Cute Cousin [Request Story]

I was 16 when I last saw Alyse, she used to be my favorite cousin. When ever we would meet up with the whole f****y she would slightly flirt with me. I saw nothing wrong in that, I kinda liked it. We would go out and have fun, she drank a lot, she would drink and get all wired, but in a good way.
Years passed and I didnt see her for about 5 years, we still talked online and on the phone but after she moved out of the state we couldnt see each other so much. One day I got a call from her..
"Hi cuz, how are ya?"
"Ay, I am fine how about you?" I replied
"I am great, do you know what Sunday is? If you dont know you will die." she said laughing
"Huh? I dont know."
"You are so stupid, how could you forget my birthday? I will be legally watching porn after Sunday!" she said
"Calm down Aly, I know what it is, how could I forget" I said laughing
"So your coming right? Pleeeeeeeaaaassssseee?"
"Wouldn’t miss it for the world."
"Aww your so sweet, thats why you are my favorite cousin, also dont forget to bring me a present." she said
"Sure, you lucky you said that I am the favorite one, I wouldnt bring you anything otherwise" I said
"Okaaay, Ill need to go now, Ill see you than"
"Aight bye"

Time passed and I was on the road to the birthday party of Aly. I couldn’t wait to see her. I bet she has gotten even cuter than two years ago…

When I got there the whole f****y was there, I went with my dad only as mom was working so she had to stay at home. Aly was in town buying some drinks for tonight so I was in the hell of f****y reunions. You know how it is “may , may you have grown” , ” what a pretty boy, I bet the girls go crazy about you” , and the usual stuff.
After a hour I excused my self and went into the guest room to take a nap, traveling always makes me sl**py. I felt asl**p pretty fast. Suddenly I felt some weight over me. As I opened my eyes Aly was above me.
"So you are finally awake, is this really how you great your favorite cousin, I hope you’ll got a amazing gift for me or you won’t be the favorite anymore" she said smiling
She was cuter than two years ago, more mature, but her breast still didnt grow , also she is still small, but thats what I liked about her.
"Sorry, you know how I am after a ride and mental terror from the f****y"
"Dont be rude you know they all love you."
"I know, the love me to death..literary"
"You are stupid as always"
"Did you shrink, I think you were taller two years ago"
"Shut up, I am going to prepare things for the party tomorrow if you need me I’ll be in the basement"
"Ok I drop by after my energy is up"
"By the way dont forget to take out your phone out of your pocket, its not good to sl**p with it in you’ll get a mark on your leg"
Thats when I realized I had a huge boner, I must’ve dreamed something naughty…
"Emm, yeah I wont forget it" I turned around fast dropping her off me "so sl**py , cya in a hour or two"
"So rude, you are so rude, I almost felt off the bed, if i had a bruise I would kill you"
"Yeah yeah go away"
She got a bit angry and hit me with a pillow, I laughed it off as she went to the basement. After a 30 min nap I went down to join her. As I entered the basement she was bending over trying to reach a box under the table. She had yoga pants on and I could see the outline of her panties, I stopped for a moment, she must’ve noticed my stare as she turned around and looked at me.
"Dont stand there come and help me! You are stronger than me."
"What should I do?" I asked
"Help me to get this box out, it has some bottles of whiskey."
"Ok" I got down on my knees near her and pulled out the box. It was a bit heavier than I though.
"Have you finished everything?" I asked
"Yeah, everything is ready…wanna play some games, the console is plugged in and ready." she asked
"Eh, I dont know…"
"Why not, common we’ll make it interesting with a bet. Losers have to drink some of this" She was pointing at the bottle of whiskey.
"Ok, but why do you want to drink it all alone?" I asked laughing
"Oh you think you can beat me, well see about that." She jumped and grabbed the controllers as I turned on the tv.
We started playing Mortal Kombat , and to my surprise I lost 3 in a row. Well I am no sore loser so I started drinking. After those 3 loses I started a winning spree, it ended on 10. After she finished the the amount we decided for every lose , she was d***k, and I mean really d***k. Still standing and everything but she started to speak of crazy stuff…

"Oh, this ruiden guy is horrible, what good is to control the rain and he cant even make it rain." she said
"He controls the thunder not the rain, he is the god of thunder, how many times do I need to explain you that."
"Hundreds of times until I get it right, oh I am bored…Oh I know I make you red."
"You make me what?"
"Because I am bored"
"Thats no valid reason to do…what are you going to do again?"
"Make you red"
"I dont even know what that means"
"Ill make you red, like color of the tomato"
"Because I am bored"
"What if I Dont want to"
"You have no other option, its ether that or death"
"You cant kill me"
"I am Aly god of clouds I can do whatever I want"
"Geez you d***k"
"No you are..anyhow, you know what I told you about the phone.." she pushed me down on the floor and got over me.
"What are you doing? Aly you are d***k get off of me?"
"But I dont want to , hihi, I want to see your phone from the time you were sl**ping, I mean it wasnt your phone now was it.."
"What, Aly we are related."
"Uh I can feel something , is your phone growing hehe"
She said that and grabbed my dick.
"Aly stop it what are you doing!" I pushed her off
"Playing hard to get , we’ll see about that" she jumped back on me and kissed me. I didnt know what to do. I enjoyed it and in the same time I was shocked, we we’re related after all.
"This is so wrong , we cant do this Aly!" I told her pushing her away again, as I looked down I had a huge boner, oh god why do you hate me, I thought to myself.
"Oh we can." She said and pulled my pants down, I was frozen as she reached and grabbed my dick. She started gently to stroke it and get closer with her mouth to it.
"You know I was so horny after I saw your phone on the table, I got down here and started to please myself, I came so fast just thinking about this tool. I wanted to do so many things with it , and now I got the chance to." as she finished she took my dick into her mouth and started to suck it. It was amazing, with only a few strokes I was so close to cumming but I f***ed myself not to as I wanted to be inside her.
"Oh aly you are so good. Dont stop." I said and started to undress her.When I took her top off she wasnt wearing any bra and her perky tits were like a gift sent from heaven. I pushed her to the said and took of her pants and panties. The panties were already wet from her fun time before I came, and her pussy smelled wonderful. As soon as she was naked I went straight for her pussy. I started to lick her like crazy, no foreplay was need as she came once, and I know I could make her cum more and more. In matter of minutes she came all over my tongue. I licked her clean and went up to her and kissed her. Our genitals rubbed one on another . I positioned myself on her entrance and slowly pushed it in.
"Oh god you are bigger than my boyfriend" she screamed out
"Hehe I always knew you were a little slut" i said pushing it deeper
"Oh yeah i am a slut, push it in faster, I want it so bad"
As I heard that I pushed it in until my balls hit her. She moaned laud, I was afraid that someone would hear us but I didnt care, I started to pound her faster and faster. I knew I would cum soon, I was way to horny to be able to resist to much.
"I am cumming, where do you want it"
"Cum over me please, I want your hot cum all over my body" she said
As I heard that I started moving even faster. She loved it, her face was filled with joy as my dick was going in and out of her wet pussy. She soon came again, I than pulled it out she got up and started to stroke me. In a matter of seconds I came all over her perky tits.
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