Summoned by my Mistress

The message from my Mistress was quite specific; I was to arrive at 6 pm, and not a minute earlier;
I must have stood on the street corner for 10 minutes before approaching the house and nervously rang the doorbell. The butterflies in my stomach were doing somersaults as I waited.

The door finally opened and before me stood a vision of pure beauty. Wearing 6 inch killer heels on her feet, her legs encased in shear black nylon, a black tight satin pencil skirt and scarlet red satin blouse. Her make-up was flawless and her he blond hair flowing freely over her shoulders. “Strip” was all she said as I closed the door. I was told in her message that if I spoke just once the session would be over & I would never see this goddess again. I took off my clothes and neatly folded them and put them on the chair by the door. A heavy leather collar was then fastened around my neck & I knew it would not be removed until my Mistress released me from her service. I was lead into a basement, placed into a small metal cage and the lights turned off; I was now alone with my own thoughts for company as to what she had planned for me.

I have no idea how long I was in the cage but my mistress returned, and tuning on the lights I could see that she had changed into a tight latex catsuit, with thigh high boots, still with a killer heels. She simply pointed to a pile of clothing, and I knew to put them on; a deep satin suspender belt with six straps, shear black stockings, high heels (Which I’d never worn before) and a pair of long satin gloves, and finally a Ring Gag. After putting the gloves on she fastened cuffs around my wrists which were the same kind as my collar; I was then lead through her dungeon to an old fashioned wooden Pillory, I stumbled slightly in and the heels they took some getting used to. I meekly bent forwards and placed my neck and wrists in the hollows before the top section was lowered & secured, my legs were also secured to the sides of the pillory so I could not move at all.

Just then the door to the Dungeon opened and a second mistress walked in also wearing a latex catsuit, but with dark hair tied tightly into a bun on the top of her head, she scared me as her make-up was rather over the top & excessive, and as I’d never been double domme’d before I was nervous. But before I could react a cane swished through the air and made contact with my buttocks. The pain was immense as I was not prepared for it and as I kept my eyes on this new mistress as she too picked up and cane and disappeared behind me.

I don’t know how long they kept the punishment up, & I had lost count of the amount of strokes I had taken, but I could feel one of them rub some cold balm or oil onto my skin. My mistress then stood in front of me and unzipped part of her catsuit and out came her huge cock; it made me feel ashamed that mine was pathetically small compared to this gorgeous goddess and before I could gaze upon it for too long, she f***ed it into my mouth past the ring gag. I then discovered that the second mistress was also a transsexual when she stood in front of me and my own mistress took up position behind me and started to fuck me. I had never even thought of being spit-roasted by two transsexual dominatrix before, but I was in heaven, I sucked for all my worth on the cock in my mouth, I was a wanton slut to these two cocks & I did not want this evening to end.

They exited the dungeon and left me there in the pillory turning off the lights, I had been used and abused, a true sissy slut.

I awoke some time later in a bed, I had no recollection of being moved but I was now lying in a four-poster bed, realising I was tied spread eagle, and with a penis gag in my mouth; seeing I was awake my mistress drew back the curtains and light flooded into the room, again she was not alone, as a petite red haired lady was with her, between them they pulled back the covers and I could see they had also changed my apparel; no longer a suspender belt, but a tight red satin corset now encircled me, without saying a word, the petite mistress climbs onto the bed and removes my gag, and swiftly straddles my head and commands me to lick her cunt, though secretly I wish for the cock from the mistress last night to be back in my mouth. My mistress then unlocks my ankles and lifting my legs she starts to fuck me again; once again I am in heaven, and my tongue is licking the cunt above me that hard she cums several times, flooding my face with her juices.

This second fucking now over my mistress unlocks my cuffs, takes off my corset, and orders me into
the shower. I find my clothes and put them on still with the heavy leather collar around my neck. As I approach the front door my mistress is waiting for me and unlocks the collar, and before I can say thank you she puts her finger on my lips to silence me. She then kisses me so f***efully her tongue darting into my mouth her hands holding my head tightly, my knees almost buckle with the joy of such a passionate kiss, and finally she breaks off, and for the first time since I arrive, she speaks to me, saying “Same time next week?” with a wicked smile on her face.
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1 year ago
the smile says it all...
1 year ago
Excellent Story - look forward to hearing more
1 year ago
wow made an interest start
1 year ago
nice story!