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My girlfriend and I were on vacation last week and had just checked into our room. We were staying on the beach and were anxious to get out in the sun so Heather went directly into the bathroom to change into her bikini and put her hair up.

Meanwhile, the bellhop showed up with our suitcases and a bag full of our booze we’d picked up to stock the room for the weekend. The bellhop offered to get me a bucket of ice and as he rounded the corner to retrieve the ice bucket, he got an eyefull of my girlfriend topless thru a window opening from the bar area into the shower/bathroom.

I didn’t realize the window was even there so when he can back he asked, sheepishly, if he should put the backet on the bar. I said of course and again he got an eyefull of Heather, this time she was naked.

I tipped him and he offered to get us more ice whenever we needed. It was a nice place, but offering to refill our ice bucket seemed to be overly generous. After he left, I went to make drinks and realized what was happening.

I mentioned this to Heather and while she wouldn’t have agreed to set this up, she was clearly turned on by this young guy seeing her naked.

We hit the beach and had a few drinks delivered to our chairs and returned to the room later, both of us horny from the sun, surf and oddly, this earlier encounter with Mike, the bellhop.

We fucked, napped and awoke ready for another round of drinks. The ice was mostly melted so I asked ie I should call Mike for a refill. HEather, with a devious twinkle in her eye said absolutely.

I called and he said he’d be right up. I challenged Heather to pretend to be asl**p and leave herself partially uncovered. I went to answer his knock at the door and glanced back at Heather who was totally uncovered laying with her back to the door. Her beautiful ass was exposed and as Mike walked around the corner to the bar, so were her tits and pussy.

Mike was obviously enjoying his view and made no effort to hid his glances at Heather. He asked if there was anything else he could do and I said I’m working on it. At that, Heather rolled over on her back still pretending to be asl**p but now her pussy was in full view. Mike could clearly see my cum shining on her pussy lips. (I’ll share more if you want it)
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