Hot sex with plump saali Ruchi - II

Although for me that whole day was very happening and bit rough too but still I can say since then there was nothing which could make me feel that this is a special day of my life which I will never forget in my entire life. As I spoke to Ruchi to get up to leave, Aunty formally told us to stay for the night because it was too late to leave for such a distant place.

I took her words casually and tried to relax her by saying that there is nothing to worry about as now there will be very less traffic and we will reach home in almost half the time we have reached here.

But unexpectedly things turned from here itself as uncle who was not well some time back because of some neuro problem went restless and ordered us to stay and when once I tried to convince him he became even more agitated and started scolding me.

For a moment I found myself in a big trouble as first thing came in my mind was my Office, I was suppose to reach at my work place an hour before to patch up my today’s work and now after staying at this corner of the town for me it was impossible to do that and once I tried to speak out that but Uncle was not ready to listen to me, certainly it was all because of his medical condition,

he was hyping up the tiny matter that is why even after understanding my point Aunty was also trying to convince me and told me that she will wake me up at 5 in the morning because she knew if anyhow I will leave at this hour Uncle will remain restless for the whole night.

I was yet not prepared of that and ready to lose and before I would have said anything in this regard again Uncle called my parents and spoke to them about the matter and along with that detailed them few robberies and murders happened on the way in late hours and that really made me lose my ground.

Like we all know all oldies are alike, after listening all that my parents also insisted me to stay there. Suddenly things changed in a moment and I was very disappointed for some time. Fortunately I was carrying my laptop and I could work for some time but that was not enough and I was very much willing to move out of the house even before 5 in the morning.

Anyway Uncle had a habit of sl**ping early so after ending up the argument he went inside his room and told me to sl**p beside him and told Ruchi sl**p with Aunty in the other room but fortunately Aunty said no to it as Uncle requires lot of attention in the night, when he gets up to pass the urine.

I casually told Aunty that I will settle down in the living room and asked her for one cotton mattress to lay it on carpet as such she did not had any other option so she agreed. Next when Aunty was also missing from the living room and just me and Ruchi were there I spoke to my wife and showed regret over my decision of coming here so late but as such she also could not do anything in that regard.

Ruchi also spoke to Deepa and reflected some disappointment and later spoke to her son and daughter too in this regard and told them to sl**p peacefully without troubling her Massi (my wife). I can say after all this slowly when I was mentally settled for staying there for the night once again Ruchi started occupying my mind and now more effectively.

She stood in the kitchen with Aunty for some time and I saw her continuously from some distance while being on the couch in the living room. She moved around the house for some reason and saw me with a smile, though I responded her with a smile but without giving any expressions of feeling relaxed and opposite to my facial expressions now I was going through strange happiness for being at this place without my wife and her c***dren.

Certainly that moment I did not had anything like this in my mind that anyhow I can fuck her in the night but I was sure that soon we will be chit chatting and I will be having her company. While keeping my laptop on central table I sat down on the carpet and waited for everyone to settle down, I was sure that very soon Ruchi will be here just to chit chat with me and it happened soon.

Finally Aunty also went inside her room and both the oldies disappeared for us and after replacing her Kurta with a nighty given by aunty Ruchi came back to the living area, She was still wearing leggings underneath on the lower half and after drinking water by the time she came close to me I almost failed to take off my eyes from her lower half as because of bit of transparency

of the fabric at particular angle with light I was getting good glimpse of her fleshy thighs and also bit of shape of capital D which she had because of her jutting out ass. I was already hard while assuming things and view of her thighs through her nighty made me hardest of my life. Ruchi came closer to me, and we both smiled a bit casually while looking at each other.

“Aur sunaao kya haal hain….Aaj aap phans gaye meri wajah se…” she spoke while standing bit far from me and I responded to her words with a casual smile. “I hope you are not angry with me” she asked me again and I smiled casually and said “nahi yaar…it’s ok…I am fine… it was my fault….I came very late” and then spoke again “but in any case we have to leave by 5”

Ruchi replied to my words with just one word “definitely…” and moved closer to the place I was sitting and while saying “jab se aayi hun aapke saath aaram se baith ke baat hi nahi kar payi.” Ruchi spoke again and sat down on the single couch on my right she paused and then spoke again “but aaj hum aaram se baaten kar sakte hain…” “ya that’s true...” I accepted.

After hardly a minute once again Ruchi spoke, rather asked me “can I ask you something about your personal life…?” I was not at all expecting that but I casually replied with “haan haan why not?” “are you happy with Deepa?” once again I was not at all expecting this but using my skill of answering odd question in diplomatic way I replied casually

“I think you should ask this question to Deepa…if she is happy with me?” “I know she is happy with you…I can see that” “aapka nature bahut achha hai…” Ruchi replied back and praised my nature and in response I behaved myself mildly surprised and spoke “aisa kya…?” and then asked her “Waise can you tell what is good about my nature…”

I was expecting a casual praise from Ruchi’s side may be about my sense of humor because in the evening I literary made her burst from laughing but she spoke something which I was once again not at all expecting “I don’t know… but truly speaking sometimes I feel ki mere husband ka nature bhi aake jaisa hota to kitna achha hota…”

in response relaxing my facial nerves I smiled mildly and spoke “It’s ok….sabka apna apna nature hota hai… we should not do such comparisons because you cannot do anything about that…” I will say I was bit aware of her personal life, what she shared with me on the way to this place.

Like I was occupied these days her husband always remains occupied like that and she was lacking his company but the time when she said that it seemed a casual statement to me and I did not took it that seriously. “That’s true you cannot do anything… especially when he is Jatin(her husband)” Ruchi accepted my point of view and spoke rest of it in bit of disappointment.

“What happened….? I think It’s just that he remains very busy…?” I asked her back casually while looking at the screen of my laptop, she smiled sarcastically on my query about her personal matter with her husband and uttered “it’s just not that…let’s forget it…we cannot do anything” “at least I can listen to you…” “uss se kya hoga…?”

she asked me back to avoid going further in the matter “I am sure you will feel better after talking to me” I spoke again, I knew she loves talking to me, also I was keen to know her personal problem, Ruchi paused looked down and gave a thought to the words she wanted to speak and then uttered “chhodo yaar…ab aapke saath kya discuss karun…leave it”

“Ok…if you don’t feel like talking to me…then…. No problem!” finally I surrendered but I think Ruchi was intended to speak to me and she uttered in disappointment “nothing….it’s just that he is bored from me” “well…I think it’s not a matter…I mean what is the main problem…his work culture?”

I spoke what I could guess but unexpectedly her eyes got dewed a bit and she ignored looking at me and cleaned her tears, for a fraction I went silent and thought about closing this matter by changing the subject but I was restless and eager to know more about her personal life. “Have you spoken to Deepa about this…” in response Ruchi knobbed her head in no and spoke after clearing her throat

“I am requesting you….please don’t speak to her about all this…she will tell everything to mom and then mom will start taking tension” “about what… even I don’t know what is the matter” I replied back and then spoke again “is it serious…? Please tell me…if somehow I can help you?” “No you cannot do anything….” She replied “Ok ….but tell me what is the matter….?”

Once again I insisted her to speak up and then asked her again “why you think he is bored from you” I paused and spoke again “I think you have just concluded all this”. In reply once again Ruchi knobbed her head in no and then spoke “no…he has said that” I muted myself and waited for her to speak up more but she did not uttered anything,

“tell me what is the matter… I am your Friend” I spoke and once again tried to know more “nothing…it’s just my body…” “Body….?” I repeated last word she spoke as I was bit surprised to hear what she uttered. Once again Ruchi looked up and spoke while looking into my eyes “haan…after nine years suddenly he is realizing that I am fat….”

She paused but hardly for a fraction and then spoke again “Jatin wants me to look like Deepa…I mean thin and slender”. Even after trying hard I failed to resist myself from smiling and truly speaking I don’t know why I smiled, as it can be easily assumed that instant environment was not at all humorous,

may be the moment she said that her husband desires a wife with a physical structure like my wife somewhere in my sub conscious mind I smiled over the joke destiny has played with us and realized the mismatch for husbands of both the s****rs. Ruchi saw me smiling and to cover my undesired expression I spoke out “what?” in sarcastic tone and then spoke again

“are you serious?” “Yes….” She replied back “don’t worry this problem will not last for long…ye ek temporary phase hai, very soon everything will be fine…” I tried to comfort her “temporary phase….huh…” This time Ruchi spoke out in sarcastic tone and then spoke again which was really very unexpected for me “physically we are not in contact from last one year” “one year….?”

I behaved shocked but she gave a small pause and then spoke again in continuation “and he is sexually involve somewhere else…” “How do you know…?” I asked her back “because I have seen Condoms in his office bag….” For a moment I just went speechless as such I could not think of saying anything now,

it was strange situation for me and Ruchi sensed my state and tried to recover herself and spoke again “you just forget all this…aap koi tension matt low…I will handle all this”. I don’t what was running in my mind, sometime back while being with Ruchi I was really very aroused but that instant I had a mixed feeling and just to give myself time I asked her for the coffee and she got up to go to the kitchen.

I also got up and entered into the washroom. Certainly I was hard as Ruchi’s physical appearance of that instant was really very arousing, cloth of the nighty she was wearing was very thin and while she was sitting in front of me I was getting a impression of her Bra which was holding her massive jugs tight,

rather I was in her company since early evening and anyhow I could not put out the views of her sexual assets which I had throughout the way. I washed my face after using the washroom and decided to speak out my feelings for her casually.

From last few days, every day we were getting friendlier and in last few hour we were remarkably opened to each other as while being in the car while waiting for the help I told her few jokes which were bit bolder and she was really enjoying that matured humor with me.

Thought deep inside I was in doubt that she will agree to have sex with me but still I wanted to take a chance may be because I was confident that up to an extent using my wit I can easily cover up myself. It can be easily considered my lust or infatuation for Ruchi’s body that I was not ready to think that by approaching Ruchi for having sex I am cheating my wife,

rather the fact that Ruchi is not been touched by her husband from last one year and she must be starved for physical love made me forget everything and I came out from the washroom with clear intentions of expressing my lustful feeling to her but in a decent way.

Ruchi was still standing in kitchen and yet not ready with a coffee, maybe she was waiting for me to come out to pour the milk into the mugs. I reached to my place and once again sat down on the carpet and focused on the screen of my laptop and intentionally by the time she reached to me with coffee mugs I was smiling a bit and as I was expecting she asked me the reason of smiling while sitting down beside me on the carpet.

“what…? why are you laughing….?” “No…I was just smiling” I replied while taking a first sip “whatever….?” She was expecting me to speak up the reason of smiling and I spoke “nothing…I was just recalling one joke on your present situation” “joke…?” Ruchi asked me back and as I looked at her she reflected as if she is disappointed from me,

I tried to cover up myself by saying “I know it’s not funny….but what can I do right now…?” I don’t know what she was thinking about me that instant, I just spoke again “believe me… you look very bad when you cry… and I just want to see you laugh…main aapko sirf hanste hue dekhna chahta hun” My words totally floored her; I could read her eyes as when I said that Ruchi looked into my eyes continuously for few seconds.

I also made an eye contact with her may be read her mind and in a fraction her eyes got dewed and I responded back by saying “Ok…Ok main koi joke nahi suna raha…please don’t cry…I am sorry”. For a instant I felt that now Ruchi is going to burst into cry but she recovered herself and looked up with an arbitrary smile and spoke “sunaao…kya joke hai” “sure….?” “hmmm….”

I asked her and she hummed to say yes “adult joke hai…” I somewhat informed her and she spoke out with a real smile “haan haan….aap bhi adult ho aur main bhi adult hun….speak up” Finally I spoke out the joke which was around the similar situation of her life and she laughed well on that and once again I took a moment and spoke

“you look very beautiful when you laugh….aap bass aise hi hanste raha karo” and once again my words made her think about me and she spoke “sometimes I feel jealous for Deepa” I smiled and tried to read her mind and finally spoke out “I want to tell you one thing” “what..?” she asked me back.

I paused hesitated in speaking what I was about to utter, took a sip to think for one moment and intentionally avoided saying that and just uttered “forget it…” I knew that Ruchi will not leave the matter easily and next instant she spoke “No…tell me” “Ok first promise you will not mind anything…” I spoke and told her my condition and by saying “Ok…I promise” she agreed to my condition

“I want to say that it’s a very close mismatch” I knew she will not get my words at the first instant and Ruchi asked me back “matlab…? Kya mismatch hai” I looked into her eyes for a faction to read her mind state and spoke “like you are jealous of Deepa, I am jealous of your husband”

I knew she has understood whatever I spoke but I wanted to speak more and finally spoke out what I wanted to admitted “actually physically and otherwise I am more attracted to you as compared to Deepa(my wife)”. Hearing my words Ruchi smiled a bit and uttered “what…?”

“You promised me…you will not mind anything” “haan…haan…certainly I will not mind…because I know you are lying….just to cheer me up” “I can easily prove myself….but I don’t want to do that…” I replied back and once again I was trying to increase her interest in the conversation and as expected Ruchi responded back instantly “why….why you don’t want to prove it…?”

“I am bit insecure that you will speak up everything to Deepa…” I replied back and as expected saying “I promise I will not do that” Ruchi committed me that she will not open this matter to my wife and in response just to increase her excitement I confirmed again “pakka promise…tutega nahi na?” and she replied by saying “pakka promise…I swear”.

Next as I was thinking to do I turned the face of my laptop to her and told her to go to specific drive and then told her to open specific folders and after opening around 10 folder she reached to the place where I was saving her pictures and I could see her expressions changing from curiously to surprise and fortunately she seemed pleasantly surprised.

Truly speaking friends, I really don’t know how I dared to do that, may be because somewhere deep inside I knew that I am more valuable to her as compare to her s****r and she will not think about losing a friend like me. It was just a fraction in which I decided to show her, her pictures saved in my laptop and ultimately it went great for m
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