How I lost my Virginity.

I'm a younger b*****r to three older s****rs so naturally i was out of the house a lot of the time. I'd find my way, albeit against my parents wishes, in my fathers shed at the corner of our property. Inside was the usual bench tools on the wall etc etc Here is where i spent most of my time.

Don't worry this will come into the story later.

My next door neighbours are of Polish background. Nice kind f****y, so nice in fact that they invited us over to their special f****y reunion. Where many of their relatives will be flying over. As Australia is so far away from... well everything, you can imagine this would be quite an expensive and rare thing to occur.

At the time i was 17 and recently broke up with my christian girlfriend (thus the virginity was still painfully intact) and the thought of spending a weekend with my f****y and neighbours sounded more of a nightmare than anything else. I'd never expect this to be one of the greatest weekends of my life.

Lets skip to the day shall we?

It was an unusually cold day as we made our way through our backyard. There was freshly mowed grass smell in the air which rose sharply in the cool wind and the sky was overcast in dull grey clouds. The cheap rustic metal gate creaked as i held the gate open for my parents and s****rs to pass through. I looked at the shed. were i'd rather be. this green metallic roof with wooden cracked walls. I'd rather spend my time there listening to calming tunes like Pantera or Slipknot haha. I slammed the gate shut behind me as we made our way through their back yard i could hear them already. The usual loud collaboration of glass clinks, cutlery, chairs rustling and the trademark mass mumbling. We had to pass another fence (We have large areas where we live) which was the terrible brown Colorbond metal fence. We slid the lock off the side and let ourselves in.

There were three large tables with red and white checkers on it with umbrellas with the same pattern, one giant cooler with alot of drinks and about three barbeques with at least two guys at each one... As the charcoal smoke of burnt meat hit my nose mixed with the gluttonous amount of coleslaw being consumed I realised just how truly i didn't want to be there. Luckily though my neighbours dad, who lives elsewhere, is a great guy as he said he has set up the Nintendo 64 downstairs (Yes it was a while ago) and as i walked past him he handed me a beer and said "don't show your dad." With a smile on my face I took the beer and made my way inside and down the stairs into the basement. But i'd never expect to see what i did next.

I expected to see my neighbour, but since he was 19 at the time of course he was elsewhere. But as i walked down the wooden stairs I could hear a girl swearing profusely. Now these stairs circulated at the end, so as i took the last few steps it was more of a slow revealing of the room. The walls were made of stone and it is hard to hear someone coming down the stairs there, let alone if there are people walking on the floorboards above you. There she was. Wearing black jeans and black converse shoes with a white tank top which showed her black bra straps. She was sitting down on a rolled up rug with her back towards me playing Zelda. Learning forward every now and then i saw her shirt rise up revealing pink panties tightly hugging her thin tight frame. I didn't realise it initially but i was truly frozen in a moment. In awe. Or maybe fear. She was sitting alone in a room playing one of my favourite games and looking amazing. I slowly walked into the room and opened my can. Startled by the noise she quickly grabbed something that must have been hidden between her thighs and put it on the opposite side of her, like a quick reflex, before turning to me. As i looked down on her amazing milky skin, brown straight hair and amazing blue eyes. She smiled "oh my god, you scared me" she said in an accent i hadn't heard while pulling out a can of beer from beside her that she "hid" earlier when i walked in. I asked her where she was from and she told me she was Finnish. A swimmer and 16 years old. We talked for ages as i sat next to her we shared playing the game, sneaking more beer, laughing at our families faults and likenesses. Eventually it started raining and everyone came the basement too... our alone time was up, but there was no way i was going to let anything get in the way. This girl was beautiful, we shared interests, laughed at the same things, and more importantly i may only see her for one weekend in my life.

I took her by the hand and said "come with me." although in an innocent 17 year old almost a question "come with me?" kind of way. She froze with a dead pan expression for a second, probably more startled than anything but the second seemed like an eternity. Then she did this crooked cheeky grin and said almost like a whimpering whisper "yea". I led her out into the rain. I don't know how no one noticed, or maybe they did and didn't think twice of it, either way doesn't matter. I led here across the yards... I wanted to take her to the shed just so we can be alone together but she quickly pulled on my arm. As i turned around she jumped into me her legs around my waist and arms hugging my head and neck. I caught her as she smiled at me face to face in my arms. We kissed, a beautiful kiss in the rain from two young lovers sharing a once in a lifetime opportunity... and let me tell you. It is one that i don't think has been beaten to this day. I could feel the energy between us. The rain had no affect on the heat we made between us as she slid her hand through my hair i felt her legs and thighs with hands as she squeezed me tight. Her lips were soft and her tongue was smooth. I felt her leg shake next to me as she dropped down to the ground and quickly said "take me to where you were going". I hadn't noticed before, but the rain has fully soaked her shirt now and i could see her bra clearly through her top as her shirt stuck to her skin. That alone would have been enough of reason to take her then and there but i ran (yes i really did run) to the shed and she followed. As i was opening the door i realised that somewhere along the way she took her top off. I noticed as i was half way through pulling the latch across and when i noticed her I froze again and just stood there staring at her. She laughed and then slowly touched my shoulder and slid her hand down my arm pushing her breasts against my back as she leaned in. She slowly slid her hand down over my hand which was still holding the latch to the door. She squeezed my fingers together and unlocked the latch with my hand as the door became ajar. I kissed her again there as i blindly kicked the door open with my foot then, still kissing entered the shed and kicked the door shut again.

She fiercely pushed me against the shut door (which later I discovered caused bruising but due to adrenaline and lust did not feel at the time). She put her hands on either shoulder as she again slid her hands down my arms. With my hands in hers she directed me to grope her breasts while she leaned in and kissed my neck. She reached back and removed her bra as we let in fall to the floor her breasts bounced out in to my hands. she placed her hands on my waist pushing her breasts together with her arms as she did so. Her breasts were soft and her nipples were hard although a little cold so i lent down and began kissing softly across her cleavage and down over nipples as i sucked them i could feel the warmth come back to her breasts. I felt her hands slide inwards from my waist and slide under my shirt as she lifted up revealing my chest. She kissed my stomach and made her way up following her hands as more and more of my flesh was revealed until she pulled my shirt over my head. Then she worked her way back down her path slower and more sensual i could feel her tongue on my skin. She undid my belt as i kick my shoes off using my feet. I felt her unzip my pants as she gently pulled on either side of the fabric slowly pulling my pants over my hard cock. Once off all that i was wearing was my cotton boxers. I felt the warmth of her hand through my boxers as she felt the shape and outline of me through the material. "you're big" she said as she grinned and kissed my now fully hard cock on the head through the fabric. I closed my eyes and breathed in, smelling the paint and wood chippings of the room. Listening to the rain on a tin roof and feeling a gorgeous girl reaching into my boxers and wrap her hand around my dick. I am surprised i didn't climax right there and then. She started to pull on me, but as i was un-cut it hurt a little. I told her how to do better and to spit for lube and she said "im sorry, ive only been with one guy, and he was circumcised." she paused and looked down then looked up at me again "I think yours looks better" we laughed and then she grabbed me by the hips and put half of me in her mouth.
I could feel her soft tongue glide over my head as she pulled back. Her lips hugged my shaft as she sucked i could feel the pressure on my cock as she sensually and slowly pulled away. She did this a couple of times and each time i moaned in delight. Then licking from The base of my shaft just near my balls and up to the top my head she moved her tongue and lips before putting me in her mouth. I lent hard against the wall thrusting toward her as i looked down into her beautiful blue eyes looking back at me i place my hand on the back of her head and another one on her breast. We moaned together...

Fearing i might climax soon. Which i surely would with a goddess like her sucking between your legs. I pulled her up and kissed her as i undid her zipper revealing her pink panties. I turned her around with her zipper undone as i rested my head on her hip, hugging her from the back. She place her hand on the back of my head as i pulled her jeans down i kissed her hip and slowly licked and pecked my way to the front. I pulled her jeans off and laid them on the wood work table. I kissed right above her pantie line as i slowly pulled them down my lips and tongue followed. Slowly revealing her shaved tight pussy. She even had a cute freckle on her left side just near her thigh. So amazing. I lifted her un and sat her down on the table where i placed her jeans before. She spread her legs revealing herself to me. She was so wet i could see her pussy juices flowing already as i went down on her. She tasted sweet and very very wet. As i licked her clit i looked up and saw her throw her head back and moan as she placed her hand on my head pushing me down burying my face into her pussy. I licked and sucked her clit while she moaned until she pulled my head up and whispered in my ear "fuck me"

With my cock hard i slowly pushed my cock into her pussy. I couldn't believe i was finally doing it. She arched her back and told me to hold her leg as she moved into a better position. Then i started to thrust as she held her right breast with one hand she grabbed the back of my head with the other and pulled me in close. "faster faster" she said as her hand went from the back of my head to her clit i could her fingers moving furiously. her legs squeezed tightly against me. I could feel her breath get heavy as her breasts heaved in and out with every gasp. Her eyes shut and she threw her head back as she climaxed and came over my hard cock. I didn't know what to do so i just kept thrusting until she said "stop stop stop" quickly as i pulled out quickly thinking i may have hurt her. "are you ok?" i said as she just lifted her head up from the table and smiled then put her head back and said "give me a minute" while breathing heavily. She grabbed my hands and held them to her breasts, she was still breathing heavy.

She sat up and started jerking me off. She said she didn't want to give me head after she came on me and i said that's fine, although at 17 i would be happy if the story ended there.

"now lets see if we can help make this cock cum" she said. And by the grace of god just hearing her say that could have made me cum right then and there. She knelt down and pushed her breasts into my balls and legs as she spat on my cock and started to jerk me off. She kept going saying "do you like this? does this feel good?" and me barely responding with my voice breaking through climatic emotions "y-yea" and "oh...god yes." I think she just wanted to her me speak while she had me in this position. "oh god im going to cum" I said as she pushed her breasts out and kept rubbing my cock i cam across her breasts. With every burst she kept moving my cock across her chest, covering herself fully in my cum. Still smiling that wonderful smile and staring up at me with those deep beautiful blue eyes.

I let her use our shower and we then had sex in there again. And once more the next night. She didn't know, but did guess, that i was a virgin and she was so happy to have taken it from me and I was too. It almost broke my heart on the Sunday watching her pack and go. We shared a moment so sexually innocent and wonderful.

Still to this day I have never had an experience like her... nor have i seen her again.
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wow, lovely story, sweet and hot at the same time :)
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Love it :)
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Wow thank you all so much for the nice comments!
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Good one!
Thanks for sharing.
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There are so few first ones!! Thanks yours was great!
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I loved your story.
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Great story.
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very good