My first bdsm meeting

This is a real story about me, written by a lady friend and translated by google translate.

My first BDSM meeting (by Hot Red)

A friend of mine is curious about the world SM , ( me  ) that he had already told me often.
I myself have nothing with it, so when he asked me if I wanted to SM gala I said no at first . He tried to get someone else , but that did not succeed. So when I heard that , thinking to myself that I had nothing else to do on Sunday and best moment was going to see what it was all about with. Finally, you can not say that something is nothing for you while you almost know nothing about it . SM soon hurt you associate with each other and not. Attracts most people logically So hoisted into my outfit I ( tight leather skirt , leather corset , hold ups and high boots with heels ) with the knowledge it normal for Kinky parties use Midwolde direction ( located in Leek near Groningen ) . We were very kindly received. It was not busy. In the conversation with the owner asked me what I was stupid or sub, so I eeeeh euuuhh I'm really just a look. I have nothing to do with SM , but I am open-minded to agree to go along and see what it is without prejudice. Well that was fine. Was still told that they were very sorry because they like what also had to play with me. After some drinks and introductory talk and a tour of the building and the garden, some more official part began. People were able to continue where you could choose whether you were stupid or sub on a list. These people would allow themselves to be auctioned . So the intention was that the audience ( think it has got a husband / wife or 20 , there were 25 ) could provide a slave or master , where you could play with it . My knowledge had to put a slave , brave on the list though. I kept aloof nice and have a good look around and a chat with the attendees . The submissives were the first to act . They were faced with a permanent marker a no written on their arm and had to stand . In a row The owner of the club was veilingmeester.De owner was giving a demonstration with the barmaid . Beautiful music was set . The lady was blindfolded and he lifted her up on a pedestal , under a pair of handcuffs hanging from the ceiling . The lady was very nice with a rope wrapped and was stuck on the box . Then he picked up a candle and gently let some wax here and there on her ruppelen . You could clearly see the changes. Sometimes a caress or a kiss or a hug and then a few drops of wax . The lady was tied up and blindfolded , and you saw the merger, because they do not see coming what happened. Was nice to see there was a little explanation about what was intended . That a normal dom / sub relationship growing something and that are not immediately do extreme things . You must first learn to know each other and learn to trust each other, it takes multiple sessions . A sub normally fills a long list of things he wants to do and do not . Because this afternoon was especially fun , the agreement that it would all remain today . Was soft The "slaves" were first briefly introduce themselves , tell how much experience they had and what they felt comfortable or not . Then could the bidding begin. Again, this was fun . The bidding started at one euro and was not spectacularly high . There was a lot of humor in . Sometimes if the offer sustained wanted the cathedral to see if he got value for money and had to get an ass felt worden.Er nine slaves were auctioned for example. The property which had bought a slave they left immediately perform a little job. On the knees to sit on the floor for example if they allowed themselves with a drink. Everything was nice and relaxed and cozy. You could have a drink at the bar and in the kitchen were snacks . The deal was that everything would take place in one room and the owners kept proper supervision so that everything would verlopen.Het started playing well , I was pretty central in the room and could see everything beautiful. I found the game very creative . It always started with blindfolds , they were put down somewhere. With hands on the pole for example, or leaning on a table . There were all sorts of attributes available . A series whips all kinds of stuff . There were a bundle of strips ( like the tape in a tape is for example ) or soft fabric , suede leather, thick leather , a bundle of straws , but also firmer leather, to massive learning stick . Very much so gradations . The softer you can caress , but also with fluttering beat until soft . You could be alternated . Sweet caress , kisses , tickling , soft lashes , some harder . There were clips that were put on the nipples or other sensitive parts . Sometimes a weight was there again espoused . There were people who were very nicely wrapped with rope . I've seen anyone be complicated. Cling film The owner came several times a chat with me to ask what I thought of it and what things you could see happening to lichten.Er was very good account of the experience of the people . For example, there was someone who did it for 30 years and , of course, who got a firmer approach . He told me he had done . Already pretty extreme things Where was I really looked up to for example, that hijmet nails had been. Pounded through his bag on a shelf Soooo that's heavy. On this day, fortunately not such heavy things , because I did not think it pleasant to have to see . He also showed some attributes seen from his private collection. Whether you like it or not all of them, it is certainly creative What has stayed with me from this meeting is that there are a lot of respect and love was palpable among these people . A boundless trust in each other and enjoying a lot of people . Both the property and the subs did you really enjoy what they were doing . Around dinnertime a break where frying snacks , sandwiches and hot dog egg rolls were distributed. The owner came over to me again and asked if he could give . A show with me I had been sufficiently explain how I got there and saw how much respect everything happened so said it right was.Ook mind play is part of the game . So I was always wondering when that little show would place me. I thought maybe right after the break , but then came the 2nd part . Another auction , but in this case , the slaves were allowed to offer a master. I 'm pretty not going to offer it because I knew the owner was very keen to dedicate . Myself in a bit So why would I pay if I could get it for free after the auction, what games were done again . A man was hoisted in a nurse outfit and had to stand in a corner. There was also someone totally wrapped in foil and got a rubber mask over his head , which was also put in the corner . A big burly man with tattoos type footballer was standing with his arms in the air down to put the handcuffs , there began a session , but halfway someone came in with a big suitcase . There appeared to be someone who finished high was at the Dutch championships bodypaint . So without the geblindoekte man knew what was coming , he got a nice paint . His buttocks were transformed into a pair of real-life woman's breasts . He got a garter to his navel and was transformed into a huge vagina , complete with glued woods pubic hair. He got a nice blonde wig was blindfolded and led to the mirror and then he was off the blindfold . Hilarious , of course ! Meantime I had long forgotten that I had promised also to want to do something. I thought it was a little shot at . Did have watched a couple of times to the owner to see if he was planning anything yet . At a time when I was totally not on my guard , I was sitting sideways on a stool to chat with someone, I feel suddenly that someone is standing behind me , and that there is a soft blindfold is very careful and unbuttoned. I do not know who it is because there is nothing said. I just keep quite still sitting in the posture where I was sitting. It is gently caressed my neck and I get soft kisses . Suddenly I feel at the front also caress my face and butterfly light kisses . Hey , there 's obviously more than one . Because you 're blindfolded you can feel very intense focus and touches all very well. So from all sides feel caress , tickle , zachtje scratching nail , a feather , a massage roller , soft cloth , small drop of wax occasionally, a drip of a melting ice cube . At the end I get a very warm hug and I feel that the blindfold is removed again . When I look there's nobody there. Later I heard that the person who gave me that hug did this in order and not participate further . I found it a very pleasant experience and because the supersoft was giving something a lot of confidence . I can well imagine that bdsm works this way . As long as you do not go beyond the limits of anyone , but remains well below , confidence grows and you can still proceed very slowly one step . In the explanation that I got during the evening which was very clear . A sm master has just as important task to make the relationship with his slave increasingly well the limits bewaken.Voor people who are curious about bdsm is such a meeting can be recommended . Everything happens for a lot of respect . It 's very important , especially if someone inexperienced , especially with very experienced people to go into the sea. Everything is a matter of trust and I can imagine that an inexperienced master can estimate where the boundaries of someone less well. So if you want to explore , well know with whom you do that ! I found it at least a nice afternoon / evening. I still do not know whether bdsm anything for me and that I would fall. Then under the type of sub or dom At the end of the evening along with a silly been engaged in a slave, was also a super soft session , but someone teasing with an ice cube , tickle in the back and even give a few taps with a soft whip , was also very nice to do so. So I shut it certainly did not matter that I will ever be . Again present at a session


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