Wishing You Were Here

It's friday night and jill's home alone. Her boyfriend (tre')went out of town on a buissnes call he said he would come by to see jill later on to night when he got back into to town but knowing tre' he'll mostlikely stand her up. so she doesnt sweet him. Its late and there's not a thing to watch on TV, she runs a hot bubble bath for herself, turns on sum soothing music to relax her body, & hops in the tub. The hot water suroundes her body and she moans in pleasure and starts to relax.

Jill grabs a washcloth and runs it accros her bear chest, sending chills up and down her spine. She dropes the cloth and starts to suck on her large brest, while using the other hand to calm her nerves. She spreeds her legs real wide and puts her fingers deep inside of her tight hole. Sounds of extacy escape from her lips, making it even harder to stop. Thrusting her fingers deeper into her hot wet pussy. She's screaming so loud, shes sure the hole city Could hear her. Just when jill decides stop she startd to cums all over her hands.

She doesnt stop there, though she keeps going screaming louder. Little does jill know that her boy friend just walked through the front door (she keeps a spear key under the mat). Tre' can hear jill's sweet moans from out side the front door. So he creps around to her bed room and into her bath room, were he spots her making her own pleasure. Jills eyes are closed and she doesnt see tre' walk up in front of her. Tre' licks his lips and is instantly turned on from seeing jill bing so sexual. He leans closer to her face and kisses her soft lips.

Jill gets scared and opens her eyes but never lets her fingers leave her pussy. She see its tre' and relaxes a little but before she can tell him to get out he kisses her again. He uses his hand to play with her long black hair then he bends down and starts to suck on her large size brest. Jill begans to moan in his ear After a minute or two and tre' stops and stands up.
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