgasm and said it was the best he ever had.

He said he would not tell his mates or his gal about this but would remeber me when wanking off. heheheheheh
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3 years ago
Well Ritaboy you got me very hard will have to take care of that right now thanks for the story Candi
3 years ago
Hot fun!
3 years ago
much better this time i jackeofftwice thanks
3 years ago
You lucky slut.