Laptop Love

I try balancing the laptop on my knees as my left hand fumbles through my underwear, fumbling to get a hold of my hard cock to free him from the tighter and tighter confines of my boxer-briefs. All the while, my right hand clicks furiously on the left button of the mouse -- trying to find a pornographic scene that I am satisfied will put me over the top. A scene that is not too long but not too short. A scene that will not only keep my dick hard but also make me so hot, that I will cum like I have never cum before. After clicking through several porn scenes of various genres of perversions, I become frustrated by the lack of hardcore splooge inspiring clips -- not to mention the pain in my knees from balancing the rigid and increasingly hot surface of the posterior portion of my laptop! I settle for a halfway decent scene with a hot but real looking babe performing some sexual act upon some generic guy's rod.

(There is just something about a pretty girl who seems to genuinely enjoy working the dick and balls both orally and digitally. To see the determined fascination in her face and hear her excitedly urge him to shoot his stream of love juice all over her eagerly awaiting face -- it is an indescribably beautiful act of love! You actually start to believe that if the guy does not unleash a massive roping load covering her entire face that she will be utterly disappointed in both her performance and her man's weak cum pumper!)

Gazing at the chosen scene on a wobbling hot laptop upon my sweating knees and thighs, I furiously pump away on my crank like a monkey at the zoo. The harder and faster I stroke the more unstable the laptop balance becomes. I constantly have to stop the knuckle shuffle to slide the computer back atop my damp knees. Immediately I resume my monkey spanking as to not lose that "almost there" sensation. My eyes dart to the play counter on the screen intermittently. I must time my orgasm with the all important cumshot. It is imperative that I shoot my load as I watch the cum fly onto the enthralled girl's face. As the counter nears the end the faster my hand pumps. I'm almost there when I realize I forgot to grab tissues to catch my messy spunk. Sometimes I will reach for the closest item near me that will suffice as a cum rag but other times I just say "Fuck it!", and hike up my shirt (if I have one on) and shoot my hot and sticky load all over my stomach.

After recovering, I look down at the mess I made and immediately feel ashamed at what a pervert I am for the awkward, pathetic and depraved spectacle that just took place. I close the lid of the laptop and proceed to cleanse myself of the cooling jizz upon my stomach (don't forget the navel!). I wonder why I watch such filth, only to end up having to wipe from my skin this gooey substance that, only a few minutes ago, I wanted desperately to shoot out of my penis and upon the virtual woman I so much desired. Reluctantly, I arise from the recliner and make my way, broken and lonely, to the bathroom to finish cleaning the sticky residue off of myself.

This scene will be repeated within a couple of days after my horniness overrides the shameful memories of the previous events.
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4 years ago
well that never happens here