adult book store

There's an adult bookstore by my house that I would go to all the time to buy magazines art. I had been there numerous times and always just got the magazines and left. Well one night I'm in there and I see numerous people going to the hallway and to the arcade. Now I pictured this like a bunch of people in one room, but I was curious so I walked down there. They had all the video covers in a glass case and what channel they were on. So i find a booth where you latch a rope for privacy then they have little stools and it costs a dollar for one hundred sec of porn. Stop i put some money in and I start to get hard, I'm 18 at the time and hard as a rock. So I turn up the volume a bit and unzip my pants and pull out my nine inch, cut, smooth, cock. I jerk it up and down and I'm surfing through the channels when i come across some bi sex . It has a room full of people going at it and I'm amazed to see a video of guys doing this stuff to each other, it gets me super horny and hard. I jack off harder and harder, there's a window thing next to me where i could see my reflection for awhile. Then after I'm concentrating on getting off i notice that this glass window no longer had my reflection in it, it's the next booth over and the man in there is doing what I'm doing, only he's not watching his screen, he's focused on me. I pretend like i don't see him, my heart starts beating faster. What should i do? Should i leave? , should i pull my pants up? I decide that I'm going to let this old guy enjoy himself. If he can get off by watching me then I'm going to give him a show. I pull my pants down further and start to play with my ass,i make it obvious,I shove my hand down there and stick a finger deep, then deeper in my tight hole. Playing with my opening,i lick and bite my lips as i enjoy it more and more, also to tease my neighbor who i can tell is more focused on me now. I keep changing the channels, stroking my cock, and fingering my tight hole at the same time, then all of a sudden the guy knocks on my window,i stop and look around surprised that the window was there. He makes a hand motion of something,I didn't know what, and i thought he was saying thanks for the show you put on so I gave him a thumbs up. Next thing you know my latch is coming undone, then being secured again. I pull my shirt over my exposed Dick and balls and it's the neighbor, he doesn't say anything, he just kneels down and lifts up my shirt and takes my cock in his hand. The man is in his late forties, has grey hair, and a good body for a man his age. He looks at my cock glistening in his hand and strokes it up and down a few times. He traces along the head and down to my balls with his finger. He loss at my face, tells me I'm fucking hot, then puts his mouth onto my cock. He goes all the wast down the first time, then back up slow, swirling his tounge around as he does. He hours on to give some amazing head, then his other hand caresses my balls, then works down to my ass. I had never had anyone touch my butt before,i was just teasing him but i guess her thought this was what i wanted. It made me squirm atty first but i relaxed as he rubbed my opening, then slowly put Finger inside me. He kept sucking as his finger plunged in and out of me, it felt weird at first but them started to feel good, still a bit awkward but eventually i started to gyrate my hips into his finger to Getty it in there faster and deeper.
He started to suck faster and faster and i told him i was gonna cumbut her kept going, i felt my balls explode and released one, two, three huge streams into his mouth, he slowed down a but to swallow all of it,i can't believe he got it all down. I thought he was going to want me to jerk him off or something but he just put his hand on my head and gave me a wink and then left. I zipped up my pants and walked out, as i left i was being stared at by a bunch of old men. I realized that being 18 in here as well as being tall and dark, with gentle features i was going to attract a lit of attention, and i can't go to this arcade without someone intruding on me to give me a blowjob.
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1 year ago
great story
1 year ago
Great story. Love the booths myself. Nothing better than anon sex with men. Thanks for posting Rickyrosay.

2 years ago
2 years ago
May I suck your cock hard? After your story, it's the least I could do.
2 years ago
wish I could have been there.
2 years ago
you nughty boy
2 years ago
Very hot, brings back memories!
2 years ago
IK would too just to have a cock cum in my mouth thats heaven to me
2 years ago
love arcades