Erin's New Religion- The Becoming

I knelt in front of Lord James and stared at His incredible cock. Nothing else mattered at that moment. No past. No future. Only me and Him. And his Godcock. "You might be the one. We will find out" came the voice from above, as if from the sky. That voice commanded my attention completely. Anything that voice wanted it would get from me. My mind and body were completely hooked to this gorgeous black man, Lord James. It was right for me to be on my knees hoping His cock would want me again. I had promised to be His best follower.

"Kelly take Erin to your room. She will stay with you until we can find out if she is the One. I will call for her." That voice was sending me away. I must have been starting to beg or cry because He only shook His head and smiled a little. "Erin you have much to do before we will be together again. I want your body to learn what it needs to learn. You did not take my whole cock today and you must be able to satisfy me." Amid the swirl of thoughts in my brain the one fact became clear: I had not taken the whole Godcock yet and I did not satisfy my Lord James. I couldn't speak or move. Then He was gone and my chance to apologize for not being good enough was also gone.

Kelly came into view: Kelly, the girl in my exercise classes who brought me into this. I didn't believe it when Kelly told me "I have to tell you that I have an incredible man who I worship. He does things for me no ordinary man can. I want you to meet him and share him with you." Everything she told me was true. I felt a wave of affection for Kelly for sharing the amazing black cock and what it could do for me.

Kelly gave me her hand and when I got dizzy standing up too fast, she led me to the bed and sat me down. She poured another of those drinks. This time I drank it on my own, in four big gulps. It went down fast and I felt immediately recharged! "We need to get you cleaned up Erin honey" I got up slower this time and followed Kelly into the huge house. Being naked didn't bother me. After becoming a fuckmachine fucktoy for Lord James nothing else mattered.

"This is my room Erin. You can stay here until James calls for you. There's the bathroom. Why don't you take a nice shower and relax?" Of course I wanted a shower now. It was okay for me to wait until Lord James was ready for me. Kelly's room was where I wanted to stay. The ideas went through my ears and into my brain and they were facts.

Moving into the fancy shower with wide ledges and water jets all over the walls, I got the water on and stood there, enjoying the tingles on my skin. I thought for the first time about my boyfriend, Tom. No, he was now my ex boyfriend. He was a nice boy but he wasn't a man, wasn't black, and didn't have the cock of a God. I was Lord James' willing slut and that left no room for boys like Tom. I heard footsteps.

Kelly was beautiful naked as she walked into the shower. I saw her feet first, then her long legs leading to a perfect hip area with a baby-bare shaved pussy area. It was a pussy not a vagina. My thinking was changing fast. Her skin was golden and had no tan lines, and her hair was perfect against her skin. The rest of her was equally incredible, but I couldn't look much because she cupped my chin in her hand and locked eyes with me. It only took a moment for me to reach out and pull her body against me, adding the feel of her wet skin to the tingles of the water jetting out at me. I kissed Kelly softly at first, then with more f***e. Her hand slid off my chin, down my body and she immediately put a finger into my pussy. A small wave of tingles made me moan into her mouth as my hands started roaming over her body, exploring her bubble butt, her sides, tangling in her hair and pulling her hard against my mouth as our kisses became frantic.

As much as I wanted Kelly's fingering to make me really cum, I wanted to make Kelly cum even more. Moving my feet and pushing away with my hands led us to break the kiss but it also guided her to sit on the ledge....which I realized was at the perfect height.....for me to kneel, cup her wonderful ass, and pull her slick pussy to the edge, where my mouth was waiting. My brain swirled and rushed with lust and the need to take Kelly to the clouds. My mouth and tongue worked her outer lips, avoiding her pretty clit at the top. Up and down, flicking my tongue in and tasting her honey. Kelly moaned and started humping into my mouth.

I knew I had her then. She was begging me to suck her clit hard, to let her cum. I denied her. I laid her down on the ledge, one of her legs falling to the floor. Her tits and nipples were my next target. I licked, bit and sucked all over one, then the other. Sliding my hand down her flat belly I worked one, then two fingers into her heated pussy, and slowly rotated them inside until she jumped....Kelly had a big G Spot. I clamped on her right nipple with my teeth and started biting a little harder. Kelly came. It was a breathless little cum with pretty squeaks that almost made me laugh and lose my bite on her nipple.

Quickly moving to the leg she dangled over the ledge, I leaned up and formed a tight "O" with my lips. Before Kelly could realize it I'd sucked her hard clit between my lips, and tongued it slowly and steadily, pushing two fingers into her G spot. Kelly came hard!!! Her scream of pleasure was loud and long. Her belly shook from the clit up, in waves of ripples. Her legs spasmed and came around my head to lock me into her sex. "So gooddddd, so goooooddddd, yesssssssssssssss" were the words I could make out. The rest was a babble of lust and those cute squeaks. Kelly came again.

She was Mine MIne MINe MINE!!!! To do what I want with! The thoughts kept racing through my brain. New thoughts came to the surface and I acted on them: Moving quickly, I grabbed a handful of Kelly's hair, and pulled her still shaking body to its feet. Pulling her out of the shower, her squeaks calming down, I moved into the bedroom, and got a huge shock. Two black men were standing next to the bed. They were smiling huge shit-eating grins and watching us. They were naked, with fairly large black cocks already hard and pointing right at us. Kelly squeaked once more, then went quiet and didn't pull back on my hand.

One of them commanded "On your knees bitches". My hand pulled Kelly's hair down and she dropped to the floor, panting and squirming a little bit. I let her go and she crawled directly to the men, reaching up and lovingly caressing their black cocks. I remained standing and did not move. More new thoughts came to me. I met the gaze of the men straight on, defying them to order me to kneel again. They did not ask, but glanced down at Kelly, who was making soft moaning noises and humping her pretty ass up and down in the air as she lightly stroked their cocks at the same time.

I thought and spoke at the same time: "You can have her how you want her. But when you're done she belongs to me." They nodded to me with respect, which shocked me. Then the two black men took Kelly until they were satisfied. I watched them use her like a doll, all of them cumming at least twice. And I knew Kelly would still be mine even after the pounding they were giving her. When they were done I crawled on the bed next to the sl**ping Kelly, kissed her forehead and wondered what I had become. I was a slut for the Godcock of Lord James, of that there was no doubt. I wasn't interested in the other black men and their hard dark cocks. And I'd taken Kelly as my own with little thought or effort. I drifted to sl**p with these thoughts circling in my mind; circling around one key thought....."Maybe I am the One."

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3 years ago
Erin at her best with Kelly. Tasty story! ,-)P
3 years ago
Hot story!! She know owns Kelly and can have her or bbc whenever she wants!! I need more love bbc in tight white pussies! Now there needs to be a hot gangbang with her and Kelly and a bunch or black guys
3 years ago
very erotica series!! what was it she was going to do to kelly??? i hope there is a lot more to it!!
3 years ago
very sexy story
3 years ago
Well, more than some may know, I'm so glad that Erin's sex life is improving. She is Lord James's fucking machine fuck toy. Kelly belongs to her. And she has the two black guys wrapped around her finger. Can't wait for more. Super hot story!
3 years ago
Thats whats up girl... Nice!
3 years ago
Damn that was hot I'm so rock but I don't waste it in my hands I need someone to share this with. I think you have a new follower......more.more.more.MORE
3 years ago
WOW! OMFG....i want dripping with excitment from your stories..