Boredom is not an issue…

The next few days after my gang bang were full of thoughts of just what I had actually done being fucked my cocks in all holes and being rough fucked in a way that just make we want more. I had told James that I didn’t want to repeat this too often but honestly I was ready early the next week for what ever might come my way.

Tuesday evening I again stood outside the front door my fuck buddy wondering what awaited his slut. I didn’t even need to knock as James opened door and invited me in out of the cold. I kissed him and he reach down and fondled my tit. We joined hands and walked into a room with two couples just standing as we entered. The first couple sitting on the couch were very nice looking he was tall and dark hair with a nice body and smile. The woman, found out later his wife, was taller than me blonde hair nice figure with nice tits showing thru the opening in her blouse. The other couple was nice looking also he about James’ height and weight with sandy hair a small short beard and eyes that just captured you. His female companion was about the height of the first woman with short dark brown hair pleasant smile and she also had a nice figure with nice tits also showing thru her tight fitting blouse. We all shook hands until I went to do the same with the dark haired women and she passed up my hand and kissed me, I mean kissed me on the lips and as she did fondled my tits going inside my blouse much to my surprise and the first woman ever to do that. I responded by somewhat kissing her back but not touch her except on the hand that was in my blouse enjoying what she was feeling. She smiled and kissed me again and just smiled. I knew tonight was going to be different for the pussy virgin.

James introduced the couple and when we got to the dark haired woman she smiled and said we had already met to which all laughed. James announces the wine was on the table in the dinning room and all are welcome to enjoy that and each other. Not sure anyone was totally comfortable, well dark haired woman seemed more relaxed than I was but James and I went and got me a glass a wine telling me to relax breath deep and go with the flow. Yes he said pussy was going to be mine tonight, which he knew I had never experienced. I smiled and told him I would be please to try anything.

Back in the living room the two women were now on the couch and kissing with the blonde’s blouse open all the way for the hands of Amy, the dark haired woman. Amy reached down and moved the bra out of the way so she could suck on the tit of Julie, the blonde. I have to say I enjoyed what I was seen and moved to the edge of the couch sitting next to Julie who was enjoying the attention of Amy’s mouth. The came apart and then back together kissing and fondling each other with full abandonment. Amy was looking on fire with passion as she moved Julies skirt up to show off the red panties that were now full exposed with her legs opening for more attention from a turned on Amy. I turned to look at the men who had moved closer and the first guy had his cock out and moved it close to my mouth which I opened and began the first sucking for the evening. The other guy came up behind me and put both hands down inside my blouse commenting no bra, which everyone heard. James moved over by Amy and started helping Julie play with her tits as if she needs help. I continued the cock in my mouth and felt my tits getting played with a little rougher than at the start. I moved my left hand to the guy’s cock and the right hand to Julie’s leg moving close to her panties.

The next few moments were just more of the same until I felt the wet lips of Julie and heard her moan with pleasure as I for the first time ever finger a pussy. Amy had turned her attention to James now hard fully erect cock with her mouth being fucked. No doubt this was going to be a fucking hot night for all of us. Jim the cock in my mouth pulled down his pants and dropped them to the floor stepping out of them as the laid next to the couch. I licked the shaft and played with his balls and my tits were bringing my wetness to my pussy. Rick who was playing with my tits moved around so as to remove my blouse and had me stand to remove both my skirt and my thong. Before I could do anything Julie moved over and pulled me into her mouth and for the first time a woman’s tongue was in my lips. I could not help but enjoy and Rick continued to rough up my tits with both hands. Julie moved deeper into my cunt with both her tongue and fingers. I was getting to the point of wanting to sit or kneel or lay down. I knew the pleasure Julie was giving me and James told everyone that was the first time for me and the others encouraged Julie to take me all the way. Rick held me up lifting me on to the couch with my feet spread and around Julie’s head. Jim moved over to be closer to me and put my hand on his cock. I remember just enjoying and moaning for Julie not to stop keep tongue fucking me. Amy leaned over sucking on Julies tits leaving James hard on exposed but not for long as Jim knelt and began sucking it deep. I had never seen a guy suck a cock before and if nothing else had been going on would have focused on this hot scene, but Julie was going after my pussy like there was no tomorrow. I felt the first wave of an orgasm start in my cunt and move to my lips and then up my ass. I was not able to stop the wave taking me to my first pussy tongue fuck. I moaned I was coming and with that Rick went even harder on my nipples telling me to enjoy the fuck and how hot a bitch I was.

I road the wave all the way over Julies face and just let it happen. Amy looked up at me smiled and said enjoy it nympho. I was going crazy with the orgasm taking me to new heights. I had been eaten by another pussy and enjoyed it knowing my turn was coming probable on Amy. She was a take-charge kind of gal and I just suspected she had her mind on me eating her out from the second we first kissed. James moved over to Julie and told her to suck his cock he was ready to blow a load. She did as she was told and her husband laughed and said she is a good cocking slut and does what she is told.

About that time I was bent over the end of the couch and Rick moved his cock into my fucking wet throbbing pussy and grabbed my hair and told me to take it. Which I did as I had no choice since he was already fucking me hard. James announced I was a good bitch also and did what I was told and my ass was also fuckable. I leaned over and sucked on Julie’s tits and felt her sucking the cock in her mouth and then as it exploded pulling and shooting all over her and me covering us with cum. Jim moves over and shot his load all over my head and hitting Julie in the face again covering us both with cum. And to top this Rick pulled out and moved to shoot his load into Amy’s mouth and face but hitting all three of the pussys.

I have to say the rest of the evening was anticlimactic but still good. I did eat Amy tasting my first pussy and having her squeeze her legs around my head as I did what Julie told me to do with the guys stroking their cock to a second load which covered me and Amy with Julie licking the cum off my face and Amy’s legs.

I need to go right now but will share what followed because we were just getting started.

I drove home slower that evening as I thought back about all the fucking and sucking and licking I had done and had done to me. What a fucking slut I was becoming or at least recognizing for the first time.

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