Eight Months

Brandon sighed as he laid down beside me. We had been dating nearly eight months now. Our relationship is great, except for one thing that seems to bother him. Right now, we are at my house studying, well supposed to be studying, for a big test tomorrow. Yes, a test. We’re both sophomores at the local university. Now this brings me back to the one thing that bothers him. In high school, when a relationship lasts past six months, theres a trend. The two of them start to have sex. Now with me and Brandon, were not in high school, but we haven’t exactly started. Its not that Brandon doesn’t want to. Nearly every day he begs. But its not that I don’t either. I mean Brandons not ugly. Definitely not ugly. He’s pretty hot, but he’s done it before. I’m not ashamed that I’m a virgin. I just feel inexperienced compared to Brandon.
“I love you.” he said as he rolled over to look at me.

I just looked forward as I felt his eyes on me. “I love you too.”
“You’re so gorgeous.” he said before he gently grabbed my face and kissed me passionately.

Mmmmm. He tasted so good. Nicole, don’t loose yourself. I felt his other hand wrap around me and pull me up against him. Oh dear.. As we sat there and made out I knew where this was going. If general knowledge couldn’t tell me this, his hand sure did help. The one that wasn’t on my face, was now on my chest. He rubbed and grabbed at my boobs, as I sat there holding back a moan. If I let it out, that would be set in stone- we’d make love. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for this. Oh shit, I didn’t even care. I wrapped my arms around his neck and started kissing him back full f***e. His tongue already exploring my mouth. When my mind went back to his hand on my breasts, kneeding at my nipples through my shirt, I let it out. I moaned softly into his mouth. He pulled away and smiled at me.

“I take that as you’re having fun” he said with a wink before going back to kissing me.

His hands kept working their magic, until he pulled away from my lips and started to unbutton my shirt. I got nervous, not knowing what to do next. He seemed to notice from my face that I was unsure, but by that point, I don’t think he cared. After pulling my shirt off, he went back to feeling my breasts as he took his kisses from my lips down to my cheek and to my neck.

“Mmmm, oh Brandon..” I moaned, feeling myself getting wetter and wetter. Just thinking about the slimy mess my pussy now was made this even hotter.
He looked up at me with a mischievous grin. “Nicole, you’re gonna enjoy this.”
He wrapped his arm around me, unsnapping my bra quickly. Then he pulled the bra off the whole time looking me deeply in the eyes.
I didn’t know why he just sat there, leaning over me. Then he said, “ Baby,”
This made me worried. “What? Whats going on?”

He looked me in the eyes, smirked, and said, “I love your tits.” Before diving in face first to my chest.

He first licked my right breast, from top to bottom. Then he focused on my nipple, sucking on it, then licking it, up & down, and up& down. I felt as if I was about to scream.
“Oh fuck baby,” I said, short on breath.

He switched to the left boob, rubbing hard on my right nipple with one hand. He lick the left nipple the same way he had done for the right.
His tongue then started to wonder its way down my stomach, as he kept his hands up on breasts, rubbing furiously. As he got farther down my stomach and reached where my jeans started, he looked up with that smile. I knew what he wanted.
“Oh god,” I said and looked away, “I don’t know…”

He kept his smile as he kissed my lower stomach, then looking back up at me. I laughed.

His hands left my breasts and went down to my button on my jeans. Slowly but surely he unbuttoned them. He slowly started to grab at my jeans, pulling them down ever so slightly. He pulled them all the way off as I put my hands over my face.
Was I really about to do this? I asked myself as he traveled his way back up where now my panties just lay. He started to drag them down my legs, slowly.
“You’re so fucking sexy” he said as he stopped grabbing at my panties, and lifted off his shirt.

Oh shit. His abs almost made me melt. I had to do this, I didn’t have any other choice. He was so damn sexy. He brought his face up to mine and kissed me once again before seductively going back. He again pulled at my panties, this time successfully getting them completely off my legs. I was bare, completely and utterly bare.

As this made me nervous, it definitely didn’t make him. He massaged my legs up and up untill he got back by my pussy. Mmmm I was getting hornier and hornier.
“Do you want me to lick your pussy?” he asked, I knew just to hear me say it

I didn’t want to give him the reacton he wanted, but then he took his tongue down to my thigh and slowly licked upwards. I couldn’t take it anymore.
“Oh goddd yesss” I moaned as my head fell back in ecstasy.
“Good baby, I’m gonna make you feel really good.”

Hs tongue wondered its way up to my little cunt and he started to lick my slit. I knew by now he could taste my sweet, sweet juices. His tongue lapped up and down, slurping up the juice. And I saw him start to feel less and less in control, as the bulge in his shorts started to rise. His face told it all, his eyes closed, his tongue going crazy over my holes. Now with me, I was going just as crazy. I didn’t even bother trying to hold back the moans.
“Ohhh babby! Oh shit Brandon. Ahhhh damnnn.” I moaned as my body shook through an orgasm.

I pushed my pussy up towards his mouth, where his face was covered in my juices. He went back to my clit, biting and nibbling on it, then sucking and flicking it with his tongue.
“ Oh baby you taste so delicious” he muttered as he continued to lick me, up and down.
I sat up and pushed him off of me.
“Now its my turn,” I said as I crawled on top of him.

I simmered down and slowly took of his belt, and unbuttoned his shorts. Once I’d pulled them down, his leftover boxers started to rise even more. I grabbed the top of them and yanked them down. With that motion his dick flew up even more in the air, which I didn’t even think was possible. He was so big, which the only I could compare him to was the ones I’d seen in porn. I looked up to see his face, knowing I was getting back at him for the torture he’d put me through. His face was already in ecstasy as I grabbed his big cock hard. I started to run my hand up and down, feeling it grow even longer in my hand. He started to moan as my hand worked furiously.
“Oh yeah? You like that? Well how about some of this?” I asked, before taking my lips down to his penis.

I put my lips just over his head, and began to suck. I brought my tongue out and started to lick up and down his glorious cock. I then focused on his head, then took the brave step of taking it into my mouth. I worked it in and out of my mouth, getting deeper and deeper. I glanced up at Brandon, where he sat with his head back, muttering “oh fuck, oh fuck”

He caught me looking, so he took his hand and put it on the back of my head, pushing my face down farther on his cock. He used his other hand on my breasts, squeezing and pinching my nipples. I felt as if I were about to come just from that. Soon, his cock reached the back of my throat, I hesitated. He then grabbed my hair and shoved my face down, pushing his cock down my throat.

He laughed, “ Yeah you like that bitch? You like sucking my cock? I didn’t know you were such a whore! My personal whore!”
I looked up at him and winked. I went into over drive and sucked his cock furiously.
“Oh shit, of fuck. I’m gonna cum”

And then he did. He shot loads of cum down my throat, and I tried to take it all in. He tasted so fucking good, but there was so much. I slurped it all down, except for some that fell from my mouth, and landed down on my tits.
“Look at the mess you made!” He said before laughing. “Looks like I’m gonna have to lick you clean.”

He started licking his own cum off my chest. Stopping to suck on my nipples. When he was all done, he climbed on top of me.
“Now you get your punishment for making such a mess,” he said, with a mischievous grin.
I liked the way he was talking dirty to me. My pussy was a

He guided his cock towards my vagina, and started to push through. Once in, he started riding me. Pushing his cock down farther down my pussy. I screamed in ecstasy. As he sat there grunting and he slid in and out of me. It felt so damn good. I felt so full and tight around his dick.

I grabbed his shoulders and wrapped my legs around his waist to get deeper on his cock. He picked me up and pushed me up against the wall. His cock furiously slamming into me. I came, and then he did. I didn’t think I could feel any fuller but now I did. He fell back on my bed, and I was on top now. I started to ride him like a horsey. Sliding up and down on his cock. I’d had practice humping my pillows before, but this was even better.
“OH FUCK!” He screamed before shooting another load of cum, deep inside me.
“Oh babbby!” I said as my body shook with another orgasm.

I pulled myself off of his cock and layed down next to him, sweaty, exhausted, and both of us covered in cum.
“I love you.” he said as he rolled over to look at me.

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