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I 've always wanted her and she has always wanted me -O that is what you want to believe - . I've always thought it would feel his lips on mine, it would feel like touching tongue to tongue grounds while my hands on your skin. What I would hear the words " I wish " or "I'm yours " that woman ? Why do I feel so carnal these attractions to this person ? The answers may not have, but I'll tell you who this person is my best friend and also the girlfriend of one of my friends.

Her name is Diana and I have a friendship with her for many years , we have always talked about trivial matters and share with friends . She with his and mine. But always not spend stripe , from the years whenever we encountered a couple , never both were both single and we saw an opportunity to ask her out , with different purposes to be friends of course , always respecting their friendship and our image at all. His image attracted me a lot and personality captivated me .

Once he invited me to his house to watch a movie, to be honest I do not remember the name of the movie but it was very boring. We were watching a movie in his room, specifically in his bed. We have many years of friendship and that's why we allow the great degree of confidence. I was tired , I was fighting sl**p and she realized .

Leo are you bored? - Wonder Diana

No I said while yawning

I thought I read here waiting

And then Diana took off the sheet and left the room in her sexy pajamas she was wearing very short shorts and pink blouse too short . That body so beautiful, I could not believe that Diana 's parents could leave his attractive daughter alone with a man in her room.

Diana said right back

Pause the movie and I lay to rest. A few minutes Diana woke me up and showed me a bottle of Vodka .

Haha well if you get up , right? - Diana said as he took a swig from the bottle

Too bad they 're both around , wanted to play spin the bottle

We can do it , but that if we do not do very daring challenges said as he passed the bottle

Ok - I take a sip and Truth or Challenge ?


Are you a virgin ?

No - Diana said with red face and added Wao is this the way we play ? , Ok , right or Dare ?


Do me a strip tease

I stop and do not know that I take my shirt tightening all my muscles , I remove the belt slightly and took off his pants. It was only in boxers then clearly saw my erection.

I see that someone has cold here - said

Haha do not overdo it's your turn , right or Dare ?

Challenge .

I want to do a striptease to me.

No Leo uses


I have my brazier .

Me neither, I said with a sly smile on my face

Ok I will.

She stood nervously , took a long swig of vodka , I counted 20 seconds. And slowly she took off her pink shorts she had, she moved her ass toward my face. Then he took off his shirt and let me see her tits . They were good , I could not resist and one of my hands touch one , his nipples were really stops. She looked at me and stared in shock.

Leo what we are doing is not right , what if someone finds out?

Anyone knowing and also with what we are doing 'm just proving that you want - I answered while I put my other hand on her pussy was very wet

You also want me - she said , while putting one of those hands on my penis was very excited .

One thing led to another and we desasimos of the few clothes we had left , I was gently biting on her neck , she dug her nails me on my back and biting my ear . Take the bottle of vodka and the sprinkled throughout his naked body , after that pass my tongue down her neck , spend some time savoring her nipples and using my tongue down to her navel until it falls to her sex. I licked up and down, she was very excited moving his hips involuntarily making small cries . I paused for a moment and put on the condom.

Wait do not said I'm a virgin

I've always wanted and I know that you too have wished me , let it happen and then we worry about tomorrow.

I will also like Leo but please treat me gently not want to hurt me .

Ok give me your hands , 'I said as I took her hands with mine -

The gently penetrate while kissing her, could feel her pain but increasingly pushing me deeper into her pain she felt relieved . Until I felt no hindrance from it increase speed , I go back and forth without taking my member. I could hear the bed and cries were sounded and pleasure , sweat sticking with mine and so we just kept up , finish with a flourish , and a gigantic orgasm inside her. I saw the sheets that were once white with a small red bl**d color .

Suddenly a sound

Then I woke up and realized that all that had really happened had not happened , it was just a dream and Diana had in his hands a bowl of popcorn. To see the film I thought

the mind is amazing
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