From lawyer to submissive

From Lawyer to submissive

Always respectful of anyone I choose as my lawyer I was following the same path as before. New attorney had made an impression in not only knowing her legal stuff she is fantastically a knockout. Nice pretty smile and shoulder length light brown hair with piercing blue eyes and a body to die for…. From the nice blouse full of tits to a firm and lovely backside and everything in between was great. But all of that aside she was representing me in a small business transaction and was all business.

On the third visit on a raining Friday afternoon, I expected and got the professional business like lawyer sitting across the desk. Being late her secretary checked in as she left for the day and my lawyer smiled and something clicked. The legal discussion continued and as we were drawing to a close she offered me a glass of wine to celebrate. “It is Friday and the weekend is here, so I hope you don’t find me too forward in letting my hair down and relaxing?” I not only didn’t mind but loved the better view of this fantastic lady who I was certain was in a relationship or for sure not wanting to mix business with pleasure. Boy was I right and wrong. She told me she had a partner of 10 years and the two of them loved to enjoy life. Partner surprised me but yet it didn’t in this modern age, but I thought what I would like to try with a lesbian with looks like this.

We sat on the same side of the desk and my view got even better. Sarah smiled and toasted to a good week and successful conclusion of the legal transaction, which I sure appreciated the legal counsel, but right then I could only focus on the blue eyes and that blouse that was calling my name. As we progressed to glass number 2 or 3 I could feel both of us relaxing and the smile that was coming my way was hot.

I finally asked her about her evening plans and found out she was free as her partner had driven up to see some friends for the weekend, so I offered a dinner and she accepted. Being new to the area I asked where and she said her place. Ok was my first thought but not wanting to jump to conclusion I offered a restaurant near where I was staying and we agreed that was good food and a quiet place to talk.

The dinner was good and the wine was great as she insisted on a certain bottle of Oregon Pinot Noir. The next to last glass was poured and she offered to buy another bottle and I said no, but she insisted that it would be here treat and why not take it back to my hotel room. Oh boy thought I had died and gone to heaven because there was little doubt that this was leading to the bed and a night of fucking to be remembered. I was right as the first steps into my room were consumed by a kiss and the passion of a very sensual sexy lady.

As I took a breath I asked the question on my mind, lesbian and you are head to a bed with a guy. Sarah laughed and smiled saying yes lesbian but she enjoyed a cock every now and then also and thought this was the perfect situation to accomplish that desire. My response was to kiss her with all the passion I could muster and that was a hellauva lot as my hard cock pressed against her pelvic region. Sarah accepted my tongue into her mouth and my hands finding their way inside the blouse to her firm tits with nipples extended by the feelings of sexual pleasure.

We stopped long enough to open the wine and Sarah shared she always had one thing that really turned her on, which I offered the right question, ‘what is that’. To which she said to be submissive with a strong Dominant man. I smiled and said on your knees bitch and open your mouth to suck this DOM’s cock.

Much to my surprise she didn’t need a second to drop to her knees place her hands behind her back and tilt her head back and upward for my cock that was moving toward her lips. Her next words were, ‘Use me Sir please.’ I had struck gold with a good lawyer and now total pay dirt with a beautiful submissive about to enter my world of domination and pleasure.

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4 years ago
wonderful but there is more
4 years ago
Interested in more? There turns out this lawyer is a nympho
4 years ago
very good