My first sex experience

It was the first time I went to his place. We were in the kitchen and he brought me a glass of water. I was holding it when he grabbed me and pulled me towards himself. The warmth of his arms around me was amazing. I felt as if I am at the place where I always want to be.

After a few moments, he held my face in his hands, looked at me with all the love in his eyes! I still remember the look and it sends chills down my spine. His face only two or three inches away, I could feel his warm breath on my face. It was ecstasy. Slowly, he got closer and closer and my eyes felt heavy. I could not keep them open. As his lips touched my lips, I was lost in some abyss. I was lost in those precious moments. It was so sweet; his lips so soft and my face in his hands. The feeling was wonderful.

He left it at that. However, it became an everyday story after this. He would kiss me every now and then and sometimes, in front of his friends too. I would just look at him and feel flushed. a few weeks later, we planned to go for a small ride up the hills. It was nothing fancy and nothing wild. Just a small drive. Halfway down the road, he slowed the car, pulled me towards himself and planted a passionate kiss. Breath-taking. For the first time, I returned the favor with even more passionate kiss. He was surprised and then he smiled.

He stopped the car on the side and hugged me right there. We kissed each other for almost ten minutes. It turned into tongue play and before I knew it, we were exploring each other's mouth. His hands started moving. He was holding my waist, or he would move his hand towards my back. Steady as he was, his fingers touched the outer line of my breast. My size? 36 C. I felt the chill; a little shiver. Then his fingers were moving over my breasts, on the cleavage and the neck.

He moved towards my right ear, licked it slowly, whispering "I love you" and biting the tip of ear lightly. I was on fire. I could just not understand what was happening in my body. My breathing was getting heavy and I felt sweat in the palms of my hands.I grabbed his collar and pulled him towards myself. I again got engaged in a wild french kiss. His hands were now cupping my boobs and I was in heavens. We both lost track of time and before I could think about it, my mother called on my cell and reminded me that I need to get back home immediately.

We both returned home in a few minutes and he apologized to my mom about the delay. Following days were all about text messages. He said he cannot resist another close encounter with me. I was in similar situation but could not say it aloud.

So came his birthday after 18 days. I prepared a nice surprise for him; my place, a cozy room with flowing curtains, lots of balloons, red roses, his favorite fragrance, heart-shaped cake and a bottle of champagne. My f****y, his f****y and his friends were all invited. He went crazy at the sight of it all! I never saw him happier than this! Everything went on a full blast! As the night ended, I asked him what present he would want and he said immediately; "A long drive tonight"!

I could not ask my mom so he did the favor and asked my mom to give permission for the drive. Off we went. He was in a cheerful mood and I could not take my eyes off his face. That smile was definitely a killer! Within half an hour, he stopped. As I could see, it was a nice and cozy hotel downtown. We had nothing in our mind; we just wanted to spend sometime alone. So, I did not worry about it at all.

He got the room and we went upstairs. The moment I entered the room, he closed the door quickly and hugged me from behind. It was still dark and the passion I felt was immense. He started kissing my neck and ears. That nibbling and licking was making me pull my hair! My breathing went out of control and automatically, my hands went up; my fingers in his hair! I wanted him to get closer than he was.

He came in front of me and hugged me again. This time, his tongue was on the job again and his hands were exploring my body. That is when he whispered into my ears; "I wana see you naked". I was taken aback by this. Of course he knew I cannot do any such thing. Yet, he said to me that he will not f***e anything on me. He just wants to see me, feel me and touch me. He wanted to be closer than we were. I agreed.

He began kissing my face for the approval. His fingers reached in my hair and he pulled the band, making my hair fall down the shoulders. His eyes held so much love in them. His fingers moved towards the buttons of my shirt. Slowly, he undid all of them. My eyes were closed. He started removing the shirt, when I held it together, feeling so shy. He held my face in his hands, told me that he love me a lot and that if I do not want to do it, then we can stop. The warmth of his words made me melt right then and there.

He removed the shirt as my eyes went shut again. With that, he kissed me again and worked down towards the neck. He kissed me right at the borders of bra i wore. His hands were at the back and kept on going up and down. Then, he undid my bra. I clutched his shirt and held him closer to me. He steadied his pace and kept on kissing me and licking me. As I got comfortable, he removed the bra too. Now I was half naked. He asked me if I wanted to remove his shirt for him.

I kept my eyes closed and started undoing his shirt's button. I could not resist the temptation of kissing his neck and I did it. I kissed his neck and worked all the way down towards his bare chest, as I removed the shirt. My fingers ran on his chest and back and I could just not put a stop on myself. Yes, I was hot, wild and ready to go.

He moved his finger on the outline of my skirt. I felt the shiver again. This time, he did not miss the beat. He removed the skirt in one go and did the same to his pants. Then he took me to the bed. He asked me to lay down and he was right next to me. His arms were around me and I was lost in the other world again. He kept on kissing me over my body..fingers, toes, arms, tummy, cleavage, neck, thighs..everywhere.

I could feel the moisture between my legs and I was going crazy. It was at that time when I went from warm to supernova hot! He took my breasts in his hands and put the right nipple in his mouth. God! The warmth of his moist mouth, soft lips, made me want more and more. My fingers in his hair, I started pulling his closer and closer to me. He got so wild that he started biting, sucking and nibbling my nipples. I was hot like fire!

Then he moved his one hand down and inside my panty. I could just feel the pleasure and nothing else. I was moaning, begging him for more. His finger started moving on my clit. Oh what a pleasure! I almost screamed. My head went back and I was not on this earth. I felt as if I was getting light and flowing in the air. He never stopped sucking my breasts. His finger continued to work on the clit.

Using his fingers, he removed my panty slowly and then his stepped out of his boxer too. For the first time, I was seeing a penis. The size again? That time i did not think, but now I can guess that it was at least 8 inches and quite thick too! He moved between my legs and now I was so shy. Yet, his look got me going again. The first touch of his tongue on my clit was sheer pleasure from the other world! His movements and licking made me moan louder and even louder. I was going OOOhhh...aaahhhh..yeah..yeah...oh mmmm....aahhhh....He moved his hands on the inner thighs and alternated kissed there too!

The sounds were making him rock hard and he turned to a bit vigorous moves. His finger started moving downwards and entered inside my body slowly. It almost jumped because of sudden pang of pain. He calmed me down and worked on my pussy again with his tongue. I was getting hot and excited. Then he slowly placed his finger inside me again. This time, he did it with care and kept on licking my clit. I felt a mixture of pain and some pleasure. Then he put his entire finger inside and kept on moving it in and out of me. The moments were so sweet. I could feel him close to me. His warmth was what I sensed around me.

His finger moved faster and my moaning got louder! I kept on saying it....please.....aahhh....and he was going crazy about me!

All of a sudden, he stopped! I could not sense what was wrong. I opened my eyes and looked at him. He was looking at me. His eyes, ever so innocent and his smile, ever so cute; he was putting a condom. My eyes were pleading and my lips were trembling. My body needed something so dearly. I could not wait for it any longer. Before I could say something, he leaned over me and started kissing me.

I closed my eyes and he moved his hand down. Holding his penis, he placed it on the mouth of my hole. I wanted it badly. I needed it. He never broke his kiss. Instead, he parted my legs a little more and placed his hands on my boobs. He started massaging them rigorously.

Right at that moment, I felt something piercing me between my legs! My eyes flew open and my breathing became short! He never broke the kiss and kept on massaging my boobs! He did not hit me all this while again. I lost myself into him again and this time, his thrust was harder. I screamed loudly because of the pain! All that was audible was a muffled voice; thanks to his lip-lock! Again the wait of a few minutes till I get accustomed to the pain. Then came the final blow. Entire penis inside me. I felt as if my pussy was torn apart! I was shivering now. My body was trembling. Tears started flowing and I was crying. He broke the kiss and held me in his arms. At that moment, all the pleasure ended for me.

Slowly, he started moving his lower body and his penis started getting in-out of my body. I could not feel anything but pain. almost 15 minutes passed and I was still in pain. He did not paced up his strokes. He was going very slowly for all this time. Then he started kissing my neck again and my ears. He sucked my nipples and licked them for long time. All this gave me a rhythm again and now i was sensing a wave of pleasure in my body again.

I closed my eyes again and told him to continue with it. He started stoking me again, his hands on my boobs and his lips on my lips...He started sucking my tongue. I loved it more than anything. Then the pleasure form strokes started showing up. I was moaning again! His pace was increasing slowly but surely.

My body felt the tension building again. For almost 10 minutes he kept on moving his penis inside-out of my body. I could not hold myself anymore and I asked him to do it faster! That was all he needed from me. He placed his hands on my thighs and started pounding me hard and fast. In next 5 minutes, I was almost on the verge of climax, when he said that is is about to cum!

I could not hear what he was saying and I just felt every thrust he was making. 5-7 strokes more and I released my juices! I had hit the orgasm. After 3-4 more stokes, he orgasmed as well! He simply fell on me and wrapped his arms around me. He did not take his penis out of my hole because he knew it would hurt. After a few minutes, he slowly took his penis out and rolled off the condom. It was smeared with bl**d!

I could not take my eyes off it. Fear? Yes. Pain? Yes. Tension? Yes I had so many feelings building inside me but I kept my mouth shut.

He held me in his arms and said; "Don't worry about the bl**d. It happens for the first time". He explained it all to me and then he slowly massaged my pussy for relieving the pain.

An hour or so later, I told him I wanted to take a shower. He took me in his arms and then proceeded towards bathroom. He carefully made me enter the bath tub and then he gave me a nice bath. But even though I could not say anything to him, the pain and bl**d had left some kind of a negative impact on me.

We left after half an hour and he stayed at my place overnight. He left early in the morning and sent me a text message that he loves me a lot and he can never forget his birthday and night. He thanked me for making it the most special birthday till date.
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