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I had gone for interview at an Upcoming MNC in Mumbai. I am from Pune and had come to Mumbai just for the interview. I was staying with my cousin who is an AirHostess. The interview was the last round with the boss himself. So I had to go to his Office. I had waited in the loby for 2 hours as there was a General Board Meeting going on.

I had to call up my cousin and tell her not to wait for me at dinner. My cousin is a party freek. When she is not working, she is either sl**ping, shopping or partying. That means she wont be home till early hours. Finally the Meeting was over. There were 2 other candidates. They were called in 1st 1 by 1 and then I was the last to be interviewed. It was 4.30 pm and the office closes by 5.30 pm. I had to travel for 1 and half hour to get back to my Cousin's.

The moment I was called in, I had made up my mind that I wont let the interview go beyond 5 pm. I stood up, straighted my nice white dress with pink flower patchs and walked into the boss's cabin. In a matter of seconds I was held tightly to somebody's body and my mouth was crushed against somebody else's. I regained my senses in few seconds and I started to push against the body. But it held me with such f***e that I couldn't move. I tried to focus and all I could see was people walking around but not helping. Then I realised that I was in a glass cabin. And though I can see them they were not able to see me. I was r-aped by my boss. 3ce. I screamed and tried to free my self. It was a soundproof cabin. Nobody could hear me and I was being f***ed on the carpet, sofa and the glass wall. My boss never said a word but he just kept going on and on. He inserted into my virginity and tore me. After 2 hours he finally spoke.

He said I have recorded everthing and now you are mine to do with for as long as I want. He told me to get cleaned in his restroom and get dressed. He waited for me. When I returned he was watching the video of what he had done to me. He told me to sit on his lap. I did that. He asked me if I was bleeding and was I sore. I said yes. He said that I will get used to it.

He then took me by my hands through his office. It was empty. He locked his office and then took me into his car. He took me to a bunglow and told me to get undressed. I didnt argue. I didnt cry. I did as he told me. He took me to the dining hall there I saw a cream cake on
the table. My boss brought the cake to me. It was written on it -Happy Birthday Kiyara. It was my Birthday. He lit the candles and told me to sit on his naked lap. He adjusted himself so that his dick was in my pussy. He told me to fuck him. With the cake on the table in front I fucked him. It hurt but I did as i was told. He cum inside me again.

He told me to now cut the cake. I did and he sang Happy Birthday to me. He sloppy dick slipping out of me and his cum dripping out I cut the cake and took a piece. I slowly tured to give him a bite and he bit my fingers with the cake piece. He then slowly started putting the cream on me and then he was again ready to do me. He fucked my pussy and my virgin asshole. I fained 2ce but he kept going on and on. I was lying on the cake with it all over me. I remember being alone for few min and then again I felt him pull me to him. Next when I woke up I was in a bath tub with warm water flowing around me. He was sitting on the edge with a glass of alchol. He gave me 1 glass and told me to drink. I told him I dont. but he insisted. I drank it.

He then gave me a cigrett to smoke. I was not able to but he f***ed me. I pucked but he kept insisting that i drink and smoke. He then got into the tub with me and fucked me. I could see the water turning red with my bl**d . He then got out of it and told me to get dried and into the bed. I did as he told. While drying myself I saw the bite marks that he had put on me. My skin was turning blue there. I got under the cover and tried to rest. In few min i felt him on me. He fucked me again and slept over my body. In the morning he woke up 1st when the phone rang. He was ready to fuck me again. He answered the call and at the same time started fucking me.

After the call he said it was his wife. I was beyond shock. He fucked me again 3ce in 1 hour. Told me to get dressed. He dropped me at my cousin's and told me to be ready at 2pm as he was going to continue where left off. I called up home and informed my parents that my stay was delayed. My cousin had already flown away with work. I couldn't think. I knew I couldn't do anything. At 2 sharp there was a knock at my door. My boss. He came in and fucked me holding me against the door. Told me to get dressed. He took me to a party. His wife's birthday party. After that he told his wife he has to go and took me to his bunglow and kept me there for 2 days. I told my cousin that i had met a frnd and i was staying with her for few days.

My boss has made me his slave. I got the job and a good salary. though i didnt have an office or any work collegue. I was a full time slut. My boss then started taking me to his house. He would fuck me in his bedroom with his wife in the hall. He would tell me to get things for him. and i will have to go naked around his house and get it. His wife wouldn't say anything. He took me to his world tour and got my bust enlarged and milky and my butt was also fatter. he got my nipples and my virgina pierced with out any anistesia. he wanted me to feel the pain. my navel and my toung was next. he would fuck me even if i had my periods and he would never use a condom.
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