The Professor

It was just another school day for Jany, a normal high school senior, she was sitting in class like the rest of her classmates and daydreaming about many things. But unlike her classmates she didnt daydream about the seaside or about the fun time being not in school, her dreams were very very naughty, sex was constantly on her mind. But she didnt like the boys that were her age, they couldnt make her cum, she tried a few of them but they were just not good enough. As she was daydreaming about a wonderful night with a good looking guy, the bell rang and class was about to start. Mrs. Shelbey should come in any minute. The door opens but instead of the usual teacher getting in and starting the class, a tall male teacher enters.

“Good morning class, I am Mr.Sebastian and I will be covering Mrs.Shelbey’s class until she returns, if you are wondering what happened, well she just had some things to sort out with her f****y thats how much I know, anyhow could someone tell me on what page you are so I know from where to continue?You may or may not have seen me in when you were told about the universities of our city. I am a professor in the University of Biology if anyone has any interests in that I am glad to help them out by answering their questions.” he said as he was writing his name on the board.Jany couldnt believe her eyes, there he was, a tall older guy, probably in his mid 20 teaching her about biology, more specific anatomy. She couldnt keep her eyes of him, he was wearing skinny jeans and a nice black shirt, most of the girls in the class started to smile and talk to her best friend about his good looks. He was tall, probably 6’6” and you could see there was something suppressed down there, or at least thats what Jany first noticed. He began teaching while Jany was biting her lips daydreaming about this professor fucking her brains out. She couldnt wait to get home and just be in her room with her nice toy. The classes flew by in no time as she was imaging every possible scene of sex with the new professor, She sat in the middle of the bus with her best friend, Mandy. Both talked about how they now have a cute new professor who was just amazing. Jany got really wet in the bus sharing with her best friend what she would do to the professor. She couldnt contain her self and started playing a bit with her pussy. As she reached down she could feel her panties being really wet.

The bus ride reached her home and she parted ways with her best friend. As soon as she got home she got into her room, locked the door and jumped in bed. She started rubbing her wet pussy over her panties as she couldnt wait no more. All day having her wet cunt site and those daydreams, she used any chance she got to rub her on something when people werent looking, but now she is at home and can do all the things she wants to. She turned around and put herself in the doggy position she adored. She fingered her self slowly moaning
“Ahh, Mr. Sebastian take me now”
After some times she removed her panties and took a nice pink vibrator from under her bed, she licked it a few times while she was getting her pussy ready, pushing two fingers inside of her. She took the vibrator in her mouth and than , pulling out her fingers, put it in her pussy on a medium speed. She left it deep inside of her and started to spank herself. She loved to be hear the sound of spanking, and she wanted it so bad to be the hand of the professor and not her own. But it didnt matter, she was so wet her imagination was all she needed. The vibrator kept sliding out as because of her wetness, she would push it back in and spank herself. It didnt take long and she started moaning harder, getting closer to an orgasm.
“Yes professor, cum in me , fill me up, I am going to ahhhh” she said as she let out a big moan from cumming. She laid there for sometime and she didnt move. The vibrator slid out on his own and she was just enjoying the effect of her orgasm. After about ten minutes she got up changed her cloths and went on with her standard life.
The day passed and another one came. Biology was again on the schedule and she couldnt wait to see the professor again.
He entered the room, dressed really sexy, making her instantly wet, but she had to hide her emotions. He looked at her straight as he was sitting down and she started blushing. It was a long class. Jany was now only looking on her notebook, only a few times looking up, she was horny but also ashamed of it. The bell rang and she thought to herself
“Oh thanks god”
“A Jany could you stay after class, I would like to talk to you” said the professor
“S-s-sure” she answered blushing even harder
The classes were over and Jany went to the class where she should meet with the professor. She knocked on the door, her legs were shaking. She talked it over with Mandy, she had a chance to be alone with this hot teacher.
“Come in” he said
“You wanted to talk to me Mr.Sebastian” she said
“Aw yes Jany sit down, please. I have noticed that you have the best grade of the whole class in biology so I wanted to talk with you about your future. Maybe help you out with deciding what college to go to. Did you think about that?” he asked
“Well no, I mean I like biology, mostly anatomy, that really fascinates me.” She said and looked at him, she again blushed, in her head there were those images of the person standing in front of her naked. She was feeling so horny suddenly and tried to keep her eyes off of him. He stood up and pulled a stool closer to her.
“Thats interesting , are you interested in more the medical part or how it all works” he asked sitting down with his legs spread.
Jany looked to him and looked down, she wanted it, but how could she do that with him.
“T-t-the working part, I think, maybe” she answered while her mind was more and more absent concentrating on his groin. She wasnt thinking about biology anymore, she wasnt ashamed anymore, she only had one thing in mind. His dick inside of her.
“What if I just go for it?” she thought to herself as he was talking something about college and anatomy. She didnt care much about that. So she just went down to her knees in front of him. He jumped
“Jany, what the fuck are you doing????”
“I need it professor, please let me see how your private parts work” she said grabbing his dick. He pulled away but it was clear that he liked that.
“So thats your true calling huh? You are a naughty student arent you Jany?” he said
“Yes very naughty, may I please see how your dick at work?”
He slapped her across the face and pulled her up by the hair,
“Not until you are punished.”
He bent her over the desk and spanked her over her tight jeans. She was a 5’4” brunette with long curly hair and a nice big and round ass. Her tits were medium but the shirt she wore made them look even bigger and rounder. She moaned every time he hit her.
“Spank me harder professor, I was very naughty I want to learn my lesson” she moaned out.
He pulled her up and started kissing her on her neck, he hugged her from behind, she could feel his big dick rubbing against her ass. He unbuttoned her jeans and pulled her down. She had a big wet stain on her pink panties you could clearly see that she was wet and ready to be fucked. He bent her over again and started to spank her naked butt.
She moaned even harder now, with some slaps he also hit her pussy making her even wetter. He than turned her around, she knew what she had to do, she kissed him and started to unbuckle him. As soon as the belt was off she got on her knees , unbuttoning and unzipping the jeans, and pulling out of his boxer a monster that hit her right in the face. She never had one that big, it was almost 8 inches long and she wanted it inside of her. She started taking it in her mouth and playing with his balls and it got even harder. She loved the feeling of a dick growing in your mouth.
“Oh” he moaned “Get back on the desk, I want to finish this before someone catches us” she jumped up fast and pulled down her panties. He got behind her and started pushing his dick in her wet pussy. He got a few inches in from the start as she was just so wet that he slid in really fast. Every time he pulled it out he put more in until he was balls deep in her. He started fucking her hard, spanking her butt hard. She moaned and soon came all over his dick. The spanking and a 8 incher made her cum harder than any toy she ever used. He then pulled it out and turned her around. She got on her knees and started sucking him, it wasnt long until he came into her mouth, the blast was so strong, and it was so much that she couldnt swallow it all. She tried but had to pull back and let some blast in her face and on her shirt. She licked him clean and licked all the sperm she had on her cloths and her face. She than got up and tried to kiss him. He stopped her and said:
“How was the lesson?”
“It was wonderful professor, I learned so much, thank you” she said.
They kissed and then both left the room. She went home alone, with some cum stains on her shirt. She couldnt wait to get back to school tomorrow.

To be continued
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