Master and slave #1

As she laid there naked reading her romantic novel peacefully in the couch she didn't hear him slowly walking up behind her. He sneak up to where she is laying, he grabs her hands and pins them down , slowly works his way where he's in front of her smiling with his fangs showing. She gasps from when he grabs her hands and being pinned down she looks at him with her soft blue eyes then smiles back and ask's "what do you plan on doing mister ". He reply's back to her with just a smile as he moved his face closer to her's and slowly opens his mouth and slowly drags his fangs across her neck making her body quiver beneath him. AS she lay's there she slowly gets this tingling sensation over her body causing her nipples slowly to grow in size and it slowly travels down her body towards her pelvic area where she slowly gets wet from it.
she bites her lower lip as she watch's him helplessly. He slowly kisses down her chest as he holds her hands above her head. With his free hand he slowly pinch's her nipple and twists it making her whimper a little bit. As he does that her eyes slowly change from a soft blue to a blueish green colour. He grabs some rope and ties her hands together above her head and ties it to one of the legs of the couch she is laying on. He slowly runs his nails down her chest making goosebumps raise all over her body, she lets out another whimper as she lays there enjoying what is being done to her. He takes another piece of rope and ties her leg down to one side of the couch then does the same to the other leg.
He pulls out candles from a bag that he put next to the couch and sets them on the floor. Then he pulls out a knife, a lighter, needles that were in a glass jar, then pulls out a gag ball, and then a flogger. He then slowly places them into a neat row on how he's going to use them on her. He reach's for the flogger and slowly flogs her chest making it a bit red as he moves his hand back and forth flogging her chest. As she watch she couldn't help but let out little whimper's here and there as he was doing it. She watch's him slowly flog her stomach then down across her pelvic where the thread's slowly hit across her clit making her whimper more then ever as she feels her self get wetter as he does it.
He hers her whimpering from him flogging her, he puts the flogger down and then reach's for the needles and slowly takes one out of the jar and slowly pinch's the skin on her breast and slowly pushes the needle through her skin making her body twitch as he does he grabs another one from the jar and slowly makes a ring around each of her nipples making her slowly moan out. He sits there letting her body calm down from him putting needles into her chest. After he let her body calm down he reach's for the candle and lights it and slowly drips wax over her nipples making them hard all over again which causes her to moan out loudly.
He sits the candle down and reach's for the gag ball and puts it into her mouth and goes back to dripping wax over her nipples then slowly down her stomach. He slowly makes a ring of wax on her stomach as her moans are muffled by the gag ball in her mouth. As she laid there she couldn't help but to thing, "god i want him to do more to me ". Then he slowly drops the wax down her leg then back up the way he came , then he went down the the other side of her leg causing her body to quiver in pleasure as her muffle moans came out. He blows out the candle and sits it down, then he reach's for the knife and slowly slides the cold steel across her flesh cause goosebumps to raise all over her body. He slowly makes little nicks here and there causing her bl**d to raise to the surface on the nicks and cuts.
He then slowly licks the cuts as she moaned more with the gag ball in her mouth. She couldn't help her self no more, as she laid there she slowly gushed from it all making a wet spot under her ass. He slowly licks the cuts down to her pelvic area where he see she as slowly made a wet spot on the couch. He slowly pulls her pussy lips a part and slowly licks her clit causing her body to arc. The more he did the more her body arc in pleasure as she pushes her clit against his tongue. Then he slowly sucks on her clit as he lifts his left hand up and slowly slides his two fingers into her wet tight pussy and slowly rubs her g spot as he sucks and licks her clit.
Now she moaning as loud as she can with the gag ball in her mouth. She slowly start to crave more and more of what he was doing. she didn't want him to stop as she slowly start to climb the hill to her climax. He moved his two fingers faster as he licked her clit faster. In doing so she started to squirt into his mouth as he licked and sucked. As soon as she was down squirting he pull his fingers out of her and licked them and then removes the gag ball and says to his slave " did you enjoy your self my slave" As so she reply's back to him " yes master i enjoyed every minuet of what you did to me"
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