Hazed part 1

They would fuck with the new members every year, it was the main prerequisite to entry, and the ultimate reward for sticking it out. A week long stretch of verbal and mild physical abuse, voluntary slavery and embarrassment. It was mostly harmless, but every year someone would invariably take it too far. There was no formal definition for how far was too far, but the senior members knew it when they seen it, and usually nipped it in the bud before anything that couldn't be made right happened

We were brought in in hoods. I knew exactly what I was getting myself into when I signed up and didn't think it was anything to worry about. But in the darkness of the hood, with my hands bound behind my back I found I was extremely nervous... scared even.

The murmur of voices in the room began to fade and I was conscious of movement behind me. Suddenly the hood was pulled from my head, the bright lights of the room blurring my vision temporarily, I was in what looked like a function room, there were tables and chairs stacked at the walls as though they had been cleared especially for the occasion, and a projector screen on the wall in front of us. There were about ten of us lined up. Conscious of activity behind me, I looked over my shoulder and was slapped in the face by someone standing directly behind me, "face the front" he barked.

Further back I heard someone say "untie them", and almost immediately my hands were untied. Much to my relief. "OK take off your clothes" the voice further back shouted. I paused and considered what had been said, and noticed that the guys I was lined up with had all done the same. "Strip or get out" the voice shouted. I'd played sports all my life so I wasn't shy about get being naked in front of other guys, so I began to undress. As I was slipping off my boxers, I heard the voice at the back of the room shout, "get naked right now or you're out", then another voice replied meekly "I'll leave", I looked round and was again slapped. I heard someone walking out of the room behind me.

As I stood there completely naked looking at the blank wall in front of me, wondering where this was going to end up, a buzzing sound filled the room and a projector screen lowered from the ceiling in front of us. I knew exactly what was going to happen before it happened.

A beam of light came overhead and filled the screen, a blurry unfocussed mess at first it quickly began to take shape, a beautiful young woman sitting on a bed talking to the camera, but there was no sound. Apprehensively she began to undress, once she was fully naked she got on her knees, a massive white cock emerged from the bottom of the screen, she looked in awe at it and laughed, suddenly two more massive cocks appeared from the left and the right. I tried to look at the floor, and was slapped "eyes forward" the guy behind me yelled, I tried to squint so as to blur my vision, but it was no use, my cock had been stirred and was soon standing to attention.

58% (5/4)
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mmmmmmore please
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Nice Start.
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Keep going. please
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yeah good start
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Good start