My mom's new daughter part 2

Me and my s****r had a day.come firday,We started out the day by her telling me to go and take a bath while she picked out my clothes and so i went to the bathroom and started running my water hen she walked in and started putting some kind of oil in my water and told me she had brung me a razor to shave all the hair off of my legs and all my lower part of my body.I did'nt have much anyway so it did'nt take long to do.while i was doing all of this the whole time my little dick was getting harder and harder.I was finishing up when my s****r walked in and asked me what i was doing.She just sort of stood in the door and watched as my little dick was as hard as a rock.i could see that her little nipples were getting hard and i asked her if she was going to stay or leave and she just sit down and watched me as i finished off my little job of taking a bath.i stood up and she started to dry me off and my little dick started to get hard again and i told her i would finish.So she left and i wrapped the towel around me and went to her bedroom where she had all these clothe layed out for me and all of her makeup on her dresser.
My s****r,O'I forgot to tell her name .It is Sarah and im Rick.But my mom and s****r call me rachel.So Sarah and me was in the bedroom and she started picking up the things she wanted me to put on and she started with a black bikini's and told me to put them on and then she handed me a nice lace bra and told me to put it on.Then Sarah told me to sit down and we was going to put on some makeup to make me look real sexy.Sarah started with my eyes and eyelashesand then eye liner and then my checks.then she picked out some lipstick that was a red color.and showed me how to do my lips to make it look right.then she went to my mom's bedroom and came back with a blonde wig and put it on my head and brushed it out.She then told me to stand up and let her see how i looked and she said i was beautiful and then she went to her bed and picked up this tiny little dress and it was little she told me to put it on and then she handed me a white silk shirt that was almost see threw.and told me to put it on and then some highheels.At about that time the doorbell rang and we both went down stairs to see who it was and it was one of my dads friends looking for him.and Sarah told him that mom and dad was'nt here and he asked who i was and my s****r told him a friend from school staying the weekend and he said was very cute and asked what my name was and i tol him Rachel.He then gave my s****r a hug and then hugged me.I could tell he was trying to fell of me and my s****r seen that and started laughing and he told my s****r that he would call my dad later and told us not to get into any troulbe and smiled and left.
Well as the day went on it started getting late and my s****r asked me if ii wanted to sl**p with her so i said yes and we both went to her rooma nd climb into her bed and watched tv until i fell asl**p and i awoke to my mom standing in the doorlooking at us both in bed.I asked her how the night was and i could see right threw her dress the way the light from the hall was and i want to see myself in that same dress that showed so much of her.Anyways she tells us goodnight and walks down the hall to her room and as she went down the hall i got up to go to the bathroom and as i walked in she walked out of her room and came into the bathroom and asked me why i had my s****rs clothes on.she told me to raise my little dress and show her what i had on underneath and she was suprised at what she seen.She told me i looked so good and the black bikini's made my ass look real good and i was smiling then and she told me that it was going to be are secert and i was going to have to do something for her to keep it a secert.And i told her i would do whatever to keep it from dad.And she left to go to bed and i used the bathroom and started to leave and my dad came to the door and walked in to the bathroom and i was suprised and he asked me who i was and i told him i was a frind of Sarahs and i was spending the night and he told me that i looked real good in the dress and shirt and he walked pas me and patted me on my ass and sort of looked real hard at the dress and my fine body and just smile and told me i was very sexy.I think he had to much to drink but anyway i act like i drop something and bent over to pick it up and he say all of my nice little ass and my black bikini'sand i could see he was getting hard so i left to go to bed and i went and climb back into bed with my s****r and reached over and grabbed her and told her what happened between me and dad and mom.She said she would take care of that and told me to go to sl**p.So the next morning i got up before everyone else and took a bath and cleaned up and went down stairs i still had my s****rs bikinis on and my mom asked me how my night was and i told her ok.Then my s****r came down and my mom asked her what we done last night and she told her what she found out and my mom said she new and i was going to pay for that and from now on i was going to be the new s****r of the house and my name was going to be rachel.Then my dadd walked in and asked how everyone was doing this morning and told my mom that he was running late for work so he could'nt eat breakfast so he hurried out the door to work.My mom turned to me and said tht i was to do whatever she needed of me today and her and my s****r was going to dress me right.And i asked what she ment.
My mom is very sexy and a pitie woman with some nice size breast.they are 34c and she has a very thin waist she is about 5' tall and maybe 100 s****r is about her same size except for my s****rs breast are a little bigger than my mom's.Anyway back to what my mom and s****r had for me to do to day.She told me that i was going to be her model for my s****r and her friends cheerleading dresses.And that i was going to have to go with her and Sarah to get the material at the store and i was going to wear what they picked out.So i could'nt say anything or they would have told dad.and so i said ok.
Mom told me and Sarah to go up stairs and start getting ready.and she would be up to help in a minute.So Sarah took my hand and said to come on Rachel were going to go and get dressed up.So we went up stairs and mom showed up and told me to go to her room and get i went to her room and took all my clothes off except the bikini's.and they both came in and started pulling clothes mom pulled out a pink bra and bikini the bikin's looked like athong and my mom told me to put those on and to sit in the chair for my s****r to start on my makeup.So i was sitting waiting on my s****r to finish my makeup and my mom was still pulling out clothes for me.Mom started with a white minishirt and then a black sheer silk shirt that you could see threw and then she went and got a box out of her closet and opened it and handed me these 2 bobs made of jell.and told me to put them in my i did it and she said they made my breast look bigger.So,I put the shirt on and the dress and then my mom gave me some high heels that were black and sort of tall and i put them on and she told me i look real cute and just like a girl from sarahs school.and i just smiled and went on.By then sarah was finished with my makeup and i went and sit down and waited for them to get dressed .i watched as my mom took her clothes off and i could feel my little dick getting hard and i just sit and watched she got ready and told me to go and get my s****r s i went dwn the hall to sarah room and walked in andshe was standing in the mirror looking at her self with nothing on and her boobs were sticking out with her nipples hard as a rock and i watched as she turned to me and told me she would be ready in a minute and to watch so i would know how to get dress for my self.andshe got dressed.and we ll went downstairs and went out to the car.

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I like where you are going with this.
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Another good story.
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Mmm nice