Girlfriend's 1st Bi experience/My first 3sum

This is a story about our first time with another woman.

It was NYE and we were both feeling pretty good. I had already filled up her pussy with 4 loads of cum during the day/evening. We went over to the bar at the resort where we were staying for the NYE party. As with any party, there was a lot of drinking and dancing. Not long after midnight, an older woman (47) started to grind on my gf. My gf has always been curious about being with another woman, especially an older one. I could tell that my gf was starting to get turned on and not long after they started dancing, they excused themselves to the bathroom. I got another drink and after about 10 minutes, they appeared, rather flush in the face. My gf came up and whispered in my ear that we were invited back to her room for an "after party." We got our coats and walked with her to her room. She poured a few glasses of champagne and immediately began to undress. My gf and I quickly followed suit and before I knew it, the girls were wearing nothing but stockings and wildly making out on the bed. I pulled a chair up to the side of the bed to watch the show. My gf was now on her back with her legs spread wide with our new friend kissing around her pussy, running her fingers through my gfs neatly trimmed pussy fur. My gf moaned loudly and bucked her hips when her new lady lover ran her tongue up from her rosebud to her clit. Our new friend ate my gf out for about ten minutes, the entire time my gf was writhing with pleasure on the bed. They switched positions and my gf began her descent down our new friend's body, kissing and sucking her nipples, then moving down to her also, well groomed pussy. My gf went mad with lust as her first taste of pussy enflamed her carnal desire to eat pussy! I was beyond hard at this point, so much so that my cock was hurting and I had the worst case of blue balls known to man. I got up and went to slide my cock into my gf from behind when our new lover looked my dead in the eyes and said "Oh no, not yet. There's more that we want to do before you get that big, hard cock wet!" Taken aback and even more turned on by my mild chastisation, I returned to my seat to see her get up, instruct my gf to do the same and swiftly slide between my gf's legs so that their pussies were mashed together. They both began gyrating their hips in rhythm in the hottest trib sequence I have ever seen! The sheets beneath them were soaked and both pussies glistened with the other's sweet pussy nectar. I almost couldn't take it anymore; it was just too fucking hot! After they were nice and sweaty, the sheets were destroyed and both pussies thoroughly satisfied, our new lover got up and kneelt down in front of me and took my cock in her mouth. My gf was hot on her tail and without hesitation started licking my balls. They proceeded to share my cock switching mouths between kissing each other. I really have no idea how I didn't blow my load in seconds... After about 10 minutes of this, our new lover grabbed hold of my cock and looked at my gf. With the most innocent eyes (but not really) she asked my gf "Sweetie, do you mind if your bf puts this, big, hot cock in my pussy? It's been so long since my husband fucked me and I've never had a cock as big as this young stallion's." With the most lustful look I've ever seen on my gf she responded "Oh, yes! But only if I get to guide him in!" With that, our lover got up and laid on her back on the bed, spreading her legs wide for me, displaying her oh, so steamy furry pussy. My gf grabbed me by the cock and damn near ripped it off as she pulled me from the chair. We got onto the bed, by gf gave our lover a hot tongue kiss, then rubbed my cock head on her clit. She ever so slowly slid my cock into our lover's tight, furry, mature pussy, looked me in the eyes and said "FUCK HER!" Without any hesitation I started slowly pumping my cock into her gradually picking up speed and depth. Within a minute or so, our lady started moaning wildly, loving every thrust I gave her. She especially loved when I slowly pulled out, leaving just the head inside, paused, then slammed my cock into her hard and deep then gyrated my hips with my cockhead rubbing her cervix. It really had been a long time since she had gotten a good fucking. My gf got on top of our lover and started making out with her. I looked down seeing my cock in one pussy and another pussy dying to have me in it. I pulled my cock out and put it in my gf's, gave her a few hard thrusts and smacked her ass before shoving it back into our lover. I gripped my cock at the base and alternated between the two pussies until my gf climbed off. She started rubbing our lover's clit while I fucked her. My gf looked at our lover and coolly asked her "Do you want my bf's cum in your pussy?" Our lover practically screamed, begging my gf to let me cum inside her. My gf looked at me and said "Fill her hot pussy full of your cum, I know you want to." That was it, I couldn't last an instant longer and with a few more thrusts, I plowed my cock deep into our lover and shot torrent after torrent of cum deep inside of her. I damn near collapsed after the f***e of my orgasm. I pulled out and not a second later, my gf was lapping up the cum that had spilled out of our lover's pussy. When she was satisfied with her treat, she got up and started sharing it with our lover. Had I not been so damned exhausted from my now waning orgasm, I would have cum again, just from watching them. We didn't bother cleaning up, but instead, the girls had a quick pee (together of course) and they rejoined me in bed, still wearing nothing but stockings. We all drifted asl**p, a woman in each of my arms reveling in our post-coital bliss. The morning after is another story...
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