The Professor 2

The day ended and the weekend came. I couldnt keep my mind off her. That sex, the excitement of doing it in the classroom with one of my students, thats a image I cant get out of my head, man I cant wait until Monday. I finished my work for the weekend and rested those two days.
Monday came and I had class with her again. I wasn’t focused at all, I was playing with my pen. Suddenly it slipped away and it flew away. It was now near her desk, she got up and bended over flashing me. I thought I would lose my mind right than. She took the pen and brought it to .

"Thank you, Miss Alvarez."
She just smiled at me and went back to her seat. The class than went on as usually, I tried to focus on teaching the class but I could feel that she was watching me, when I would look at her she would bit her lips or lick them.
The bell rang and I was getting calmer, but I had to punish her for this.
"Miss Alvarez may I have a word with you in private."
"Sure, Ill catch up with you guys in a sec."
She waved at her friends.
I took out a paper and acted as if I would write something down as she came closer to my desk.
"Now miss Alvarez, do you.."
"Yes professor."
"Do you see what I wrote here on this paper?"
"But there is nothing on it."
"Band over a bit more to see it clearly."
"What I cant see anything!"
She bent over far enough her ass was out of her skirt, she rolls her eyes while her breast jiggle as she bends. I slapped her ass.
She let out a moan. I grab her face and turn it towards me.
"Thats your punishment for making me hard during class."
Her eyes widen in shock
"Hey its not my fault…"she says"No its my fault for not fucking you hard enough last time isnt it?"
"It is, but don’t deny that you can’t get the sound of my moans out of your head"
"How could I forget, and I do not want to. Thats why I will make you moan harder, but not here and not now, you still have a classes. I hope your parents told you about the tutoring I will give you tonight." I write on a paper my adress and give it to you
”Be there at 6pm, you need to learn a lot.” I grab her ass, and slide my fingers over her pussy
She cries out
"P-please let me stay here my next class is philosophy and I can miss it"
"That’s about how much you get for now…later you’re going to get the full package, let me see how you will handle it."
"You are mean, but I cant wait to come by you tonight."
The school day was over and I thought about watching some tv.
At about 5:30 I hear the door bell. Did she come this early?
I open the door.
"Hi teacher."
"Hi where are your parents? Did they bring you here?"
"No I drove myself, can I come in?"
"Sure make yourself at home."
She took her boots down, she was still wearing the girls uniform’s we a bit more eye catching. The fitted blue button down shit showed off her cleavage nicely, along with that blue plaid tie. I got a instant hard on.
"Um, do you want to drink something?" I asked as she sits in the living room.
"Just water" she replies
I bring her a glass of water and sit next to her, as she start drinking I start kissing her neck. My hand hoovering over her knee, she puts the glass on the table as my kisses trail down her neck.
"You made me think a lot about you, I couldn’t concentrate on my work and Ill need to punish you for that, so how do you want to be punished?"
"What about you! As soon as I came home I played for myself for two whole hours"
She runs her fingers down my biceps
"I like the dark, I like to make them light up, my are black as the night, but if you look deep enough into them you will see the stars. You will have a orgasmic feeling if you do so." I say looking at her with a smile.

"Thats good than, thats what you are supposed to do. At least I know I you dont need any foreplay" i put my hand under her skirt on herr pussy "Yeah you dont need any foreplay"
"No, I always need foreplay" she says whining
She jumps on my lap and starts to kiss my neck, I start playing with her curly hair and return the favor.
She softly moans in my ear
"What is it little one?"
She looks into my eyes
"My body has been calling you for a while.."
I grab her ass and squeze it tight. I look into her eyes and kiss her. She tries to take off my shirt but I slap her hands away.
"Don’t be so hasty, you said you wanted foreplay and Ill give you foreplay."
Her eyes grow wider
"Give it to me please. I cant take it anymore!"
I french kiss her and she returns it, kissing wildly like we never kissed before. My hands playing with her whole body. I break the kiss.
"Would I get a A for this?" I ask
"Not yet" she says with a evil grin on her face
"I love your eyes, the look that you have right now, its just magical."
"B-but why?" "THey’re just dark brown so dark almost black"
I close my eyes and kiss her while I slide my fingers over her arms, I can feel her body shiver.
She curl her body against mine “That was beautiful….”
I roll her over, she tries again to take off my shirt by I stop her.
"I aint done playing with you yet." I say smiling at her
I kiss her and start to strip her. Her shirt slides to the ground revealing a black lacy bra, I bite her lip gently as I take down her bra. She is now left with a school girl skirt knee socks and a thong.
"Let me see how you would earn a A+" I say smiling at her
She giggles and takes off my shirt, she start to kiss my sculpted chest going down. She takes down my pants and pulls my boxers with her teeth down. My dick pops out almost hitting her.
I grab her hair and pull you up to kiss you, but she slaps it away.
”Oh we are biting are we?”
She gets back down and starts to lick the area around my balls. I raise my head and give out a moan. She gently licks my balls and takes them in her mouth. She starts to suck on them as I grab the sheet trying not to explode.
"Oh thats so good please dont stop."
She goes up a bit and slides the head in her mouth. My mind is going crazy, my dick gets as hard as it can. Its almost 8 inches.She then starts sucking on my dick, bobing my head back and forth, while massaging my balls.
"Thats an A++ work you are doing down there."
"Your lips feel great on my dick" I moan out as she takes it out of her mouth smiles at me and than spits on it and starts sucking it again.
"I should’ve get you some private tutoring long time ago, don’t you agree?"
"Yes, sir" she say as she sucks harder
"mmm you can call me professor,uh, if you mmmm want to "
”Proffesor…..” she moan as she takes me deep inside of her throat. She somehow manages to take it all in.
” I never seen anyone take my whole dick in, most of them would’t be able to take half of it in”
"I can barely do it professor…"
She runs her tongue over my tip
"Mmm get to the side its my turn to play with you."
She rolls around and takes off her skirt. I get over her and start kiss her neck. Going down kissing her beautiful breast and nibbling on her nips making them hard. I go down write my name with my tongue on her tummy, going further down and start to lick around her pussy.
"Take them off , take them off I want to feel you on my skin." She said
"Not yet."
I bit her gently and press with my tongue on her pussy. She starts to moan and throws her head back.
I take her panties off the same way she took off mine.
I licked her once from top to bottom. She started to play with my hair, her hands went further down scratching my back as I would lick her pussy faster and faster. Moving it in circles, than left to right than up and down, hearing her moan made me go even faster.
"Uh I am cumming."
I heard her moan and started to lick her pussy the fastest I could. She came all over my tongue. I put my tongue into her hole to taste more of her pussy juice. I got over her and started to kiss her as our genitals rubbed on each other. She started to scratch me all over the back and arms as I grabbed my dick and rubbed it on her pussy.
She moaned
"Put it in now please."
I put only the tip in to tease her and took it out than back in and repeated a few times.
"I want the whole thing in" She moaned
I pushed it in until my balls hit her vagina. She screamed out.
I started to slow fuck her
"How do you want it soft or hard?"
I didnt wait for the answer.
"I know what you like."
I started fucking harder. She loved it she started to kiss me and bite my lips while holding onto me tight. She thrust back as I fuck her. She starts to suck on my tongue and I can feel her pussy getting tighter.
"Cum for me."
"OH professor yes, fuck me harder, fuck me!" she moans out
"I am cumming OH GOD I AM CUMMING."
I can feel her pussy getting wetter as she came. I slid in my dick to the balls in her and just kissed her while her body was shaking.
I roll over still hard.
"Turn around and put a pillow under you."
"Want to turn around or get up on me, missy ?"
"Well it depends, will I get spanked hard?"
"As hard as you want."

To be continued
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