Birthday sex

The story of Lucy began at her 19th birthday, the greatest day of her still young sex life.

Lucy was one of those uptight, religious girls that thought of themself as angels or pure things. But this little angle has a little devil inside of her. It happened when she was 18, a month after her birthday when she meet Peter, her boyfriend who popped her cherry after 6 months being together. They would have sex about 2 or 3 times a month or even less as she was really considering it to be a sin. It would take Peter a lot of time to convince her to sl**p with him, but it was always worth it. Under that sweeter and that long skirt was a dream body, big round boobs and a cute little ass. Lucy loved to have sex but was to afraid because of her religion. But she wanted to do something special for her boyfriend at her 19th birthday. On her special day, her grandma got a bit sick so her parents had to go and take care of her. They left her the house and told her the usual, not to throw a party or invite any boys. But that didnt stop Lucy to do those things. As soon as her parents left , she invited Peter over. She wanted to give him a present for her birthday, she would let him eat her out and she would later return the favor. But since she never done such thing, she got a bit scared. She didnt know what to do, until she saw the bottles of alcohol that her father collected and d***k from time to time. She took one of the bottles out and just took a few sips straight out of the bottle. She had a drink or two before but this one was to much for her. She got tipsy and started to feel more open. She heard someone at the door. All excited she got up and opened the door. Expecting to see her boyfriend, she jumped into the guys arms not even looking. The problem was it wasnt Peter.

"Aghhh, who are ymhm?" she tryied to ask as one of the guys stuck something in her mouth while the other two were holding her hands. He duck taped her mouth and her hands behind her back.

"My, my , I am also glad to see you, whats that smell?" the guy who taped her leans down to her and kisses her on the taped mouth
"Did you drink something little angel huh? What a naughty girl you need to be punished." all of them started laughing and carried her into the house. Lucy was shocked, she didnt know what those guys wanted but she believed that they were just some robbers.
"She is fine boss, can I have some fun with her?" one of the guys asked, Lucy started to scream, but was helpless , her eyes got wider, she was scared, the guys were big and muscular, what could she do against them , what if Peter comes and they do bad things to him too, she asked herself.
"I want some part of her too, but for now lets look for some paper." said the second guy
"Ok but than Ill fuck her"
"Yeah , yeah, we’ll fuck her" said the first guy and they all took off and searched the house. Lucy was crying, she was scared to death by those man, she hoped that someone has seen her and that they would come and help her, but no one would hear her.She was put on a chair and she couldnt move away from there, she was taped to it. After some time the robbers return with all the things they collected, they put it aside and start to fondle Lucy.
"Oh you dont need to cry, spare those tears of joy when we really start going it on" said the first guy and started to strip her down. They took down her pants and ripped off her panties and shirt, after that they removed the bra, revealing her big firm breasts.
"Lets see what we got here" Said the 3rd guy as he started to rub her pussy. The 2nd guy got over her head, she could see he was huge under his old pants, she knew she was going to be ****d now for sure.
After some time of rubbing her the 3rd guy put a finger inside of her pussy, she tried to scream but no sound could come out. The 2nd guy pulled out his big tool ad started to hit her on the face with it.
"Have you ever played with big girl toys ? You did dint you? What a little slut you are, and we all thought you were a angel, didnt we guys?" said the 2nd guy while the others just nodded and grinned.
He started to finger fuck her harder and harder, Lucy started to get wet, she was scared but she started to like having a finger inside of her tight little pussy. She loved sex but religion always stopped her for having fun.
But this shouldnt feel so good, she said to herself. She let out a moan, her face turned red instantly , she hated her self in that moment. How could she enjoy being used like that. How could she!? But that finger going in and out of her was making her feel so good. Soon she felt another finger going in inside of her and than another. It was painful but also good at the same time, she let out another moan as she was filed by 3 fingers in her pussy. A hand was moving beneath her, she looked behind and saw her butt being spread as she was lifted in the air. She started to scream and to fight back , only to get slapped in the face by the 1st guy.
"Dont be a bitch, do you want to day" he said
She stopped , she let herself go, she thought that there is someone who saw her getting taped and that the police was on their way. she thought she would just do what they say and be saved soon. She was now standing straight 3 fingers in her pussy going in and out. She felt her cheeks spreading again, she tried to tense her butt muscles only to get slapped again in the face and on her pussy. She gave in as a finger slid in into her ass and as she felt huge pain from it. 1st guy moved into a nice position and took his pants off, now his dick was in her hands. He leaned down to her ear and whispered
"Jerk me off you slut"
She hesitated for a moment but as he raised his palm she started jerking him. He was thick but not to long , he was similar to her boyfriend. She closed her eyes and thought of him and that how this is his dick and not some strangers. She thought about Peter to much as she started to cum . Her face got even redder , but she felt so good for some reason. The fingers got out of her and the guys took her up and brought her to her parents bedroom. They spread her legs and tied her down so that she couldnt move. The 1st guy got over her and ripped off her tape and took out the piece of cloth that was in her mouth. She wanted to scream but his tick dick was already in her mouth.
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