Hot sex with plump saali Ruchi - I

Incident I am writing down is about how my desire of fucking my Sali Ruchi became reality and I confronted with her on bed thrice in the single night. I don’t know why from the time I am grew up as a man instead of perfect figure, unmarried and virgin girls I always get attracted toward the females who are already married and have heavy sexual assets.

I get aroused more effectively from fleshy thighs, big breasts and must mention jutting out massive ass mounds and I also must say that marital makeup of the Hindu females always added up spice to my arousal and by looking at such married lady with lustful perspective I get uneasy within minutes and my s****r in law Ruchi was certainly one of those few females whom I never saw with any other perspective.

My wife Deepa is a good looking female and I won’t say great but I am leading an average sex with her but opposite to my desired sexual assets she has a balanced body without even an ounce of extra flesh over her breasts, thighs and ass and she also does not like doing makeup of married girl and hardly wear her Mangal Sutra,

which is very known symbol of marriage for most of Hindu girls and opposite to my wife I never saw her elder s****r Ruchi without Mangal Sutra, Bindi and red color holy powder over the edge of her forehead called Maang mein Sindoor and certainly that was the only reason why even after having plenty of sex with my wife for around six years my desire for Ruchi’s body never came to an end.

I use to save her pictures in a secret folder in my laptop whichever she uploaded on FB and often use to visualize myself fucking Ruchi while fucking none other than her s****r and my own wife Deepa. Now here if I will talk about Ruchi then I will say everything about her was voluptuous, her face, her body, her manner and finally her lovemaking.

She is almost of my age, rather few months elder than me, much shorter than me in height, must be 5 feet or may be couple of inches more. Any day she cannot be considered fat but she is certainly overweight for her height but in my perspective she is a sexiest female ever came in my touch with good amount of flesh over her thighs and arms

with a big erotically spread and jutting out ass and heavy breasts nearly equaling to medium size watermelon along with bit of belly. In facial appearance she is a beautiful female with pleasant features, fair in color with curly hairs and lovely smile.

As she is living far from my home town in the southern part of India with her husband I was not in her regular touch but I can easily say that whenever we met she seemed happy and free in talking with me, may be because opposite to her husband I have a good sense of humor and along with that I am a good listener too and she has a tendency to chit chat a lot.

While writing down from the beginning I will say on one fine evening my wife gladly informed me that Ruchi along with her two c***dren is coming to us to spend 15-20 days of summer vacations and as expected this news drastically changed my mood.

Though I did not reflected any such expressions to my wife and behaved casually but truly speaking after knowing schedule of her arrival and plan of staying at our place I started getting aroused by thinking that for few days I will be having plenty of Ruchi’s fleshy assets to stare and that night by the time I came to bed to sl**p I was heavily aroused and very positive that

Deepa will agree to have sex with me but it really did not happened and ignoring my physical demand my wife slept facing away from me. it was not that it was happened to me for the first time, after giving birth to the c***d I could feel that my wife was losing interest in sex and I was well adjusted with the problem but that night I was really very disappointed,

I was hard and really very restless and after trying sl**ping for 15-20 minutes I got up and switched on my laptop and started surfing Ruchi’s photographs and also started visualizing myself fucking her as is she is my wife and as expected all this made me even more restless and I did not had any other option except Masturbation and I did that and like so many times

in past evacuated my balls on my lovely Sali’s name but unlike every time I was yet not satisfied and slowly started getting aroused again and remained awake for really long and started assuming imaginary situations in which I can get close to Ruchi and seduce her.

Anyway next morning things seemed going to normal as far as my mental state was concern, financial year was just over and I had a very busy day in office and even after having lot of work stress I remained in pleasant mood for entire day and that is just because of Ruchi, anyhow I was not ready to take out this fact from my mind that very soon I will be having Ruchi’s company at home.

Finally it happened too, after Ruchi arrived in town with her c***dren after a long journey via train early in the morning and I picked her up and like I knew she was looking really beautiful in mild sl**py gesture. Wearing simple salwar kameez, like always Ruchi met me with a pleasant smile and in hour’s time we reached home.

It was a working day and from last few days I was really very occupied with a work and that day was also not exception so just after reaching back home I was suppose to get to my work place and I started getting ready and went out of house without conversing with her much as she was busy in talking with her s****r but I must mention that after reaching back from railway station,

throughout the time I was at home, somehow I was trying to see her and throughout the time she stood in the kitchen with Deepa while chit chatting, while being in dining area while having breakfast I was ogling either at beautiful face or at massive and erotically spread ass or at the size of her luscious melons.

Anyway from the beginning of the day I wanted to finish off all my work before time and wanted to reach back home early, so that I can take Ruchi and everyone out but I failed, opposite to my desire I reached back home even after dinner time. My wife, my parents and all three c***dren, one mine and two hers, all had meal on time but I was glad to see that Ruchi was waiting for me for Dinner.

We I and Ruchi chit-chatted, while my wife served dinner and it was all casual conversation, about her long train journey and also about my hectic day at work. Later my parents went to sl**p in their room, c***dren were already busy in the bedroom in playing some board game and females changed into their nightwear and came to living room and we all saw some television together.

I can say once again for me it was tough time, although Ruchi was wearing full length gown and her body was not getting exposed except from the arms but I was restless, may be because her outfit was bit tight over her body because of which I could feel the heaviness of her milks and also immensity of her protruding ass.

She sat with me on the carpet for a while and we chit-chatted and from her gesture I could feel that she is enjoying sitting with me and I too found myself engrossed into conversation with her. Her interest and involvement with me casual conversation added up my arousal and my mind started day dreaming, instead of staring at her body I was looking at her face and started imagining her as my wife and visualized how she will look under me while having sex.

Anyway gradually one more hour passed and everyone started to think about sl**ping, I remained in the living room as from that night onwards, till Ruchi’s stay I was suppose to sl**p in living room, on the mattress over the carpet. Actually I own just a two bedroom flat; one was occupied by my parents and in other both the s****rs and all three c***dren settled down.

Everyone including Ruchi went to bed but I was restless, I tried to sl**p and thought about masturbating on Ruchi’s name but truly speaking I was enjoying that restlessness and I wanted to arouse myself even more. I got up and settled down on single sitter couch while facing the door of my bedroom and switched on the laptop and played a porn movie of a MILF getting fucked.

Although the slut which was getting fucked on the screen was not at all like Ruchi, she was much taller and well shaped as compared to her but like Ruchi she was having nice sagging milks and round plump ass and the way guy was fucking her in standing doggy style it was really difficult for me not to go thinking that I am fucking Ruchi while holding her waist and she is screaming in pleasure.

I was drowned in visualizing myself fucking her when suddenly I saw Ruchi standing in front of me and my heart skipped a beat, fortunately volume was muted and she stopped bit far and asked me what I am doing, with a fumble I just uttered “nothing…I was just checking out my mails” she smiled a bit and just uttered “sow jaao…kal office nahi jaana kya?” after saying that Ruchi entered into the common washroom,

I waited to shut down just to get a glance of her body again. After using the washroom once again Ruchi came to me and sat with me for some more time and we had casual conversation. Her presence after watching movie enhanced my desire to seduce her up to maximum and I would say that by the time Ruchi left for her room I was so desperate to masturbate on her name

that I immediately switched off my laptop and went started visualizing myself fucking her while jerking myself. As expected I masturbated in the bed and somehow tranquilized my desire of fucking Ruchi like I saw that slut getting fucked and slept tight in the night.

Like that day next day too I was late in reaching back home, rather for next 2-3 more days I was very occupied at work and came back around dinner time only. Though Ruchi and Wife moved out of the house with c***dren on their own but they were missing me, and it was Ruchi who mentioned that, among and among those 2-3 days it was just once when my wife also waited for me for dinner,

unless it was just me and Ruchi who had dinner together and among all those days the best one was when my wife was off to bed to sl**p and just we two were awake. We spent really long time together, first while having dinner and then in front of television and her concerned behavior really made me think that like me even Ruchi is also attracted towards me.

I stared at her physical assets while conversing with her and couple of times I felt that she has caught me ogling at her milks because she just smiled mildly without any reason otherwise she did not reacted on that.

One more day passed but that day somehow I reached back home in the evening and took all of them to nearest mall and while sitting in the food court Ruchi somewhat informed me that next day she has a plan of going to one of her relative’s place to see her uncle who was not so well. I knew the details of those relatives, it was my wife’s and obviously Ruchi’s BuaJi and her husband (their Father’s s****r and her husband).

Little more than a month back I also visited them with my wife to see them because uncle was gone through some sort of minor attack and now he was very dependent. Anyway it was Friday evening and Ruchi was interested to go there on Saturday morning and had a plan of staying there for a night and coming back Sunday around mid day.

Truly speaking friends I did not wanted to let that thing happen, especially I did not wanted her to stay there for night because I wanted to spend as much as possible time with her, rather I was thinking about watching some Hindi Movie on Saturday night but it was not practical for her to come back same day along with two c***dren.

The place where her Aunty and Uncle were living was around 35-40 Km far from here on the other end of town and somebody who does not have his or her personal connivance, same day up down could be very hectic and unsafe too because on the way to that place there is a big lonely area which was renowned for crime of loot and all in the late evening.

But I somehow wanted to stop her too from staying there on the Saturday night and to do that first told her that she will get bored with the oldies and both the c***dren will also go restless in that environment. Ruchi accepted my point of view but said that after reaching so close she cannot avoid going there.

I too accepted her point of view and suggested her to leave that place early, just after having Lunch with Uncle and Aunty but she ridiculed that as with two k**s she cannot leave this place before 11 and if best happened she will reach there around 1 and she just cannot leave in 2-3 hours of reaching.

From whole conversation in which my wife was also fully involved I was realizing that somewhere Ruchi is also not interested in staying there, she wanted to spend time with her s****r or while being positive I would say she wanted to spend time with me me because couple of time she repeated one particular statement “I can see you are very busy,… I don’t want to disturb you”

deep inside she wanted me to come along and did not wanted to go via public transport but as such she did not had any option. Certainly I also wanted to do that, though I could see that it will be very difficult for me still I told her to wait for one more day, till Sunday and promised her that I will take her and c***dren to that place and come back and told my wife to come along so that for a instant we can give excuse of my parents,

that they are alone at home and we have to leave early. Seriously guys I cannot forget the expressions of Ruchi of that moment, though she tried a lot to control her features but the fraction I said that I will take her there her facial nerves got relaxed and she seemed happy from deep inside.

I won’t say it was just my company which she wanted to get because of which she seemed happy, it was more about feeling relaxed from travelling on public transport with two c***dren to that far but somewhere deep inside I had a gut feeling that there is something in her mind because of which she is getting attracted towards me unintentionally and I would say I was also

in same mind state and I really don’t know if it was just her body which was attracting me unknowingly and I was starring at her thighs, breasts and ass mounds, without much bothering about getting caught. Anyway Ruchi thanked me couple of times and I behaved casually as if it is my part to doing.

That evening after eating, we came back home after spending some time in game zone and played numerous games jointly and altogether had lot of fun with k**s. Dissimilar last 3-4 days it was not that late so as expected we, me and Ruchi got much better time to chit chat,

we surfed for few things on net together and all such things went on arousing me more and more for her and deep inside throughout this span of time I went on planning, that while masturbating in the night on the bed in which position I should visualize myself fucking her and there was only one position in which I was desiring to fuck her since long and that is Doggy way,

once again I would say it was her round and plump ass which was taking my breath away and anyhow I did not missed even a single chance to stare her fleshy buns. Anyway next morning I left for work very early with clear intentions to finish my work as much as possible, because promise I made to Ruchi that I will take her to her relieves on Sunday was nearly impossible for me to

keep as because of year closing I was overloaded with the tasks and I very well knew that I have to be in the office with my other collogues to finish off the work. In the end I will say I did my best to spare my Sunday but really failed, like expected I reached back very late in the night after finishing my work as much as possible and while having dinner with Ruchi revealed the truth that I have to go to my work place on Sunday too,

certainly she was disappointed but she did not spoke out anything and casually accepted my failure and said that next morning she will go on her own and retained her plan of staying there for night. Once again I did not wanted to let that happen and once again while getting positive over my work ability I told her that I will reach back maximum by 1 and without wasting even a single minute we will leave to go to her relatives.

Ruchi trusted me again because she wanted to and once again I failed to make it. Certainly I was disappointed, Ruchi was also upset but my unintentional delay in reaching back home turned out to be the only reason of our pleasurable time together. I reached back home around 4 and that is after trying my best.

Ruchi almost gave up the plan of going that day too but I wanted to end up her formal visit to her relatives that day only and told my wife to insist her to continue with a schedule also told her to meet me on the main road along with c***dren and Ruchi as I did not wanted to waste even 5-10 minutes in getting in and out of the apartment.

I don’t know exactly but as I said time was well passed to 3, almost touching 4 when I reached on the destination and found just Deepa (my Wife) and Ruchi standing there I mean with no k**s. I asked them about all three and in reply heard something which I was not at all expecting.

Because of delay in my arrival Ruchi decided to go alone as her both the k**s were not interested in spending their whole evening in the car and that is to meet two oldies, moreover by now for my wife too it was not practical to leave my parents on their own as now it was sure that we will leave Auntie’s place after dinner and will reach back very late in the night.

Anyway my wife remained at home with k**s and my parents and I took leave on long car journey with Ruchi. Certainly I was happy for being alone with Ruchi but bit disappointed as because of delay Ruchi was not in good mood.

I drove the car silently for some time and with an excuse of looking at the back mirror of her side saw her casually; Ruchi was looking beautiful in whole marital makeup especially with Maang mein sidoor and Mangal Sutra which I could not see that moment but I knew she was having around her neck.

Wearing a simple and well stitched Kurta over the top along with tight legging on her lower half she was sitting silent. Even though she was having a stole over her shoulder but while sitting beside her on driving seat virtually I was getting a good side view of her big milky mound and when I looked bit down I got a mild glance of her fleshy thighs packed in tight stretchable leggings too,

for me everything was good and arousing and now I wanted to talk to her and to do that finally I uttered with “I am really very sorry….” “I literary spoiled your day…” Ruchi was disappointed but she was not angry with me, she was calm and silent and as I said I am sorry she looked at me with a pleasant smile and said

“there is nothing to say sorry……you are helping me as much as possible… rather I am feeling burdened… I am disturbing you a lot” I responded casually to her words and said not think that much and we slowly started chit chatting like always. Ruchi shared lot of things about her daily life which I listened giving my full concentration and once again realized that she feels good while talking to me.

I can say we chit chatted a lot on various subjects, like my work load, her husband’s working hours and her c***dren’s education but still there were so many things because of which we were getting interrupted, there was mess of traffic in the stretch of 35 kms, above that my cell was ringing again and again and I was busy talking at my office obviously via hand free and finally last and most razing,

to add up the problem to our chit chatting but for a while, at the verge of reaching to that place my car’s tyre flattened down. For a moment I felt like hell but there was nothing I could do, we were hardly two Km away from our destination and once I suggested Ruchi to commute through auto Riksha to Aunty’s house,

we were far ahead then controversial area and as such there was no threat of any sort of burglary or any other crime around that place but Ruchi stayed with me in the car just because she wanted to be with me. Finally ON-Road help came and replaced the punctured tyre with a good one.

I must say that we had real good time with each other while waiting for the on road help, it was easily a span of around half an hour which we spent in locked car on the road side and by now Ruchi was out of the panic of reaching late at her Aunt’s place and an then going back home.

I turned a bit to her to talk to her and along with her body I was looking at her beautiful face peacefully and it was nothing except my sense of humor which played important role for me to make her happy and laughing.

Anyway after relaxing for around half an hour in the car till our car again became running we reached to our destination and just after leaving Ruchi at Aunt’s home I took a way to get my car’s punctured tyre repair and spent more than one hour to do that.

Truly speaking it was not at all intentional rather I wanted to get the work done very fast but as I was about to leave after first repair I saw the other wheel and that wheel was also losing air, I got that checked too and found it leaking and spent another 20-30 minutes there.

Anyway finally when I reached back it was once again just Ruchi who was waiting for me for the dinner as both the oldies had a strict rule of eating dinner on time. I was tired and wanted to relax my back for some time so I did not tried to hurry up in eating and then going and by the time I thought about getting up from their time was well passed to 9
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