Touch me, Byron

Byron looked at his watch uneasily, grimacing. Again, he had forgotten to put his name on his assignment. He watched Ms MC talking to another student about his project. Ms MC was the philosophy teacher. She was only 24 and was amazingly gorgeous with a beautiful curvy frame and great breasts. Her pale skin gleamed in the brightly lit room and her red lips flashed lustfully. Soon she was done with the other student and she turned her attention towards Byron. “So Byron, you forgot to put your name on your assignment again which is so ironic considering you’re the top student in the class. The top student who just forgot to put his name on his assignment for the 4th time in a row. I let you off the hook too many times before so now you’ll have to pay a price,” she said looking at Byron with her large blue penetrating eyes.

“Well, ok, what’s the price?” said Byron shrugging.

“The price is, um, well,” Ms MC paused, thinking. “How about this, my shoulders haven’t been feeling so good for the past few days and I could really use a massage. Why don’t you give me a massage for let’s see, 20 minutes, and you’re free to go. All right?”
Byron stared blankly and then a thin smile formed on his face. “That’s it? Sure!”

“Oh, ok great then! Why don’t you start now and go until 3:55, ok?” she said.

“Rite,” Byron agreed and moved towards the chair where Ms MC sat. She moved her hair off her neck and relaxed, leaning on her desk as Byron laid her hands on her shoulders and began to slowly massage. Her arms and shoulders were extremely soft as Byron slowly caressed them and moved to her neck which he softly pressed his hands around. Byron felt her bra straps as he massaged her neck and felt a bulge form in his pants. He purposely kept massaging in the same area to feel her bra straps. Ms MC seemed to notice that her Byron’s hands were massaging around her bra straps and said,

“Oh Byron, wait for a second. Let me get these straps out of the way.” She quickly slid her bra straps off her shoulder leaving them dangling loose over her arms. “There, go ahead now,” she said. Slightly taken back, Byron slowly began to massage her shoulders again. He had been going for a couple minutes before Ms MC stopped him again. “Wait Byron. You massage really well but my shirt is really getting in the way. I think I should just get rid of it.” Byron was stunned. She quickly began unbuttoning her black shirt and then pulled it right off with one quick movement. Her body glistened in the light.
Her bra straps hung loosely around her arms and her bra barely held up her breasts which formed a large cleavage. Byron’s cock was extended to its full size and oozed pre-cum as he watched her body lustfully with wide, shocked eyes. She glanced back at him with a look of burning desire which turned into a lustful smile, “Should I get rid of my bra, Byron?” Byron was unable to answer. Slowly Ms MC’s arms moved to her bra and unstrapped it, slowly pulling it off her body. Her breasts fell loose. She cupped her hands around her nipples, hiding them, and leaned forward against the table, her back bare. “Touch me, Byron” she moaned. Byron was unable to move initially. He looked at the room’s door, it was locked. No windows were open to reveal what was happening inside, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t get caught. However, all these thoughts left his mind at once.

Byron moved to the chair she sat on, barely breathing, his heart beating uncontrollably fast, and put his hands on her fair back as a shiver ran down his spine. Ms MC shrugged at the contact, her quick breaths audible. Slowly Byron began to caress her, running his hands down her naked back and then around her neck to her arms. Then he leaned forward, lustfully kissing the bottom of her back and licking it to her neck. Byron took her hands which were cupping her breasts and moved them back, first kissing each one of them and then grabbed her large breasts which he began to squeeze lustfully until Ms MC shuddered. He pressed her hard nipples between his fingers and squeezed hard as Ms MC moaned loudly. Byron quickly turned her chair around and then buried his face in her voluptuous, soft breasts, sucking on one while he squeezed the other. Her pinkish-brown nipples stood erect for him to put in his mouth.

Still squeezing her breasts, Byron kissed Ms MC passionately, taking in her sweet liquids as she did the same. His hand quickly found her skirt which he violently pulled down off her, revealing her wet pink panties. He quickly pulled them off too and took a gasp as he looked at her beautiful wet pink pussy, ready for him to do as he pleased. He spread her milky thighs apart and licked her pussy, burying his tongue deep in it. Ms MC moaned in ecstasy, one hand caressing her left breast while the other caressed her clitoris. Unable to contain himself any longer, Byron removed her belt and pulled his pants down, unleashing his hard 8-inch shaft which was ready to penetrate Ms MC. He immediately went into her as she gasped from the pain and groaned loudly. Byron’s thrusts were hard and relentless, each one ramming his cock deep into Ms MC. The chair rocked wildly and so Ms Mc’s legs which were completely split apart to accommodate Byron.

Byron kissed her as she gasped from each thrust and grabbed her breasts which bounced wildly. “Come on Byron…Hit me harder, ram me harder! Yes! Yes! Yesssss!” she moaned. “You know how much I want you! You know how much I want you! Do it!” Byron kept up his hard thrusts and sweat fell down his face, but he was going to cum soon. Ms MC kept moaning and her legs dangled and shook with each thrust. Byron pulled out and grabbed a breast and kissed her passionately as he made his final thrust, blowing his hot load deep within her. One final long moan escaped her as she felt his hot cum explode within her and she collapsed, her legs fell and slowly wrapped around Byron, and her breasts stopped bouncing. Her breathing subsided to a normal rate and she kissed Byron. She sat upon his thighs with her legs wrapped around him, his dick still deep within her. “Oh Byron, I love you,” she moaned.
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