Tranny walks around soho late at night. (true)

After going to Trannyshack and dancing the night away i left the club at 2am. I was drunnk as guys had bought me drinks all night. A few guys had sat next to me and made me feel their cocks - all were nice and hung lads.
The guys liked my long legs shaven with fishnets - black court shoes and and painted nails. I was wearing a short black skirt and low cut top. Long dangling earings and long dark hair. I was made up with smokey eyes - dark plum lipstick and lots of rouge. My lashes were thick with mascara and on my forehead a diamond bindi was placed. My nails painted with glitter and a had a little clutch bag that carried: poppers, lube, condoms and lip-gloss.

I left the club wanting more cocks, but guys that i cud meet by chance. As i left a rickshaw caught my eyes. I jumoped on his rickshaw and he took me to a park, we jumped oiver the fence and he pulled out his 10" cock. he was foriegn and hung. He spoke little English and was horny for sucks. He shot his cum then took me back to soho. I was driven around for free and enjoyed my rickshaw ride. Next a black d**g dealer came to me and said ' fuck you tranny' . I turned away as he seemed the type to punch me in the face. As i left the alleyway I saw a two Romanian guys they bioth said they wanted me and took tunrs to watch out as i wanked and sucked them in the alleyway. I then headed into town and saw the same black guy - he came to me and said if i wanted d**gs - i said no- then he said i cud suck his cock as much i wanted. He pulled out a 9" thick black cock. I sucked for less than a minute and he cums all doen my mouth. I then walk for 3 minutes and aniother guys come up to me - white young guy - i go with behind soemshops and he pulls out a 7" thin cock. Again i suck him - he gives me ten pound. I keep sucking guys until i get 40 quid.

i then get scared as police are comign in cars around the place. I turnt o walk away and i see a young tall hooded guy. He was ugly - fat lip from fighting and a heavy brow. he chatted and then took me to a quite place. His cock was 7" fat and ugly. He was so happy to get a tranny. But he cydnt last long and came in ten minutes. I was tired by then .

Guys kept comign over to me until i got to the bus stop. All the guys stared at me on the bus and i was still being approached om the way home.

This is just one of many nights i have. - All true.!!!!
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2 years ago
i fukin' know how it can go... had plenty of nights like that myself!
2 years ago
No wonder, with that beautiful face, you can suck me aaaalll night! :)
2 years ago
I envy you.