Not bored any more…

Have to admit after the first Monday fuck I was more than turned on. Driving home I thought about nothing but James fucking his new slut and wondering what might be next.

I called on Tuesday on the way to work and just chatted not wanting James to know how fucking horny I was with my wet panties and pussy. Agreed to talk later in the day and I called him in about three hours on my break. James seemed to want to keep going and I sure did so we finally agreed to Wednesday, as I just could not make it tonight.

Wednesday evening could not come soon enough. On that morning I dressed for work but underneath the clothing was saying fuck me. I love thongs and going without a bra and feeling the material rub against my tits is a big turn on. Ok I might as well confess, you play with my tits in any way and I am totally yours. I just like the rough titty play and soft licking and sucking is also a big turn on. When you start on my tits nothing is off limits.

James met me at the door ready for action in jus a pair of shorts and t-shirt. We kissed and he felt me up all the way into my pussy. Both of us laughed at how different this night started and how ready we both were to get to the fucking. We move directly to the couch and sat and talked about what was good for each of us. I took this time to tell him how he turned me on playing sucking on my tits. He laughed and said with tits like mine any guy would love to suck and play like that. Then I said I needed to tell you that he might be surprised tonight by the way my tits looked.

I explained that several years ago now my husband had a partner in business and that we had had a thing going on for the last year my husband was alive. The partner older than us would come over to the house and my husband would go to the bedroom and this man and I would sit on a couch just like this and I would let me suck and play with me, only my tits. Over time the play got rougher and rougher and I would have bruises all over my tits where he had sucked so hard as to leave marks. Well my husband died and the play continued. The man’s wife would drop him off at my house and he would have his way with my tits, and we never and I mean never had any intercourse or fucking or fingering, just the tit play.

So he visited me last evening when I got home. My tits were bruised pretty badly because he went at me for over an hour and a half. James face looked confused and not sure what to make of this until I opened my blouse and took off my bra and showed him the remains of this mans work. I had small bruises on both tits; I guess 15 to 20 on each. Not a pretty sight, but boy was I horny showing James what his fuck buddy had done the night before.

James touched my tits and asked if they were sore, which I said a little but they it felt good under his touch. He leaned over me and started to suck on my right tit and I laid back my head and told him not to stop. He did this for a good five minutes and then kissed me passionately with his tongue down my throat and his hands fondling me much rougher than last time. My legs opened to his penetration and fingering of my pussy or as James liked me to call it, my cunt. He stopped at one time and asked if he was being too f***eful and I just shook my head and placed his hand on my tits and said NO. Not sure what it was but James knew how to go after my tits better than I had ever had. You have to know that the day after my ‘older man’ works me over I am totally horny and when left along fuck myself at least 10 different times.

James pulled off my skirt and thong panties and went down on me with the intention of making me cum, which I did. Told him he better stop or I would cum and he moved his tongue deeper into my cunt and sucked longer on my clit so as to drive me over the top. As I squeezed his head with my legs, as I was cumming I had one of those hard orgasms that just never wants to stop. I think it may have been several but it seemed like one hard one.

As James stopped and returned to the couch sitting next to me we kissed and I tasted my juices and wiped his face clean. Now that he was comfortable with me and knew that I was pretty open in my sexuality the conversation turned to fantasies and what I might like to do that I had never done. James asked me a series of questions. Had I ever fucked in a public place like an adult bookstore to which I responded no. Had I ever had a threesome or more to which I responded no. Had ever been with another women with a man to which I said no and that I have never been with a woman period. So we went through some more possibilities with my responses always being no. We laughed and James looked at me and asked which of these would I like to try with my new fuck buddy and much to my surprise I said all of them. Then he pushed me that he wanted me to think about which one because he could arrange these if I was willing.

Getting more serious as James fingered me and ever once in a while went down and sucked on my tits, each time just a little harder and deeper into his mouth, I told him how about starting slow with just another guy joining us to which he asked when would I do like to do that. I looked at him and knew that he was serious so I just went for it and said when ever he want me to. Now he asked, and I said sure. James got up and went to the kitchen I think, since I had only seen his bedroom and living room and I heard him talking on the phone. He came back in and said Dave was on his way. I laughed and asked was he serious and he sat down and said yes I was about to get fucked by two cocks at once. I took a deep breath and said to him, oh shit what I have got myself into.

We sat on the couch and James continued to play with me and I with him until the doorbell rang, and I reached for some of my clothes to cover myself, and James said no I was just fine. As he went to the door I thought I must be crazy to just be sitting there nude and very wet between my legs and my hair must have looked a mess.

James came back and Dave a nice looking guy with sexy eyes and nice features said hi and sat down next to me. James sat on the other side and the three of us laughed as James kissed me and I felt Dave’s hands on my tits just about as rough had James had been earlier. We stopped kissing and I turned and Dave kissed me and held my face and really tongue fucked my mouth as I felt James begin to suck on my tits. Then Dave went down and sucked on the other one and I was a over the edge and no way I was not going to get fucked by both of these guys, one that I knew a little and the other that I had never laid eyes on before five minutes ago.

Having two guys suck on my tits turned out to be better than I could have imagined and both of their hands fucking my wet cunt as the same time I knew I was the center of the attention. I finally stopped them and said lets go to the bed, which we did. When Dave undressed I saw what was a nice large cock with a mushroom head that I wanted to suck and did. He came over the bed and with my head on a pillow he mounted my face and gripped my head and pushed his cock into my mouth and down my throat gagging me. He backed off and apologized but then went right back to fucking my mouth. At the same time I could feel but not see James moving into me and lifting my legs high penetrating my cunt and fucking me. I was now living out a fantasy of two cocks at the same time and hearing James tell Dave fuck this bitch like a good little whore. They talked as they fucked me about what a slut I was and cute to boot. They said they would put it to me and give me something to remember tomorrow at work. James is really a dirty talker and so through most of this he was calling me names and telling me to suck or fuck.

The time came for musical holes and James pulled out and Dave did too and I asked what was next, James told me to sit on his cock so Dave could ass fuck me. I actually said no lets go slow and which we did. James did laid next to me as Dave positioned his cock in my cunt with my legs raised high again and really giving me a fucking. I found it hard to think about what I was doing but knew that this pussy was getting a working over that felt great. Dave stopped for a second reached over to the supply of condoms and put one on, as James and I had agreed was a must even for him. Dave then moved back into me and went to town fucking me harder and faster and I knew he was about to fill the condom with a good load. James was sucking on my tits and telling to me about how much of slut I was and horny little bitch. I moaned and repeated his words and told him I wanted to be his little fuck toy and would do what ever made him happy. He laughed and he said get ass fucked. I responded I had never done that and to that he said then let him be the first and that he would go slowly and if I wanted he would even stop. I thought two seconds and said ok but slow.

Dave laid down on his back and I climbed on getting his cock in me and fucking him a little with some slow motion. James was behind me and I knew that I was going to be ass fucked hoping I could take both and please tow guys at once. James put on a condom and lubed my ass hole fingering me and rubbing me as he moved his cock just into the right position. Wish I could tell you that I was able to take both of these guys but it just was not right at least not that night. James got in me but I could not have him move with Dave fucking me at the same time. So we agreed that the cock in my ass would just be there while Dave fucked me good. James was telling me I was a cock sandwich with my cunt as the meat in between the bread. I moaned that I was a fucking cock sandwich as Dave fucked me harder and harder and faster and deeper until he said he was cumming and that I was a great piece of ass… oh my gosh I came too and pushed James out of my ass as Dave rammed it home…

We all took a deep breath and just laid there for a few and the James said he want to cum and that I would suck him off. He laid down and I knelt next to him took the condom off and went down on him. It didn’t take long for James to fill my mouth with cum and let out a loud oh fuck….

The evening ended with the three of us talking about what might be next. I told them that I really enjoyed most of this the ass was a little too much but maybe next time….

Dave left first and James told me he wanted to do some more of this kind of stuff and I said just set it up and tell me when. He asked how about later that week which I said no to so we agreed next Monday would be the best time…. I wanted to ask what he had in mind but had given that to him and would just have to be surprised…

What a fucking slut I felt like as I drove home.

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3 years ago
Good story. Thanks
3 years ago
part 3, 4.... very good, but some more details