The Best School Ride

First, I'm a male, 5,4" tall, 18yo.

It all started when my school hired women as bus assistants to help k**s cross streets to their home and so on. Most of these bus assistants were ugly as hell, but the one in my bus.. Well she wasn't the cutest girl ever, but her body was the best I seen! Small, round ass and the most firm 36B breasts. She always wore skinny jeans, which always made me hard on.

After a few months she became used to her job, more friendly and chatty. She liked me a lot, so I always sat next to her in the bus. One cold day, her small nipples were hard, I couldn't keep my eyes off her tits and she noticed, whenever she saw me looking she would cover her breasts with her jacket.

After a week of endless erections, on our way to school, she asked me to wait for everyone to get out first because she wanted to tell me something important. Everyone got out and she said "Tomorrow don't get in the bus, just hide out behind your building.", so I replied "You want me to skip school??", "Well if you don't want to skip, don't" she answered while opening up her jacket, showing me her hard nipples, "I'll get back to you with a cab right after I drop the k**s at school" she said. Of course that day I couldn't focus on a thing at school, I was blinded by the image of Samia's breasts.

Next day I did exactly what she asked me to do, waited for 30mins and I found her getting out of a cab, wearing the skinniest jeans ever, showing her awesome round ass. She grabbed me into the cab and went to her home. She kept telling me how lonely it is to live alone and then suddenly she hopped on my lap facing me with her legs opened, she kept on french-kissing me, putting her tong down into my mouth, I started taking off her shirt and caressed her awesome breasts, she took off her pants and jumped on my lap again with her bra and wet panties only.

I took her to her bedroom, put her on the bed and started licking her panties, then I took them off and sucked her small, pink pussy, it was the most delicious thing you can ever taste! She moaned and moaned while honking her own boobs and taking off her bra, her firm tits popped out as if they were trapped in a cage. She pushed me away, stood up and pushed me onto the bed, took off my pants and started sucking my balls and my dick till I came on her belly. Then she held me cock and inserted it in her wet cunt while moaning. I still can't take out the picture of my penis inside her! We fucked all day then we took a shower together, and we left out, she headed to school to bring k**s back and I headed home.

Everyday after that I kept laying my hand on her leg on our way to and from school, massaged her pussy, even sometimes she opened the pants zip so I can put on my hand right on her pussy, not above her pants.

79% (9/2)
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3 years ago
nice story man i use to get alot of action on the school bus too when i was in school