Hot sex with plump saali Ruchi - III

She overviewed almost all her pictures in a minute or bit more and must have noticed that picture in which her husband was beside her, is cropped and I am keeping just her pictures “I am a shocked” finally she uttered “aapne mind to nahi kiya na?” I asked her and she smiled a bit before saying “nahi…” and once again started looking on the screen,

“I don’t know exactly what is it, love, attraction, infatuation or just lust?” I spoke with bit of uneasiness, “lust?...” Ruchi repeated my last word and then spoke again “certainly it’s not lust…aur ye attraction bhi nahi hai… how can you get attracted to me….I am so heavy” she spoke and speak out whatever she was thinking about all this

“what if I will say that I really like your physical appearance…jaise aap abhi ho waise hi” once again I spoke out something with bit of uneasiness but Ruchi seemed calm over my words and I was realizing that she is not at all taking all this seriously and she uttered “you are lying….” “But I have already proved…” I tried to justify myself “I agree….but I feel it’s just not physical attraction” “whatever….”

I spoke and once again my heart beat rose up as this time I was thinking about speaking up my desire more clearly and finally holding nerves I uttered “making love to you is my long time desire” like I was expecting this time Ruchi was surprised with my words but to my good fortune she did not responded negatively,

rather for a fraction I felt she has blushed a bit and then looked into my eyes to read my brain clearly and once again I spoke to somewhat justify myself “I know this is wrong…but I can’t help it..” once again she looked into my eyes for a fraction and blushed clearly and my words were changing her casual mood and her positive gesture really enhanced my desire to go ahead

and without giving a thought to the worst consequences of my act, just in a fraction I took a next step and placed my hand over her soft hand over the carpet. Ruchi withdrew her hand but very slowly and somewhere from her overall response I was getting a hint that I should go further ahead,

Ruchi was blushing and looking at screen and her timid gesture encouraged me and I took her hand in my hand again and with a better grip and pulled her to me lightly, just to give her a hint of my desire and as she felt me pulling her she looked at me with a unsaid question, once again I overcame my fear and just followed my feelings and spoke “give me a kiss”.

Ruchi’s uneasiness increased significantly and she continued looking into my eyes without a flick of an eye, even I was also bit nervous but I was trying my best to hold my nerves and I spoke again “I know this is wrong…but I don’t want to think about that…” She looked down and seemed as if she is thinking over my proposal and once again looked up and seemed reaching to no conclusion.

“agar aapko bura lagaa to I am really sorry…but whatever I have just said is a true…I really like you…” Ruchi continued looking into my eyes, she wanted to speak up, I could make out from her eyes but she was hesitating “you want to say something….” I asked her as I wanted her to open her heart to me but Ruchi remained silent with perplexing mind and I spoke again

“bol do jo bolna hai…rather if you want… you can even slap me …” though mildly but Ruchi smiled a bit on my words and after hell of hesitation spoke something which I was dying to hear and her words were “even I like you a lot…” she paused but just for a fraction and then spoke again “I wish aap mere husband hote”, but once again after bit long pause she uttered

“but this is wrong…” I can say that now mentally I was in the state that I did not wanted to leave her from this stage and by saying “at least we can hug” I asked her for a hug and raised my hand to get her closer and as I was expecting she got up on her knees and moved to me.

Finally we both grabbed each other and somewhat drowned in each other’s arms, I don’t know about her point of view but I hugged her like I love her as if she is my wife. I can easily say it was one of the finest moments of my life, she was in my arms and I could feel her fleshy body like I always desired for my wife.

Slowly I realized that we both are more or less in same state, like me even Ruchi was also not ready to leave me from hugging and at my end I was trying my best to resist myself up to hug only but Ruchi’s body odor and her over all gesture was setting my desire to lose my control over my senses, in a way it was dream come true and how I could I let her go like this and I kissed her on her neck while holding her tight.

Ruchi moaned a bit and her soft reaction enhanced my desire to touch her soft skin again with my lips and after removing her hairs with my hand from my way I kissed her again on her neck and this I cleared my intentions to her. As my wet lips and hot breath touched her skin Ruchi hummed in pleasure silently but she did not tried to get away and I did that again,

I kissed her on her cheek and saw her face, her eyes were close breath was heavy and like me she also seemed losing her control over her desire and I started kissing her all over her face rapidly and she started moaning sexily and did not tried to stop me and in a moment I got out of control and placed my lips over her luscious lips and started sucking them.

Ruchi reacted to my kiss very late but she reacted and next moment all bars were broken and we were exploring each other’s mouth like true lovers. I was holding her face between my hands and kissing her as if she is my wife and Ruchi wrapped her arms around my back.

We both invaded our tongue in each other’s mouth and exchanged our saliva without any hesitation and finally broke the kiss and looked into each other’s eyes without a flick. After a long kiss we both were breathing bit heavy and I did not wanted to lose this rising temperament “I want to ask you something….”

I spoke and from her overall gesture I could see that Ruchi has understood my intentions and by saying “I think you know what I want….?” I asked her and she moved her head in yes and spoke out short and clear “haan…you want to fuck me” “no I want to make love to you…” once again my words made some impression on her gesture,

but we silently looked in each other’s eyes for few more seconds and before I would have thought about saying anything Ruchi spoke “you have planned this….?” For an instant Ruchi reflected unexpected gesture of doubt and I knobbed my head in no and spoke “No…believe me…neither I have cancelled your c***dren’s program nor I have flatten my tyre intentionally,

yes I came late because I was stuck in the office” I spoke in mild sarcastic tone and Ruchi was more or less speechless after that she could sense truth in my voice “and if you don’t feel like doing then don’t do…I am not forcing you” I spoke out in soft voice and once again spoke in continuation “and it’s just you with whom I n think about doing…because I love you…”

my words effected her positively and Ruchi moved ahead and hugged me again, I also wrapped my arms around her and waited for her to respond but she remained silent “ok…now go and sl**p…we are not doing anything…” I spoke again and applied reverse psychology on her and it worked well and she responded positively by saying

“nahi…mujhe karna hai….fuck me…please fuck me” finally Ruchi opened her heart to me and seemed getting excited in a moment and then spoke again “I love you too” and gripped me harder. I detached her from hugging me and looked into her eyes and asked her “are you sure…? I am not forcing you” “hmmm…”

she just hummed to say yes while looking at me and moved her head in yes “no regret afterward….?” I asked her again and once again she accepted my term with her expressions only, “promise…? Pakka wala…jo kabhi nahi tutega…?”

Ruchi smiled on my statement and once again accepted my term but this time by uttering “god promise” and soon after her words I started kissing her again and once again we kissed beautifully, just like lovers do and my hands unintentionally started exploring her body. I grabbed her luscious melons and started caressing them tenderly while kissing her, for me in a way it was dream come true.

As I started massaging her milks I heard Ruchi moaning lightly with pleasure of getting a breast play and her light groans aroused me even more and I started squeezing her massive melons more effectively. Finally after a long loving kiss when stopped we both were desperate to go ahead.

“Let’s go to the room…” I spoke again “what if Aunty will come out…you will be missing” Ruchi asked me “don’t worry” I replied, I had something in mind and I left my laptop powered on and music playing with a long playlist but in very low voice, to give an impression that I am still working I entered in the washroom and bolted the door from inside and came out from the other door which was opening in guest room where Ruchi was suppose to sl**p.

Actually the washroom which was attached to the guest room (which was given to Ruchi for the night) had two doors, one from bedroom and one door was opening in living room so that it can be used as common washroom. Intentionally I kept the light of the washroom on so that if in any case Aunty will come out of her room she will consider that I am using a toilet.

As I detailed all this to her, Ruchi smiled a bit on my clever idea and uttered “kya deemag chalta hai aapka…?” and in response I spoke “anything for you” and gave her naughty smile and bolted the door of guest room from inside. “Mere pass condom nahi hai…” I spoke from the place I was standing “koi baat nahi…I will handle… aap bass light off kar do”

Ruchi told me not to worry about protection and also to switch off the light “nahi…light on rahene do” I needed light on because I wanted to see my desired female stark naked and Ruchi understood that, she smiled lightly on my desire and tried to convince me that keeping a tube light on could be dangerous, as if Aunty will notice it from the bottom of the door then she might knock the door.

She was right I got convinced for an instant and switched off the light and switched on the foot lamp which somewhere behind the side cabinet and for a instant not at all enough for me to see her clearly but that instant I did not uttered anything in that regard. Ruchi was standing bit far from me, close to the bed I moved there and once again took her face in my hands and started kissing her and like I was expecting she responded to my kiss very well.

Gradually my hands moved to her back and in a moment I started gripping her in my arms and reached down to her bottom and I felt the pleasure, I was dying for. Her ass was so fleshy and soft, I took her ample hips in my hands and played with her body and slowly drifted towards the bed and before she would have moved with me saying “nighty uttar do”

I tried to lift her nighty and she just said “Ok..” and raised her arms. I took off her nighty and saw her massive juggs caged into tight bra, certainly there was very less light in the room and initially I could not see anything properly, not even her face but as some time passed everything seemed better including her Mangal Sutra which was resting over her partially exposed breasts which actually came in my vision when her nighty was totally off from her body.

I saw the golden pendent by taking it in my hand “uttar dun issko…?” she asked me if I want her to take that off “nahi pahne raho…” I replied back and told her to retain her black and golden beaded Mangal Sutra around her neck and over her breast.

I can say in a way I am obsessed with that, since my collage days as I see a female wearing this specific ornament I get an arousal just in a fraction, may be because it shows that this female is married and get fucked regularly and in Ruchi’s case it was my long time desire to fuck her with just a Mangal Sutra on her body and I was on my way of doing that.

I came closer to her and caressed her cheek tenderly and while rubbing her skin moved my hand down to her neck and then to her soft melons and took one of her heavy mound in my hand and squeezed it nicely over the bra. Ruchi moaned sexily and somewhat surrendered herself to me and came closer and we hugged partially.

I wrapped my arm around her back “forget everything….aaj raat ke liye main hi aapka husband hun…” I spoke intentionally to arouse her and Ruchi seemed getting excited with every passing moment. My one hand was still over her milk and I was somewhat holding her luscious fruit and could feel her breasts going heavier in excitement.

Slowly I moved my hands to her back over her soft skin to unhook her bra and felt her breathing more intensely. Ruchi was bit hesitant but willing to go ahead, she rested her face over my torso to let me open her bra and with some continues efforts I unhooked her bra and ultimately took it out from her arms, hmmmm…. Wow it was real heaven for a person like me,

wearing just tight leggings over her fleshy lower half Ruchi was standing in front of me in the dim light and her massive fruits with long erect nipples were sagging freely and over them proud symbol of her marriage was looking astonishing. Next I started unbuttoning my shirt and removed my under shirt too to get bare chest and we came to bed and without wasting a single moment started kissing each other.

Gradually I moved to her top and intentionally started crushing her milks under my broad shoulders and slowly I felt soft nipples getting harder and harder. After breaking the kiss I moved to her neck and the area around her ear and licked her nicely, “Ruchi I love you…you are mine…tum meri ho” I somewhat murmured in her ear in rising lust.

My words aroused her too and in response, Ruchi moaned and just moaned and seemed like flying in heaven, her intense gasps and her overall body language was clearly showing that she was starved for manly love since long.

I moved down and took her luscious melon in my mouth and started sucking her milks one after another, and Ruchi started feeding me her breast by holding my scalp and moving her fingers in my hairs. I could not believe whatever I was doing that instant was happening in reality or it is just a dream, I was dying to do all this with her since I saw her, from the time I was fixed with my wife and it was happening after six long years.

Gradually I moved down to her lower half but while licking and brushing her entire body with my tongue and wet lips and found her going crazy because of my sensual touch over her belly button. Now it was just her leggings, the only hurdle on my way and in a moment I took that off too along with her Panty.

Ruchi was lying stark naked in front of my eyes, both her fleshy thighs and massive breasts, for a instant they were all mine, I was dreaming about them from so long and on that magical moment both were opened to my vision.

I rolled my hand from her knee, over the flesh of her massive thigh and tried to reach to her fuckhole which she was holding tight between her thighs and as I reached their Ruchi squeezed her pleasure hole harder between her thighs and became restless with a sexy gasp.

My hands unknowingly moved up and reached to her breasts again, I caressed her fruits and somewhat lied beside her and again started kissing her, she responded to my kiss but for few seconds spoke “please aap jaldi kar low jo karna hai…” I was lost in wonderland but she was very much conscious of the place where we were getting intimate.

I got up and intentionally stood on floor and took off my trouser and underwear and got stark naked, Ruchi was looking at me in the dim light but instead of moving to bed again suddenly I moved to switch board and lightened the room. I wanted to see her naked and I was thinking of doing this from the time I agreed to keep the light off,

in a way it was a shock for Ruchi and that moment what maximum she could do was covering her eyes in shyness. I must say that her fair and fleshy body was looking really very beautiful to me in the white light and I wanted to get on bed with the light on but it was dangerous for us so I told her to open her eyes just once but by saying “nahi…first you switch off the light….” she said no to it

“see I am also naked” I replied “I know that…aap please light off karo” she spoke while continuing covering her eyes and then spoke again “please yaar…why don’t you understand…agar Aunty jaag gayi to problem ho jaayegi” “that’s why I am saying…jaldi karo…open your eyes…” I replied.

Finally she removed her arm from her eyes and saw me standing stark naked in the white light. I was hard and fully erect and and I somewhat showed her my Penis. “Now you show me your fuckhole” she smiled while blushing and opened her thighs to give me glimpse of her pleasure hole, “wow…” I spoke and smiled and Ruchi responded with a smile too,

Ruchi was having hairs over her fuckhole and even from distance I could clearly see those hairs drenched in her pleasure juices. “abb light off karo aur aa jaao bed par” Ruchi spoke in soft voice but I told her to turn around as I wanted to see her massive ass too, “first you turn around….” Initially Ruchi did not responded to my words; she just reflected embarrassment from her eyes

“Jaldi karo…kahin Aunty aa gayi to…” I somewhat spoke what she wanted to and she uttered “please yaar…what are doing” “I want to see your bottom…” I uttered my desire and with same gesture Ruchi turned around to show me her fleshy ass mounds, “Wow…” I spoke same word from behind. I must say her ass mounds were great, fair and fleshy like I always I thought while looking them over the cloths.

Finally after switching of the light I moved to bed, Ruchi was still facing away from me and I just lied behind her and touched my front to her back completely, “hmmm….” Ruchi hummed in pleasure, I gripped her fleshy body from behind, my hands reached to her milks and I tried to rub my hard Penis over her ass and our pleasure was incredible.

Deep inside I wanted to enjoy these moments slowly but I was going out of my senses and like me Ruchi was also very excited, my hands moved down to her lower half and touched her hot and wet fuckhole, Hmmm…. Ruchi moaned erotically and removed my hand from there,

for an instant she could not bear the pleasure of getting touched there by her s****r’s husband and before I would have tried reaching her fuckhole again Ruchi turned around to get face to face and spoke “fuck me….now…time mat waste karo…kahin hum pakde naa jaayen…?” In addition of excitement I could sense she was little worried about getting caught,

“Don’t worry…hum nahin pakde jaayenge…” I spoke while caressing her cheek and placed my lips over her soft lips and we started kissing again. “abb daal do…” Ruchi broke the kiss after a minute and told me to insert “aap hi daal low apne haath se” I told her to insert it with her own hand, next moment Ruchi extended her hand to my Penis and held me with her soft hands,

“Ahh….…” her soft touch over my Penis made me groan, I was hard enough to penetrate her fuckhole but Ruchi jerked me hard may to hear me and looked at my face while doing that and smiled mildly. I moaned in pleasure and rolled over her and adjusted myself on her top and spreading her thighs Ruchi took me to her fuckhole and waited for me to push myself,

“Daal dun…hmmm…?” she was still holding my rod on her gateway and I asked her in soft sensual voice while looking at her face, I wanted to hear her voice “haan…daal do…don’t ask me….just fuck me…I am your wife now …” “yes you are my wife now….and I love you”

I got up a bit on my knees and elbows while saying that and with a single thrust I simply slipped deep inside her wet fuckhole and we both groaned together to express our pleasure. I was hard like I was never with my wife and possibly Ruchi was wet and dripping like she was never with her husband, certainly we both were equally desperate for each since long and it was a dream come true for both of us.

Burying my entire length in her pleasure hole I halted for an instant to look at her lovely face and smiled, Ruchi smiled back and we started kissing again. Her fleshy body was hot under me, her breasts hard and nipples were rigid under my bare chest. I broke the kiss and got up bit more and sucked her long erect nipples, and she moaned as I flicked them with my tongue and brushed my teeth across them.
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