True story

This is true.
One night after going to a tranny club, I got the last tube home. I was tired of dancing and sucking cocks in the toilets all nite. I was still horni but looking good.

My tube cariage got quiter and I found myself on zone 8 of the met line. I was on the outskirts of london and oit was dangerous for a tranny to be traveling on her own.

Then at Rickmansworth station young hooded boy got onto the carriage. He looked at me gave me a scowl look. He looked like the type to beat up a trannie. He then walked away and I heard him swear and look again in disgust at a tranny being on the tube late at nite.

He then walked towards me - i could see he was a big lad - hooded and with trainers - big hands and strong shoulders. He was around eighteen years old or even younger maybe.

He stood near me and started to look at my body. I am slin size 8. I was wearing fishnet tights with pixie boots. He started to stare at my slim legs - he was mesmorised at my shaven shapely legs and then began to look futher up. He was staring at my pencil skirt and then at my low pink top. I could see he was looking down my top and trying to figure out why i had small pert boobs. He then looked at my small pretty face. I looked away as i didnt want an argument or him to punch me.

He could see my big bambi eyes with lots of kohl and dark shadow lined on my eyes. My long lashes flattering and my big dark lips lined with dark plum lipstick. He then began to stare at my forehead - He looked and then came over to me and sat down. 'whats that on ur forehead' he said in a deep rough voice . My 'Bindi' i said. He was refering to the diamond stud placed on my forehead to show my caste mark.

I could see a bulge in his trousers, He was like a puppy dog now - He then said 'u ok babe?' . His voice changed - he was gentle with his words - he was like a boy wanting chocolate in a candy shop. He chatted with me a little. He was nice to me, he was like a pig in mud - he was eager for fun - even in the tube carriage - i said he wud anything with me - he said he would even become gay for me ! He thn said i was the most pretty Indian he ahd ever seen and that he didnt care that i was a tranny.

I then asked him show me his big bulge - he pulled down his joggers str8 away and there was a large white penis. It was a bold thick cock, with a large head and nice large ball. He was eager to have fun, but had never doen it before so was nervous as what to do. I then kissed his lips - he was emabarrassed as he then relased a large amount of hot steamy sperm from his penis.
We chatted more and then got off the train and walked togehter to a dark alleyway - there i checked his joggers again and he was hard again -

I then wanked him off, i placed the large penis into my mouth - he then shreked ' oh Jesus' i continued to suck him off. he then said whilst moaning ' oh this is so good but not right' .... he was about to cum but i stopped and kissed him more - i diddnt want him to cum so quick again , i wanted to enjoy his large thick penis in my mouth - i played with his hairy balls and he the started to play with my arse. Again i went down on him - he was not able to control himself - the cock was throbbing in my mouth and I felt a hot jioude release from his cock hole- I swallowed the cream into my mouth and then said goodbye to him - he then said that he was str8 but would happy to be with me !

91% (15/2)
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2 years ago
you are so lucky Rita to seduce men with you bambi eyes and beauty
3 years ago
It's always the youngones who can't control themselves but they can cum over and over again thanksfor the story Candi
3 years ago
mmmmm gr8 story....x
3 years ago
You are a hot cock slut! Awesome!
3 years ago
interesting story