Jaspreet having affair with brother in law Harish

I must mention in the very beginning that I am really very weak in English and expecting that readers of this wonderful blog will forgive me for my grammatical mistake. This is all about my first two days of sexual encounter with my b*****r-In-Law, how it started and we confronted sexually to satisfy each other.

It was not me who actually started but I accept myself fully responsible for whatever happened between us. We’ve certainly cheated our partners but now after getting fully involved with each other emotionally as well sexually we are not ready to think about anything except satisfying each other.

Before getting into the incident I would like to say that readers might not find me good narrator but it is a true incident except names everything written here is word to word true. I am Jaspreet living in joint f****y after my marriage.

As such there was nothing serious but as mine is love marriage and inter-cast and my in-law were somewhat bound to give approval to our marriage so I never got much affection from my in-laws as compared to the other daughter in law of the f****y who was wife of my husband’s elder b*****r.

Talking about my b*****r in law, actually with whom I got involved sexually is a wonderful person and must say that he was the only one after my husband who welcomed me in the f****y gladly. Harish Bhaiya is very cheerful in nature and very down to earth and as I said he was the only one who accepted me in the f****y, he always tried to make me laugh over his words may be because he knew that I feel lonely among f****y members.

I will not say that I was sexually attracted towards him, but certainly I always loved his company whenever we sat together to dine together and always found him taking care of me if I am not eating properly. Some time passed and I will say that unintentionally I too started taking care of him in my way, whenever I cooked I tried to give preference to Harish Bhaiya’s food likings for example I always tried to do preparation of curd known as “Rayata” on Sundays,

when he use to be at home in the day time or few other things in the dinner which he use to love eating. Anyway time went on flying and Harish Bhaiya never changed his gesture of taking my care and couple of years passed like that. I got pregnant and delivered a baby girl to the f****y which again went out of my favor as my in-laws needed a baby boy,

as till now they did not had a boy in the f****y who could be there f****y’s successor because Harish Bhaiya and Geeta Bhabhi too had a daughter who was just born when I got married to my husband. Certainly neither I nor my husband or not even Harish Bhaiya and his wife Geeta Bhabhi were bothered about this, but being a conservative mind my in-laws were keen to see face

of their grandson and now there expectations went back to Geeta Bhabhi again and up to an extent I saw their behavior changing towards me again as I was the daughter in law who they did not wished who did not even gave them a boy. Anyway things started to change between me and Harish Bhaiya when nearly after 9-10 months of my delivery,

when Geeta Bhabhi got pregnant again for her second issue and nearly after 3 months of that my husband Manas got a project offer in US for which he was waiting for long. My husband moved to states within a month and unfortunately nearly at the same time Geeta Bhabhi’s case got bit complicated and it was me who was suppose to look after whole house.

From the very first day giving my best I was working up to the expectations of my f****y and as such health wise Geeta Bhabhi was also going good and she was happy with me, my In-law were also getting normal as my c***d was growing and they were enjoying spending time with her.

As far as Harish Bhaiya was concerned like always he was casual and caring for me and at the same time I was also taking care of him, sometimes I use to wait for him for the dinner and like always use to enjoy his company a lot. As now his b*****r or you can say my husband was not here Harish Bhaiya took extra care of me and always took me and my c***d out on Sundays along with his f****y.

Like this almost five months passed and now after one more month I was expecting my husband and somewhat desperately waiting for my husband to come back for few days, obviously along with love it was lust too, nearly from one month I was fantasizing about having sex with him but in the end my enthusiasm ended up in disappointment when my husband told me that he is running behind schedule

with his project and he will come after six more months and that is only for a week’s time. I was disappointed and it was significant on my expressions for few days and it was again Harish Bhaiya who cheered me up spent quality time with me and made couple of random programs of watching movie just for me along with his f****y.

After few days I was back on my track and somewhat got adjusted with a fact of living without husband and obviously without having sex for six more months, moreover apart from that Geeta Bhabhi’s delivery date was also very near and I did not got much time to think about myself. Finally everything went good and Geeta Bhabhi gave birth to a baby boy and environment at home got pleasant.

I was happy as far as rest of the things was concerned but somewhere I was little depressed for the thing which was missing from my life since long, which is sex. I Don’t know, I did not realized that from last how many days, like my unmarried days I was fingering myself regularly, sometimes while having bath or sometimes in the bed just before getting into sl**p,

although while masturbating I never thought about anybody except my husband but still I will say was little affectionate to Harish Bhaiya. I can easily say it was not lust but even then don’t know why I eagerly use to wait for him in the night. Nearly one more month passed like that and things really changed between me and Harish Bhaiya when ultimately Geeta Bhabhi went to her mother’s place for nearly month’s time.

Assuming zero presence of my in-laws (as mostly after 9 or 9:30 they use to be in there bedroom only) and my c***d I somewhat got alone with Harish Bhaiya in the house. Now I use to wait for Harish Bhaiya regularly for the dinner and for few days everything ran fine but one day when Harish Bhaiya got very late,

came around 11 and unintentionally in half sl**p state I came in front of him without Duppta on my shoulder, I found him staring at my cleavage. Accidently suit I was wearing that day had a deep neck and as my breasts are significantly large in proportion to my body so Harish Bhaiya’s eyes got stuck there but I can say that It was just a fraction of second in which I saw him staring and he realized and he immediately moved his eye from me.

Outwardly I did not gave any reaction to this, neither this incident changed my perspective for him, it was just that I was already in delicate state as far as sex was concerned and this incident occupied my mind a bit. That night I masturbated, like I use to every night, but unlike all days that night I climaxed very soon and after some time once again I felt desire to do it one more time,

although I did not fantasized about Harish Bhaiya even for a fraction, it was just this thought that Harish Bhaiya was staring at my breasts which really changed my temperament and I released my pressure very soon. From next day onwards everything went on track again and for next couple of days I did not found Harish Bhaiya staring or ogling at me

at all but this fact that Harish Bhaiya was staring my breasts captured my mind and I started assuming that Bhaiya stares me when I am not looking at him or when I am facing away from me and this assumption kept me wet between my thighs when he is around me. Things started to happen between me and Harish Bhaiya next day,

when I called him in the late evening when suddenly my rooms AC went bad, I can say Harish Bhaiya was very much normal but I was still occupied with his thoughts and they were getting intense, last night while masturbating, I started fingering my fuckhole with a fantasy of Harish Bhaiya but assuming that it’s a sin,

just in one minute I changed my mind and started thinking about my husband and released my pressure and once again it was very quicker than normal. Anyway that evening when I called him to tell him about my bedroom’s AC he was bit far the house and was in no state to help me because it was too late to contact AC guy to rectify the problem.

At that time Bhaiya just said that he will see after reaching home. That night after having casual dinner with lot of chit chatting Harish Bhaiya came to my bedroom and saw the issue but even after trying a lot failed to rectify the problem as because of overheating switch was burnt he was not sure that he will be able to make it perfectly.

At my end I was really very restless as I live at top floor so in my bedroom it is really impossible to sl**p without AC. Anyway as such when Bhaiya could not see any way out of this problem he went down to his floor and in next few minutes I too followed him to request to take my daughter along with him in his bedroom,

and certainly as far as I knew Bhaiya I was expecting that he will try giving me his room for the night, he did that but in very surprising way which I was not at all expecting. When I reached to his floor and to his bedroom he was in the washroom and from sound I could make out that he was taking a quick shower.

He came out casually and saw me with a smile, I asked him if my daughter can sl**p in his room and he instantly agreed while saying “ye koi puchhne ki baat hai?” (is it a thing to ask), next I was expecting that he will say that he will offer me his room and himself get shifted either the living room in the ground floor but at that time he went out of the room and moved down stairs to the living room while saying that he is going to watch some television.

I switched off the light and took my c***d in my arms to make her sl**p in cool room and as expected she slept with in 10-15 minutes. I was planning to sl**p in the Living room where Harish Bhaiya was watching television, as that room was much better then rest of the house; it had a cooler which was not at all effective but still it was much better than my room.

I waited for Harish Bhaiya for bit long even when my c***d was asl**p assuming that he will come on his own but he did not came, I gave him a missed call to signal and as expected he came and opened the door lightly to see inside and I got up and started arranging pillows around my c***d so that she cannot fall from the bed.

I was not expecting that Harish Bhaiya will not switch on the light but he did that and looked at me, into my eyes and first time seemed bit nervous to speak up something. I could see that he wants to say something so I waited for him to speak and finally he uttered “Jaspreet aap se ek baat puchhni hai?” in very timid voice, without uttering a word I told him to speak just from my facial expressions.

Bhaiya went silent for a fraction and then spoke again in hesitating tone “Main soch raha tha ki aaj aap bhi yahin sow jaao…..” initially from his words I made out that he is just offering me his room which I was expecting but later after few seconds he spoke again “hum dono ek hi room mein sow jaate hain”.

I was shocked; my heart skipped a beat I got scared for a fraction on hearing that. Truly speaking if Harish Bhaiya would have said that in his typical way, I mean casually with a smile then I would have thought that he has not thought anything before saying but his timid way was telling exactly what he was seeking that night and on very next second he spoke again,

“Aap jo samajh rahe ho wohi baat hai…” once again Bhaiya paused and then spoke again “main kaafi dinon se soch raha tha aapse ye baat karne ki….” And then he spoke again “I can see ….aap bahut akela feel kar rahe ho”. At that time I could not think anything, my heart was pounding hard,

I looked into Harish Bhaiya’s eyes and leaving my daughter sl**ping on half of his bed I simply moved out of his room. That night I did not dared to sl**p in the living room, though I was sure that Harish Bhaiya will not try doing anything weird with me; I stayed in my room and was awake for the whole night, totally damp in my panties and continued releasing streams of my love juices on regular intervals.

I don’t know what I was thinking; certainly it was an aroused mind state, where I could focus on anything, I could not even masturbate. From Harish Bhaiya’s words I could make out that what perspective he has for me, certainly it was very unethical from his side, even then I was not ready to accept this that he has done wrong.

From last few years, from the time I was married to my husband I was somewhat hypnotized from Harish Bhaiya’s nature and caring gesture, he is a concerned person especially towards me and at that moment even after listening clear immoral sex proposal from his side I was not ready to accept that he is bad and corrupt person.

Maybe it was effect of his affection which he reflected in these years, or it could me my lust which was not making me hate him, which should ideally happen. Anyway that night I could not sl**p even till morning and it was just a short nap of 15-20 minutes which got disturbed with a phone ring.

Time was 5 and it was Harish Bhaiya who was calling me, and as I picked the phone he told me come downstairs to look after my c***d. I came to his floor and got shocked, I found him ready to move to his work place at 5. I tried to stop him for breakfast but Harish Bhaiya took leave without getting much into this conversation, he neither had any breakfast nor took her lunch which he use to take regularly.

Throughout day I was restless, mentally I was not ready to accept Harish Bhaiya’s proposal and surprisingly I was not ready to behave reluctant with him over that. Apart from this fact that I was sure that I am not going to accept his proposal but I was damp between my thighs throughout day and could not stop thinking about him and it was my aroused mind state that in evening

I somewhat took shower just to masturbate and this time it was just Harish Bhaiya who was dwelling in my mind when I was fisting my fuckhole. Anyway Once again I will say even after getting an indecent proposal from my b*****r-in-law I was waiting for him in the evening, stupidly I was assuming that he might come early may be because I wanted to see him as soon as possible

and to control my untamed emotions for my b*****r-in-law and to busy myself I started preparing few snacks which Harish Bhaiya like most and served them to my in-laws. Couple of hours passed like that and around 8 when Harish Bhaiya usually come home I got a call from him saying that he will get late and told me not to wait for him for dinner.

From Harish Bhaiya’s voice I could make out that he was embarrassed over his deed and trying avoiding getting face to face with me, I wanted to speak to him at that time even and later I thought about calling him to tell him not to feel embarrassed over his proposal but I failed to gather courage and ended up waiting for him to come home.

Time was well passed to 11 when I heard main gate getting opened, I was in my room since 9, from the time my in-law were gone to sl**p but I was keeping an eye and ear on the gate, don’t know why I wanted to get face to face with Harish Bhaiya, I wanted to see him, even though I knew that he is not willing for that and it may further embarrass him.

As expected Harish Bhaiya went straight to his bedroom, he did not wanted to face me but I came down to see him, to his bed room and knocked the door, asked him for food in low voice while looking at his face and into his eyes. He very well knew even then he asked if my AC is working fine now and I responded in yes to it, it was first thing he got it done in the morning by sending an electrician.

Anyway once again I asked him for food and he tried to avoid but I somewhat insisted him low voice by saying “thoda sa khaa lo” in response he asked me did I had dinner by saying “aapne khaya?” and I responded in no this time as I was waiting for him. He looked into my eyes for a fraction and then said “Aap bhi khaa lo”.

I wanted to talk to him then and there, wanted to say not to feel any embarrassment but I failed to utter anything in that context and came down stairs, to the kitchen and went back and served him food in his room. Once again Harish Bhaiya told me to have food but I replied by saying “main apne bedroom me khaa lungi” although I wanted to eat with him but don’t know why at that time I hesitated to sit with him and eat and told him that I will eat in my bedroom.

I came to my bedroom and had my dinner and again went to Harish Bhaiya’s room to get the dishes and I was expecting that he will say sorry to me over his act but that did not happened and the thing which happened was really unpredictable for me. As Expected when I reached their Harish Bhaiya was up with his food, I took the dishes, he asked me for one more glass of water and I came back to his room with that and was about to leave after giving it to him.

He called my name to stop me from going out of the room “Jaspreet….!” and then spoke “kal aapne jawab nahi diya…” I was shocked, I was assuming that he will say sorry to me but he was again asking me same question by saying “you did not replied yesterday”. Once again my heart started beating fast, I slowly turned to see him into his eyes,

he was looking at me and spoke again “Aaj ka batao, …” …..“yahin sow jaao mere pass” Bhaiya spoke twice with a pause between two statements. While looking at my face Harish Bhaiya was waiting for me to speak but was speechless, could not think of replying anything, it was strange mindset neither I could say no to him, nor I was mentally prepared to say yes to his proposal to sl**p there in his bedroom.

“Bhaiya app kya baat kar rahen hain…?” Finally I uttered in low sarcastic tone as if it is a kind of joke, “iss mein kuch galat nahi hai……” Bhaiya replied while looking at me, that there is nothing wrong in this and then spoke again “aapka bhi akelapan dur ho jaayega…meri bhi thakaan uttar jaayegi” (it will fade away your loneliness and I will also get relaxed).

I could not believe my ears and above that I could not believe the way I was reacting to it, don’t know why I was still standing there and did not moved from there, don’t know what was making me stand there, love, lust, infatuation or just affection for Harish Bhaiya, I was still and looking at him with a pounding heart and once again I heard him saying

“aapko to pata hi hai…jab se Geeta pregnant hui hai….maine uske saath kuch nahi kiya…”….. And then he spoke again, rather asked me again “pichhele kuch dino se main aapke baare mein soch raha tha…..agar ho sakta hai to bolo?” once again I wanted to say no, but still there was something which was stopping me from saying flat No to him,

it was certainly my lust which was distracting my mind, because of which I was fantasizing about him in the evening without feeling any guilt and in this dilemma instead of saying No to him I uttered “Bhaiya kisi ko patta chal gaya to problem ho jaayegi…” “kisi ko patta nahi chalega…..don’t worry about that”

Bhaiya instantly replied and before I would have thought what I have said Bhaiya spoke again “Mummy Papa to sow hi chuke hain…Aap bolo to main aapke bedroom mein aa jata hun” from his words I realized that by saying that “what will happen if someone will come to know” I have shown Harish Bhaiya some positivity over this and to cover that I instantly said

“nahi mujhe nahi karna” and with that I rapidly moved from there, ended up rest of my work of packing the kitchen quickly and moved to my room and bolted the door from inside. My daughter was sl**ping sound next to me, and I was in the state that I could not sl**p even till morning, I was wet and flooding like never before in my panties and mentally I don’t know what I was doing,

in the dark room along with thinking what all is happening with me I was fantasizing Harish Bhaiya that he is leaning over me, while lying straight on the bed I could feel his face over me and slowly that imaginary world started to occupy my mind further and I started squeezing my fuckhole between my thighs again and again.

I was somewhat enjoying this aroused mind state and I did not wanted to masturbate as I knew that releasing pressure will end my fantasy. Don’t know for how long I lied there in the same mind state and felt like masturbating by fingering myself, tried to control myself to think about Harish Bhaiya but after certain time I was about to lift my night to insert my hand in my panty to fuck myself with a finger and just then I heard a knock on the door.

I was somewhat sure that it is Harish Bhaiya, I was not scared of him I was somewhat scared of myself, my heart was pounding, I wanted to say clear no to him but like past I was lacking that potential may be because I was also desiring sex and Bhaiya could feel my restlessness.

We were sailing on same boat my husband was working overseas from nearly six months and did not had any hope of his returning for six more months and at Harish Bhaiya’s end because of some complications throughout the pregnancy period of Geeta Bhabhi Harish Bhaiya was not suppose to anything with his wife.

Finally after couple of knocks I opened the door and as expected it was none other than Harish Bhaiya. Although he could see even then he asked me while looking on the bed “Gudiya sow gayi” (daughter is asl**p) I replied with yes. We both were standing on the door of my bedroom, light was dim as there was only one lamp glowing on the stares but it was enough for us to see each other.

Harish Bhaiya looked into my eyes for few seconds and from his expressions I could make out that he was about to say something; I could even make out what he is going to ask, but at that time my biggest question to me was that why I was not saying clear NO to him, may be because I was also diverted towards him, he could feel that like him I am also starved for physical love and he was somewhat hopeful that he will be able to convince me.

“Jaspreet Aapko ye galat kyun lag raha hai…..?” finally Harish Bhaiya spoke I was expecting, I looked into his eyes and then looked down, once again Bhaiya uttered “Manas(my husband) ko gaye hue almost 6 mahine ho gaye hain…..aur next 6 months tak bhi wo nahi aayega……” I looked up into his eyes, I was waiting for him to continue and he spoke again,

rather asked me this time “Aapka mann nahi karta…?” I remained silent and moved my eyes from his and again started looking down, he asked me again “tell me…… mann karta hai ya nahi…?” once again I looked up, saw into his eyes and moved my head in yes slowly, “to fir jayada matt socho…enjoy karo…”…. he paused but just for a fraction and spoke again

“meri taraf se aap issko love samjho ya lust…I just know ki main aapko bahut pasand karta hun…aur Geeta ke alava agar main ye sab kisi ke saath kar sakta hun to wo sirf aap ho…no one else” once again Bhaiya tried to convince me by expressing his feelings for me and his voice was still bit timid, I was looking into his eyes and somewhat asking myself that why I am not saying straight forward no to him, do I too need him?

And once again I heard Bhaiya saying “Jaspreet mujhe bahut desire hai aapke saath intimate hone ki…aur main bahut himmat karke bol raha hun aapse ye sab…believe me ye auron ke liye galat ho sakta hai…lekin humare liye galat nahi hai….we both need each other” from Bhaiya’s voice and gesture I could feel that Bhaiya was also bit scared but certainly he was having potential to face and overcome his fear,

he was trying to convince me for the thing which is morally wrong and at my end I was not ready to take a right decision. Next Harish Bhaiya tried to hold my hand, though outwardly I did not showed any disagreement and remained calm but deep inside I shivered like never before, Bhaiya pulled me bit closer and I moved a bit and once again Bhaiya asked me

“bolo…kya decision hai aapka….I am not forcing you… aur I promise aap ek baar naa bol doge to main aapse dobara nahi puchhunga” once again I looked up, into his eyes Bhaiya was already looking at me, my hand was still in his hand now it was me who was suppose to take final decision and truly speaking I did not wanted to say no to it, and funny thing was I could not even say yes to him.

It was a moment which cannot be defined in any words from my side; I could feel myself getting carried away, from the very first moment, when I was asked for the first time by Harish Bhaiya unless I would have reacted reluctantly and certainly this matter would have ended there only but I was just opposite to that and Bhaiya could easily read my mind state,

even at that time I should have pulled my hand from his grip and that act would have given him my decision but I was failing to do that and for a fraction I felt as if Bhaiya is pulling me and decided to release myself for the desired pleasure and next moment I was resting my head on Harish Bhaiya’s shoulder and it gave him my acceptance.

Bhaiya instantly grabbed me in his arm and hugged me and I loosened my body to his disposal. We stood there just like that for couple of minutes and it was again Bhaiya who broke the silence by saying “niche ….mere bedroom mein chalte hain” “nahi…main Issko chhod ke nahi aa sakti” I spoke about my c***d that I cannot leave her here alone,

“koi baat nahi…yahin pe karte hain” Bhaiya spoke again and his words shaken me with a thought that I am going to get fucked by my b*****r-in-law on the same bed on which I use to get loved by my husband and I made a lame excuse “bed Hilega to ye ooth jaayegi” Bhaiya smiled on my words lightly he could make out that I am still not sure and he spoke again rather asked me this time “fir aap bolo kaise karna hai…” I was speech less and could not utter anything.

Bhaiya looked around and saw the gap between bed and wall mounted wooden wardrobe and asked me if we can lay the mattress on the floor and this time I accepted hesitantly. I shifted the c***d on one side with a throbbing heart and went out to get more pillows to surround her and just then Bhaiya pulled down the other mattress on the floor to make it ready to confront with me.
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