oh Mommy

You know what they say that no one can replace your mother. And it might be true, as long as I have been playing with myself and had sex, I have been imagining my mother. She is now 45 but she can still turn heads, and does she turn mine. I know its a big taboo but I cant keep myself from thinking about her. I usually wait for her to leave for her job to sneak into the bathroom and take her panties to pleasure myself. I had sex, I am not a virgin anymore, but none of the girls I had could compare to my mother. Her body her face, everything about her just makes me horny .
On a Monday , when she left I rushed into the bathroom to start my daily treatment. She had worn her purple panties, which were filled with the smell of my mothers pussy. I loved it, I took it with me in my room and put some music on to enjoy myself. I sniffed them while I was slowly stroking my dick. When I was about to cum in my hand , the door to my room opened.It was my mother…
“Jack did you see my…oh my god what are you doing!”
“Jack what in the name, what are you doing with my panties!? What are you doing with them on your face!?”
“Mom its not what it looks like.”
“Oh you , you naughty naughty boy, I think I will have to take a day off today…”
She closed the door behind her.
“Mom I am sorry, its not like that.”
My dick was softened already from the shock..
“Dont worry I know how it is…let me show you what mommy can do for you to help you.”
She grabbed my dick and started to stroke it slowly.

“Mom what are you doing, this is wrong.”
“No son, the thing you did before is wrong, this is natural.”
“But mom” I tryed to push her away.
“And I thought you want this, you do dont you?”
“No buts, you want it dont you”
“Yes mom, yes I do”
I could feel my dick growing harder as she leaned in to kiss me. As our lips locked my dick went from soft to harder than stone in seconds.
I couldnt believe my mom was kissing and playing with my dick. This must be a dream.
“Now baby, just let mommy do her thing and dont you worry about anything okay?”
“Ok mom”
She took my pants pulled my shirt up and started kissing me on my chest. The feeling was devine , I knew I was doing something bad but I couldnt help it. She went further down until felt the head of my dick touching her breast , than her neck and finally she kissed it. She than started to take it in her mouth everytime deeper and deeper. While stroking me gently with one hand she would put the other hand on my chest and play with my nipples.
She than removed her mouth from my dick and started to take down her blouse and bra revealing her nice big tits. She looked at me and slowly rubbed her tits against my dick. It was mind blowing, thousand times better than I’ve could ever imagine. She than started to suck me off as he tits were still on my dick. I couldnt take it much. After a few strokes

“Oh mom you are so good I am going to cummmm”
“YEs babby fill your mothers mouth up, cover her tits, show me how much you have grown.”
I started cumming , waves of cum sprayed all over her face, tits and inside of her mouth.
“Oh my if I knew you wanted it this bad I would’ve done this sooner. Mmmm it taste so good all in my mouth…You were a good boy today, but mommy has to go to work, so how about you get ready for me tonight when I get home” she said while cleaning the cum of her tits with her fingers and than putting that finger in her mouth.
“Ahh…yes…yes mommy I will be a good boy”
That was all I could say, I passed out on the bed as she went to work.

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2 months ago
my god man I WANT THAT TO I dream about it every day
6 months ago
It was a request story , I am glad you enjoyed it :D
6 months ago
Nice mommy
6 months ago
Wow,,very good imagination,,,
6 months ago
What a lovely mommy, I bet he got his cock inside her cunt, when she came home from Work.