Husband Gives His Wife Away

My husband Robert and I had been married for almost three years when we decided to start a f****y. I visited my doctor, stopped taking the pill, began a regimen of vitamins and exercise in preparation for the next stage of my life -- being a mother. I really enjoyed my career, but in my heart I knew it was time, time to start a f****y. I'll admit I was a bit reluctant and when I had been free of the possible side effects of the birth control pill I delayed making love to Robert for one, then two, then three weeks. On the fourth week of fertility I had to go out of town for a business trip and while I didn't enjoy travel, the excuse made the trip almost enjoyable. By the end of my trip I had decided to tell Robert I wasn't ready, I needed another year.

Of course Robert was really excited about having a baby and I was sure the news was going to be hard for him to take. Nevertheless I resigned myself to telling him as soon as I got home.

Something was different when I got home. Robert was quiet, almost sullen as I queried him about his week. He could barely look at me in the eyes so I decided to delay the conversation about the baby. Robert told me that he had gone to Mike's party on Friday. Mike had invited us over for dinner, but I had to cancel when my trip came up. Mike had insisted that Robert go despite my absence. I later learned that Mike had planned to seduce me at the dinner party, but when I had backed out he changed his plan and decided to hire someone to seduce Robert. Mike found the perfect prostitute to play the role of his girlfriend. The wine flowed freely and a little GHB found its way into Robert's last glass of wine. When Robert awoke his partially erect penis was inside of Mike's 'girlfriend'. Her nude body was on top of his, attempting to fuck him as best she could given his catatonic state.

Robert was disoriented, but his penis wasn't confused as he grew harder and harder until he was fully erect. It didn't take long for the prostitute to bring him to orgasm. And almost as if on queue, Mike walked into the room to 'catch' the two having sex. Mike feigned upset and turned and walked out. Robert stumbled to get dressed, the effects of the alcohol and d**gs still impacting his perception and coordination. Robert tried to explain to Mike that it was a mistake and that he had no idea how it had happened. Mike told Robert to sl**p it off, showing him to the guestroom where Robert immediately passed out. The next day Mike put his plan in action. Robert would have to allow him to have sex with me or Mike would tell me that he had fucked his girlfriend. Robert was put in a corner and reluctantly agreed to the plan.

The week following my return and Robert's infidelity was strange. Robert and I barely spoke and it was freaking me out. I had no idea what was going on, but I was certain it wasn't good. I assumed it must be something work related and decided to let Robert tell me when he was ready. On Thursday Robert told me that Mike had invited us to dinner on Friday. I started to explain I didn't really want to go. The truth was Mike annoyed the shit out of me. He always flirted with me and since he was my husband's boss I played along. Of course playing along only encouraged him. Mike had this air about him. He was handsome and he knew it. He thought he was God's gift to women and he wanted you to express your gratitude. Realizing that Robert's strange behavior might be work related and that this dinner might be important to his career I agreed to go without complaint. Robert seemed almost disappointed that I didn't put up a fight as I might normally.

When I got home from work there was a dress box with a big red ribbon around it on the bed. It was from an expensive store and Robert told me he wanted me to wear it this evening. I later learned that Mike had the store deliver it earlier in the day and he told Robert to get me to wear it.

I pulled on the ribbon, the satin ribbon came untied almost effortlessly. I was shocked that Robert had gone to so much trouble. I began to worry that something pretty serious was going on with his work. When I lifted the lid of the box I could smell the perfumed paper cradling the contents. I peeled back the first layer of tissue and found a black lace bra and panties. The material was very thin and fragile, but it looked very expensive. I placed them to the side and removed the next layer of tissue revealing a very simple black cocktail dress. The dress had low back and deep cut v-neck.

Next to the bed there was a bag and box I hadn't noticed before. The bag had a bottle of scented body lotion and the box contained a pair of expensive black pumps, just a little bit higher than I would have picked. I slipped the shoes on and to my surprise they fit perfectly. I had no idea Robert knew my shoe size. I removed my dress and sat naked on the edge of the bed still wearing the black pumps. I felt sexy, almost like a whore getting ready to fuck her client and what surprised me most was that I liked the feeling. If Robert had walked in the room I would have let him make love to me birth control be damned.

Robert didn't come in. Instead I began rubbing the lotion all over my body. It was warm and made my skin tingle. I had never heard of the product before, but it felt amazing and smelled even better. Next I put on the bra and panties and stood in front of the mirror. I looked great. The thong panties were held together by the thinnest string and I could hardly feel them. The lace material was almost paper thin. I wasn't sure they would hold up for an entire evening, much less in the wash.

Finally, I slipped on the black dress. The fabric was very expensive and it slipped over my skin with ease. It was shorter than I was used to -- I guess it was clearly too short, but when I looked at myself in the mirror I was impressed by Robert's skill. Who knew he could put together such an outfit. I could feel myself getting turned on and as a result my panties were getting wet. I went to find Robert who told me I looked amazing. I hugged him and thanked him for the outfit. I didn't mention the height of the heels or the shortness of the dress, instead I told them it was perfect. Strangely, Robert told me that I could wear something else if I didn't like it. It was as if he wanted me to find fault with the outfit. I decided NOT to find fault and simply enjoy his effort and to top it off, I looked amazing.

On the drive to Mike's house it occurred to me that he was going to be even more surly than usual given my appearance. Then the questions came. Why did Robert want me to wear this? Was it for Mike? What could his motive be? By the time I was prepared to confront Robert we were at Mike's house and it was too late.

Mike greeted us at the door and paid all of his attention to me. Soon I learned that it would just be the three of us at dinner. I wanted to turn around and leave, but I couldn't put Robert in that position. I could endure one evening of inappropriate chatter from a handsome man who held my husband's financial future in his hands. Mike gave me a kiss on the cheek and took my coat. He commented on my dress and my shoes, suggesting that he wished all women knew how to dress like I did. My cheeks turned flush and I thanked him. I needed a drink.

Soon I was having my third glass of wine and enduring Mike's rapt attention. Robert was strangely silent; he seemed like a quiet observer. When dinner was over I was on my fifth glass of wine and I was d***k. Mike knew my defenses were down and sat next to me on the love seat, Robert sat across from us on the couch. Mike was sitting too close and began telling me how he had always wanted to go to one of those swingers clubs. He wanted to know if I had ever considered 'swinging'. I had not, but instead of simply admitting that I had not, I decided to joke around and put him on the spot instead.

I asked him if he had ever considered a three way with another man? He surprised me and offered that he would if it included me. I guess I had assumed that he was too homophobic to share a sexual experience with another man. He put his hand on my leg and I brushed it off as I took another sip of wine. Robert didn't say anything. I decided to bring the conversation back to the marginally less uncomfortable subject of swingers by suggesting that I might consider it, but since he didn't have a partner we would have to wonder.

Mike looked over at Robert and asked him if he would take a rain check from Denise, his absent girlfriend. His head tilted strangely at my husband and I was surprised that Robert didn't protest. Was he d***k I wondered? Why was he just sitting there. Finally, Robert told Mike he would accept the rain check. I sat up and moved to the edge of the love seat looking directly into Robert's eyes. They were almost sad. I could feel the heat of my anger on my face as I wondered why Robert would just sit there and not come to my defense. Another man was attempting to seduce me and he wasn't lifting the slightest finger to stop him. I suddenly felt very self conscious. Here I was sitting in a pair of fuck-me pumps, tissue paper thin panties and a dress that was barely able to conceal anything. But, curiously, when I realized I looked like a whore I found myself getting turned on. My panties must have been soaked I thought to myself.

Mike laughed and suggested that he never realized that Robert was into that sort of thing. I turned to Mike and asked him what he meant. Mike explained that he thought Robert might be one of those guys who likes to watch other men with his wife. Thoughts ran through my mind. Robert had never hinted at any sort of kinky fantasies before. Could Mike be right? Does Robert want me to be with other men? Surely not I thought.

Mike called to Robert and asked him point blank if he liked to watch. Robert didn't answer until I repeated the question. Robert looked at Mike and said that he did. I couldn't believe it. I downed the glass of wine. My skirt was so short to begin with and as I scooted to the edge of the love seat it was so high my panties were exposed, but I was staring incredulously at Robert and didn't notice.

Mike whispered into my ear as his fingers lightly touched the exposed fabric of the panties, "Did Robert want you to wear this for me?"

I pushed his hand away and as I did he held it and said, "Did you know you were wet?"

He then pulled my hand to his lap where I could feel the outline of his semi-erect penis beneath his pants. I squirmed to escape, but as I did my dress hiked up even higher, revealing even more of my panties. Shivers went up my spine as I felt an electric charge travel through my body. My mind raced as I imagined what it would be like for Mike to pin me down and fuck me. I realized that if I didn't do something, that was exactly what was going to happen.

I tried to get up, inadvertently squeezing my hand around Mike's penis trying to gain my balance. Mike held me tight and I couldn't get up. It was happening and there wasn't anything I could do to stop it I thought to myself. There wasn't anything I wanted to do to stop it. His hand holding my hand in contact with his penis he reached between my legs and began rubbing my labia with his finger. I grabbed his hand and tried to stop him, but he kept rubbing. Meanwhile his penis grew bigger and bigger inside of my hand. I wanted him, but I wanted him to stop. What I really wanted was for Robert to put a stop to this and take me home.

I looked in desperation to Robert who was now looking at the floor. Then I felt it, a charge of electricity, a spark between my legs as I felt myself responding to Mike's finger. My legs spread and I let go of his hand. I leaned back and let him rub my clit. It felt good to give in to him.

So this is what it felt like to be a whore? I wasn't sure if it was the alcohol, but I was letting myself enjoy the experience. Mike turned toward me and with one hand fingered my clit and the other he lifted my dress around my waist. Next mike pulled down the strap of my dress to reveal my nipple. It was hard and at first he bit it and then began sucking it. I cried out in pain. It was surreal to see Robert just watching another man m***** me. What was he thinking?

Mike pulled on the string attached to the thong and it broke easily. He now had unfettered access to my vagina and he took full advantage of it. I began to moan as he managed to bring to me to orgasm with just his fingers. I didn't realize it, but I had a steel grip on his penis.

What was I doing I wondered as I let him violate me. Why was Robert just sitting there? I watched as Robert watched us. Then I saw it, he was aroused, his penis was causing his pants to tent and then I understood. He set this up. He wanted Mike to do this, but he couldn't tell me, he had to show me.

Then all at once Mike stopped. He stood up and quickly removed his clothes and then brought me to my feet. He took the bottom of my dress and before I could stop him, pulled it over my head revealing my tattered panties and bra. I looked down almost in shame when I saw his penis. It was huge, a lot bigger than Robert's and I couldn't help but touch it. Mike pushed me back on the love seat and I was face to face with his massive cock. I thought he was going to push it in my mouth and I would have taken it, but instead he pushed me down, spread my legs and began rubbing the tip of his cock against my vagina.

I couldn't help feeling out of control. Was he going to fuck me? Of course he was going to fuck me I thought to myself. Did he know I wasn't on the pill? Would he pull out? Would he just fill me up with his semen? My mind was racing. Mike was looking into my eyes as he rubbed his penis around my vagina. I couldn't look away as he told me that he had wanted me from the first day he met me. He whispered that if I were his he wouldn't share me with anyone else. He suggested that Robert was a fool.

I looked at Robert who was watching and wondered if he was going to stop him. It was pretty clear to me that despite whatever Robert or I said he wasn't going to stop now. I arched my back and tilted my pelvis and it began. Mike took my movement as permission to begin sliding his penis inside of me. I gripped his arms as I felt my vagina stretch to accommodate his girth. Mike smiled at me as he carefully impaled me with his cock deeper and deeper. I needed to tell him I wasn't on the pill, but I didn't want him to stop. I finally admitted to myself that I wanted him now, I wanted to feel him inside of me. I didn't hide my excitement or the pleasure, I called out to Mike that it felt amazing. I told him I had never felt anything like it before and it was true. I was breathless when I looked over at Robert and told him he should do something about that erection.

I didn't think Mike would fit inside of me, but I was able to handle him. With Robert I always felt in control. I controlled when I came, when I had an orgasm and when I climaxed. With Mike there was no such control. I had to open myself completely to him and he had the control. Mike would go faster, deeper, slower or shallower and I would experience something different each time. I found myself being thrilled by the experience. Each time he began to pull back I thought about telling him he had to pull out, but I stopped myself. I didn't want it to stop, I wanted to feel him inside of me just a little longer. Mike seemed like he could last forever, but after twenty minutes or so I started getting worried, surely he would explode any minute.

Robert had unzipped his pants and was furiously jacking off. For some reason I couldn't help myself from saying humiliating things to him. I mentioned his penis size, how he couldn't satisfy me, how much better Mike was at this, how pathetic it was that he let Mike fuck me, how more pathetic it was that he was masturbating in front of Mike and me.

Robert kept jerking his cock furiously until I finally decided to tell Mike I wasn't on the pill. When I did, he didn't hear me, instead, he began kissing me hard and as he did his cock went even deeper causing me to almost forget what I was trying to tell him. I kissed him back waiting for my chance to tell him he had to pull out. Finally, he stopped kissing me and I started coming to my senses. I blurted out, "You have to stop, I am not on birth control!"

Mike slowed his penetration and looked over at Robert and asked if he minded if he came inside of me. Robert didn't say anything, but continued to jerk off even faster. Mike laughed asking if that was a yes. He explained how he wanted to make sure Robert was okay with another man impregnating his wife. Just as Mike finished asking Robert's penis exploded, a stream of semen shot up and landed on his shirt. Then another on his pants. He was a mess when he finally came to his senses. I started laughing at how pathetic he looked.

Robert stood up, his erection gone, and clarified his position on the subject - he didn't want Mike to ejaculate in me. God I never realized just how small his penis was. I immediately felt guilty for evening thinking such a thing. Robert begged Mike to stop, to at least pull out and put a condom on. Mike said something I didn't understand to Robert, but Robert didn't agree and Mike said something like, "You asked for it."

Mike turned to me and told me the entire story as he fucked me. He explained how he had caught Robert fucking his girlfriend. He explained how Robert had agreed to let him fuck me. He explained how he sent the clothes to our house. He explained how he had no idea Robert was into this sort of thing as evidenced by his arousal.

I couldn't help myself. I turned to Robert and began yelling at him despite the fact that Mike's cock was buried deep inside of me. I berated him for cheating. I berated him for letting Mike fuck me. I berated him for getting off on it. Then I turned my attention to Mike telling him to get the fuck off of me or I would call the police.

Mike pulled out, his massive cock flopping around as he jumped up. I stood up and told Robert to get undressed. He didn't move and I yelled at him to drop his pants. I wasn't sure what had come over me, but my dulled senses were coming back to me slowly. I asked him if he wanted to fuck me. He said that he did. Playing to his fantasy I told him he wasn't going to get to fuck me ever again. I explained that ship had sailed, but if he was good I would let him watch Mike fuck me. I asked him if he wanted to watch. Robert looked even more pathetic as I repeated the question, adding that if he didn't he should get the fuck out. Robert didn't move. I removed my bra, and stood in the center of the room naked with two men naked men who both wanted me desperately. I felt powerful.

I walked over to the chair where Robert was sitting and began playing with his soft penis. I told him that I never realized how small his penis was. I never knew what I was missing. I told him how Mike's penis brought me to orgasm in a way I never knew possible. I spread his legs apart and pushed my index finger inside of his anus. I began rubbing his prostate as I asked him how it felt. He told me it felt good. I asked him how he liked watching Mike fuck me. He admitted that he did. I asked him if he wanted to feel Mike's cock in his anus. He looked confused and told me that he didn't. I told him I wasn't convinced. I pushed my finger deeper inside of him and described what it felt like to have Mike's massive cock inside of me. I begged him to admit that he wanted to feel it too. As I described it Robert became aroused once again. I teased him that he body was betraying him. He protested. I told Mike to come over and bring that massive cock to me. He obeyed and as I held Robert down he positioned himself between Robert's legs, his penis only inches from Robert's crotch. Robert managed to lift himself up, but as he reached to push Mike's penis away he inadvertently grabbed it. Robert didn't let go right away and I could tell Mike was pretty uncomfortable.

After watching Robert holding Mike's penis I made my decision. I was going to let Mike cum inside of me. I told Mike lay on the bed. I climbed on top of him and rubbed my vagina up and down the length of his cock, a sort of cameltoe slide. I was in control. Mike pulled me forward, taking me by surprise and I felt his penis at the entrance to my vagina. He pushed me down over the head of his cock and I let out a girlish moan as he impaled me. I regained control and began riding him, faster and faster until I reached my own climax. I then reached around and began massaging Mike's balls. Mike grabbed my waist as I could tell he was about to ejaculate. He started to say something and with one hand squeezing his testicles I put my finger to his lips and told him, "Shhhhh... go ahead, cum..."

With that he shot his load deep inside my fertile womb. I sat there, Mike's penis inside of me throbbing, and thought about how turned upside down my life had just become. My husband had betrayed me, twice. His boss had seduced me. To top it off I let Mike cum inside of me despite the fact that I knew I was fertile. I felt free and a little scared all at the same time. What would happen next?

I laid down next to Mike and felt his semen leaking out of me. I called over to Robert and told him to come clean my pussy out. I had read about the concept of a cuckold, but never really had any desire to try out the experience. Now here I was cuckolding Robert not because I wanted it, but because he wanted it. Robert began licking my vagina, cleaning Mike's semen from my hole. Mike leaned over and began fondling my breast and kissing my lips while Robert seemed to enjoy his task.
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7 months ago
Dam Sweety, your 1 hot bitch, way to put your man in check. Now your the boss!
7 months ago
Very good,,,you now have a cuck,,use and abuse him and enjoy your new life
7 months ago
Hot story!
7 months ago
Great story! More? Please?