Hazed part 2

"Time to see how willing you are to do this" the voice from the back of the room that seemed to be in charge said. "Masturbate to completion the last one to cum is out, unless they can prove they're willing in some other way".

I wasn't particularly enthused about the idea of beating off in front of a room full of guys, but I was already half way to coming just from watching the porn, and it's not like rubbing one out in front of someone is that much worse than standing in front of them with a raging hard on for ten minutes, so I thought fuck it and started stroking my cock.

Wanting to get it over with as quick as possible, I went at it with gusto, focusing on the porn and trying to zone out everything else. At first I thought it might be difficult, but after about a minute I felt myself approaching the finish line, and for the first time considered where I was going to direct my load. But it was too late, it was spraying out onto the floor in front of me. I thought maybe this would draw another slap, and braced for it, but the slap never came.

I fought the urge to look around, to check how the race was going so to speak, I was aware of rapid movement to my left and right, so was confident my neighbors were still running. But based on some of the groans I could here some of the other runners were starting to cross the finish line.

Five maybe ten minutes passed and I heard another groan, I hadn't counted but I was sure it had to be the seventh or eighth, to my right I could still sense the rapid movement. From behind and to the right I heard someone say "stop", and it stopped.

I heard someone approaching from the back of the room. "Don't you want to be here?" A voice asked. "I do... I... I beat off twice today before coming here, I didn't think I'd have another chance for a week".

A ripple of laughter filled the room.

"please I'll do anything" he said. I remember thinking, he would change his tune if "anything" meant what I thought it would. "Anything?" he was asked from behind.

"Yeah, anything" he replied. Again I was aware of movement and noticed him disappearing from the periphery of my vision. He was brought to the front of the room by a guy in robes and wearing a mask. "get on your knees" the masked man demanded. He hesitated. "if you want to stay you will do what I say when I say it, or you will leave. Now get on your knees". Instantly he complied.

I began to think something bad was about to happen, I was scared... and weirdly kind of turned on. "turn off the lights" The masked man shouted, and the room went dark. A strange beam of light appeared at the front of the room. It was a black light torch. I knew exactly what it was for. The light moved along the floor eventually stopping at a large splatter of bright glowing cum to the far left of the row.

"Lick it up" A voice said. I was sure the guy would just ask to leave, but to my surprise I heard him crawling on the floor and eventually seen his face appear in the strange glowing light, and start to lick up the splatter of cum from the floor.

Once the splatter was cleared I thought that would be it, but the light moved along the row to the next one. and the next, and the next, until the guy had licked up every last drop of it. I was glad the room was in darkness, because I was now fully hard again.
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2 years ago
Great story, Would love to read more!
2 years ago
Fuck that was hot ;) More hehe
2 years ago
& we all know it didn't end there.....lol
2 years ago
I like where this is going.
x x x
2 years ago
Damn..... Nice....
Look forward t more.