The Professor 3

She turned around put a pillow under her…she didn’t even position herself good as I spanked her young and firm ass. It instantly turned red, a mark of my palm was left on her right cheek, and it made me even more excited.
"Oh..that was.."
I didnt let her say it , I jut hit her left cheek
"Ahhh professor"
"Hard enough?"
I hit her again and got over her .
"Are you ready for some fun? "
"Oh yes give it to me Professor, I cant take it anymore."
I spread her ass and pushed it inside of her until my balls touched her ass.
I didn’t hold myself I started fucking her hard right away.
Spanking her from time to time as my dick was going in and out of her wet young pussy.
"Is this hard enough missy?"
"Oh yess…professor , please ,p-p-please destroy me…I am so cl-l-l-Ahhhhhhh"
She came hard, I could feel her juices flow all over as I didn’t top fucking her. I was out on a mission and the mission was to destroy her tight pussy.
"Ohh, ahhhhh this is so good , it hurts but its so good, please don’t stop." she begged me, and of course I listened to her cravings for my dick. It was amazing, the feeling of her tight slippery pussy around my dick, the sound it made as I slammed it in with all my might, our bodies colliding making a slapping sound, her head movements giving away her enjoyment.
I was getting closer as I felt her getting tighter. I slapped her ass and grabbed her by the hair .

"Whats up with this princess you are ready to cum again?"
"Yes professor, I am close again, please , make me cum, make your little slut cum."
"Well than I will give you something you won’t forget so easily."
I was close to, but I didn’t want to cum inside of her pussy.
A few more slaps at her ass and she started to scream from pleasure.
She came again, I pushed it all way in and stood there for a bit . I pulled it out and turned her around.
"Here comes your gift, for being such a good student. Open wide."
She listened and opened her mouth as I pushed my dick inside of her.
"Jerk me off princess."
As I said that she took my dick in her hands and started to jerk it off. I didn’t pull it out of her mouth. Under me I felt her hand sliding down to her pussy. I slapped her pussy gently , she jumped up and choked on my dick. I pushed her back and started to play with her pussy as she was jerking me off.
"Oh your mouth is so good, Ill come soon." as I said that I felt her other hand again at her pussy. I removed mine and got in a better position over her so I would shoot my load down her throat.
With a few more jerks I came , filling her mouth up, I could feel her breath , she started to breath heavier , she was cumming again. I pulled it out so that some cum landed on her lip and face. She was jerking me off and sucking every last drop off it as she masturbated herself. She came soon after, her face covered with cum, her mouth tasting like dick and her hands filled with pussy juice.
"Let’s see how you will walk tomorrow." I Said kissing her forehead and getting up. I went to the shower leaving my little honor student in the bed exhausted….To be continued
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