Erin's New Religion

I knew better. Those voices in my head telling me something could go very wrong had started the moment we got out of the limo. Now those voices were silent as my girlfriend of six months lay on a bed in the courtyard of a strange house, looking at me with an expression I'd never seen from her before. Her makeup had run from the streams coming down her cheeks earlier. Her auburn hair that usually fell to her navel was in wild disarray around her head. Her boobs fell a little to each side as her chest rose and fell with a less ragged rhythm, but her nipples were still like monuments pointing at the ceiling. As I turned my gaze lower, past the abs she worked every day to make perfect, I saw the beginnings of the mess that her pussy had become. Leaning forward to get a closer view, a sound caught my attention. Her bright blue eyes flicked away from me and locked on the source of the sound.

It was Him. James. The man who had told Erin half an hour before that he was going to be her new God. After what I'd just seen and the way she was staring at him, that might be true. It felt like James was more than just a man. Away for only a minute, his return was an event. Erin's face lit up, her eyes locked on the middle part of his deep chocolate body. James stopped ten feet from the bed, pointing to Erin, then to the tiled floor at his feet. Erin slowly slid down out of the bed, crawled to the spot in front of James, and knelt before him. She never even looked in my direction.

James glanced to where I was sitting in the chair near the bed, then back down to Erin, whose eyes were still locked on his unbelievable black cock. That bass voice rumbled with quiet power; "Tell him who you belong to Erin". She answered instantly, that liquid honey voice that I loved to hear trembling with emotion; "I belong only to you Lord James". She was not acting or playing. It was true. My heart and half of my internal organs sank to my feet. All I could do was stare at the back of her head, her gaze still on her new Lord's mid section.

"You are dismissed" came the rumble from James. For a wild second I thought that His game was over. A flashing hope dawned that maybe Erin's admission of devotion was all He needed and we could leave and patch things up. Those thoughts were dashed as the next sentence brought the rest of my world crashing in on me: "Kelly show him out and make sure he gets a blindfold during the ride." The blonde walked in from the archway and held out her hand to me. I rose like a mindless puppet, staggered from the shock of what happened. A forgotten pouch of fruit drink fell from my lap and squirted a clear liquid on the tiled floor. A last glance back as Kelly led me away showed Erin's face smiling up at the cock of her new God, Lord James, wearing only her diamond cross necklace. The irony wasn't lost on me.

If your girlfriend is a knockout with a great personality and you're damn lucky to have her, you go along with what she wants. Erin wanted to go to the boat and waterfront living show at the expo center for our half year anniversary. She loved boats and anything you could do with a boat. The parking lot was jammed and we had to park several blocks away. The sunset was beautiful and it was the perfect time to give her the cross-shaped diamond-chip necklace I'd saved for a month to buy for our anniversary. Her faith was important to her and it took four months to break down her "not until I'm married" barrier and make love to her. The big smile and thankyou kiss Erin hit me with gave a promise that later on I'd be seeing her dressed in nothing but that necklace.

The show was mildly interesting to me, but totally captivating to Erin. When we got to the "Supercraft Sport" area she couldn't hold it in any more and a long, low "Ooooohhhhhh" with some little girl-like hopping got the attention of the bikini clad blonde model showing off the sleek boats. A few minutes of talking with the model and Erin was puppy-dog-eyeing me. I made a decent living, but these boats were out of my range. The model, Kelly, saw the disappointment in Erin's eyes as I shook my head and told her "Next year maybe". Kelly asked Erin to walk to the other side of the display to see some houseboats and the two wandered off, leaving me to hope that I had not screwed up my luck for the rest of the night.

A few minutes later Erin was bouncing back my way with a big smile on her face. "Honeeeeeeyyyyyy, can we go to meet the owner of the boat company? Kelly says that he's looking for new models and I would be great at doing this for a few shows a year!!! And they let you use the boats on weekends if you do a good job modeling!!" I couldn't refuse those incredible eyes in that cute face, not to mention the sight of that cross necklace glittering in her bouncing cleavage. I was doomed to go along with her and I knew it.

Kelly led us away from the Supercraft area and into a parking garage, to a large black limo with blacked-out windows. Erin and I both slammed a few glasses of the expensive looking champagne on the short ride to the owner's place. Kelly kept chattered about how great it was to work for Supercraft, and how fun the benefits were, until the car stopped in another garage. The driver, a short blonde girl with sharp brown eyes, opened the door and wished Erin a "spectacular night", but didn't even spare a look for me. Something started going off in my brain as I realized that Kelly was no longer looking at or talking to me and neither was Erin, for that matter. Kelly had Erin's total attention, and my mind was telling me to stop this and take my girl home.

Kelly led us out of the garage into a walled courtyard leading to the house. The courtyard was a full-blown party area with a pool, hot tub, massive grill bar against one wall. A light R&B tune floated from speakers that I couldn't see. A corner of the courtyard was partially blocked by silky red hangings that rippled with the warm night breeze. As we rounded the corner of the hangings we saw a low, huge bed covered with velvety black sheets. Two girls in bikinis were lounging on the bed, tall glasses in their hands. At a gesture from Kelly they got up and giggled themselves into the house, with a backward glance at Erin just before they got out of sight. I realized that I had voices yelling at me, telling me to get Erin's attention and get her out of there. I ignored the warning voices.

Then He was there. A handsome dark-skinned black man, well over six feet tall, wearing a loose pair of white swim trunks, the rest of his chiseled body slowly revealed as he stepped forward into the courtyard lighting. He stood there for half a minute, looking at Erin with elevator eyes. I saw that Kelly was looking at Erin too, watching her reactions. Erin fidgeted, shifting from foot to foot and bouncing a little, but not looking away from Him. Finally he spoke, and if his physical presence demanded that you look at him, his voice commanded that you listen to him. "I am Lord James. Welcome to my home. Kelly make him comfortable." I felt Kelly take my hand and lead me to sit in a chair near the bed.

Kelly opened a fruit drink pouch, jammed a straw into it and dropped it in my lap before she turned back to Him. At his nod she poured a poured a drink from the pitcher next to me and walked back to Erin. I watched Kelly raise the drink to Erin's lips in slow motion, the voices in my head drowning out all other sounds. I couldn't move or break the spell that held me. Erin took a long pull from the glass, which Kelly took back. "Leave us but stay close" rumbled that voice. I swear I heard Kelly whisper "You will be his best yet" to Erin before she left through the archway. The voices in my head stopped long enough to let me hear that to give me one last chance, I think.

"So you want to be a model for my company, do you?" As commanding as His presence was, I could only watch Erin. Her fidgeting had stopped suddenly, her arms moving loosely at her side, and giving a slight toss to her hair she replied "Yes Sir." A chuckle from his direction and then it started for real: "My name is Lord James to you. To be with me you will listen carefully and do as I wish". Erin tossed her hair again and looked directly into his eyes "Yes Lord James".

It was at that point I noticed her nipples were poking through her bra and sundress. Erin's nipples rarely got hard, even during our love making, and never enough to see through two layers of clothing. "Turn" came the command, and Erin slowly turned to display her trim body, making a second revolution with her arms slowly moving above her head. "Show me your body" and in seconds her light blue sundress was pooled around her sandaled feet, leaving Erin wearing only her pink bra and panty set. And the cross necklace.

She stood there, nipples pointing at Lord James. I realized that it was still possible that he was only interviewing her for the modeling job. After all, Kelly and the other Supercraft models were wearing bikinis at the show. My mind squashed its warning voices into a mumble and I made myself focus on watching Erin. Auburn hair gleaming in the dim light of the party lamps half covered her face. I saw her licking her lips. Erin's gaze had moved from Lord James' face to his swim trunks. Something big was in there. The way she kept licking her lips I had no doubt this was far beyond a job interview.

Five minutes ago we were stepping out of the limo in the garage, and now she was laser locked on another man's erection and immediately obeying every word he said. It was unreal but not much of a shock when that voice directed her next move. "Show me everything". Erin stepped out of her sandals, leaving them under her sundress, slowly stretched her arms behind and unhooked her bra and shrugged it forward, letting it hang off the top of her boobs, before shimmying it off to join the dress. One hand hooked in the side of her panties, and they were gone. Naked in front of Lord James. Except for the necklace.

"What do you wish for?" carried across the curtained off area, in a low tone that required an immediate answer. Erin had not looked away from those tented white trunks once while removing her clothes. In a dreamy voice she replied "To be with you Lord James." My worst fears were falling into place. My girlfriend was naked in front of a rich, powerful black man, and completely oblivious to my presence. Those fears suddenly paled beside the nightmare that began when Lord James spoke next:

"I will be your new God. You will belong only to me."

I should have shouted. I should have said something. I should have got up and broken her trance. Looking back, I could have done so many things to change it. But instead I sat there, staring through eyes that were starting to cry, as He stepped up to her, took her hand, and led her to the bed, right in front of me. Without a word He had her kneeling on the black velvet bed cover, her face now nearly level with the white cloth covering Lord James' hard cock. Erin's nipples were pointing straight out and her hand began to move toward the crotch of those white trunks. A large black hand descended and, covering my girlfriend's hand, moved it back down to her lap. "Only my disciples have the privilege of the Revealing. I require that you offer your breasts to me and look me in the eyes as I remove my clothing." The raw strength in that voice made me put a hand on my own chest and look into His eyes too. The rustle of cloth hitting the floor meant that Lord James was now naked too.

"Close your eyes and don't move until I tell you otherwise" brought me back to myself a little. I looked at Erin. Her hands were under her boobs, holding them up to Him, her face was tilted up toward His, eyes closed, wisps of her hair falling over her face as a small smile appeared. Her back was to me and hid most of Lord James from me, but I saw his arm reach down, and I knew he was feeling my girlfriend's pussy. "You are wet and ready Erin. I appreciate that in my followers. And you are smooth shaved, just as I require".

It was like a physical blow to my mind. Erin was smooth shaved? Since when? Did she do it for our anniversary? Had she finally given in to me begging her to shave smooth? Worst of all, how did He know Erin's name? I hadn't spoken. She had not said her name. Kelly was with us the whole time since we met up, and she hadn't contacted anybody! All these thoughts flew through my mind, but were chased out immediately.

"Keep your eyes closed and lay back." Erin just fell over backwards, still holding her boobs in both hands, eyes shut tight. Her hair was all over the place, the smile still there. I watched as He untucked her legs from beneath her bubble butt, and started slowly pulling them up into a V shape, drawing her ass near the edge of the bed and getting to his knees between her long legs. Then I saw the GodCock. I made a small groan at the sight of it. Erin didn't seem to hear me, but Lord James directed a fierce glare my way, and I went very still. It was like a tube of chocolate steel with prominent veins, tapering only slightly before the darker colored mushroom head. It was long, very thick, and rampant. I could almost feel its heat across the bed. It was the cock of a God and it wanted my girlfriend.

As Lord James brushed the head up and down over her pussy lips Erin's hands moved to her spiked up nipples. Pulling and tugging with her pretty manicured nails she started groaning. Long Oooohs and Aahhhs with each stroke of the GodCock on her outer lips. After about 10 strokes up and down her groans started to form words. "Pleeeeeeesssssssssss" and "doooo ittttttt" were all it took to invite the religious experience to start for real. Lord James pulled back and aimed the head at her pussy and started to gently move forward. As the head pried apart her slick lips, Erin's eyes snapped wide open, her head jerked back, and she was looking right at me. I don't think I registered on her brain at all, as He pushed the GodCock steadily into my girlfriend. Her mouth was opened into an O shape, and other than a little squeal when he pulled back a few inches, she didn't make a sound.

"Close your eyes or I will pull out and you will never know." Her eyes closed slowly and her smile returned as Lord James began short strokes in and out of Erin. She was moaning and begging for Him to never stop. I could see that he was only using a third of that tube on her at that point. It seemed like five minutes and I knew Erin had already cum harder for Him than she ever did for me. One longer push and he was in her with about six inches. She shrieked. Not a scream; a shriek. As he pulled back and pushed back in her legs came down and she wrapped them around His back. He worked that cock in and out of her again and again.

Erin started to lose it then. Her head whipped side to side on the bed and her arms went out to her side first, then up above her head. It was the submission movement Lord James was waiting for. With incredible control, He pushed hard, leaving a few inches of the GodCock still out of Erins pussy. She started gasping and then babbling nonsense words between her gasps. Her body was humping up into His and she was fucking herself silly. "Do you love how you feel Erin?" came the inquisition, just as she peaked, her body shuddering and then pulling right back up onto His cock to get more. Her breathing was short gasps, filled with little sounds. He asked her again and she exploded onto the GodCock, screaming "Yessssssssssss I love youuuuuuu!!"

Then He started fucking her. He used it all. Long strokes in and out. Each one drawing Erin closer to an immense climax: smaller cums that would have seemed mind blowing half an hour earlier. They built upon each other. Erin was cumming nonstop, lost completely in the world of Lord James and His GodCock. She was crying from sheer ecstasy, her body shaking, trembling with each new invasion, going higher and higher...until....Lord James pushed in one last time and held the GodCock in my girlfriends pussy. Erin went over the top on the black cock, her body stiffening and relaxing violently several times. Her eyelids flew open and her eyes had rolled up. Her intense climax made her grunt with each body spasm that took her.

Lord James lay Himself down on Erin, completing the conquest with a kiss on the lips, which she couldn't even respond to at that point. I could see the spasms still shaking her body under His weight. Erin was still cumming! I guess it was like aftershocks. Her breathing still came in gasps, now her eyes closed again. Lord James was whispering something in her ear. When she opened her eyes I could tell that she was looking into His eyes. "I do" was the only thing she said, between ragged breaths. Lord James pulled His body up and Erin was allowed to see his GodCock for the first time. It was still magnificent and hard. "Oh my God" was her reaction.
Lord James only smiled, said "Yes I am" and walked away.

Kelly got me into the limo, and told the blonde driver to blindfold me and take me back to the expo center. Neither of them spoke to me or looked at me beyond what was necessary to cover my head. I was dropped off at a small park within sight of the expo center, pulled out of the car and made to kneel on the ground, counting to 30 before I could remove the blindfold. As I knelt there my hands went through my pockets, for something to do to calm me.

It was then I found the empty box that had held the cross-shaped diamond necklace I had given Erin a short time ago. Erin, my.....ex.
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So damn hot!
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sad... just sad...
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hot story
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That was really good
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I like your "Erin" series. I love the notion of ownership and worship. I think everyone should own and be owned.
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thats crazy how she gave in.. real good tho..
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We all dream of experiencing the godcock . . . hot
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I like it.I was dripping pre cum by the end lol.
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Very good story
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Very good story
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I loved it. Thanks for sharing.
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I love it when girls let their instincts take over and just let it happen. So much easier to show them the way.
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now thats hot! she knew what was coming and became obsessed with his bbc!! good for kelly to get Erin's mind right!
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Great story! Lord James and is GodCock have me mesmerized. Erin.